When a guy thinks about you before bed (3 signs)

In this article, we will talk about what it means when a guy thinks about you before bed. After we have looked at some signs to notice, we will discuss why are conversations better late at night. We will also look at somethings to keep in mind if you are talking to him regularly before bedtime.   

What does it mean when a guy thinks about you before bed?

After a long day, usually at the end of the night people often reflect back on how their day went. Along with the many thoughts of what could have done differently and what was done better than expected comes into our minds that one person who we decide to talk to or think about but do not reach out to because of apprehensions. 

Some signs you need to pick if a guy tells you you were on his mind before he fell asleep or if a guy texts you every day before he goes to sleep are mentioned below. 

  • He cares about you.
  • He is interested in pursuing you romantically.  
  • He is excited to tell you about his day.
  • He likes to have conversations with you about anything and everything. 
  • He wonders if you are thinking about him too. 

He cares about you.  

We usually think about people who matter to us. Guys too, think about people for who they have a soft spot in their hearts. He might ask you about how your day was, how content or disturbed you feel, and if anything significant or insignificant happened to you because he wants to know it all. 

He would be your cheerleader and your confidant whenever you need him. He would be protective about you because he would want you to be safe from the harsh realities of life. But, he would not be possessive and clingy to the point where he does not let you live a life as an individual apart from the relationship you share with him. 

He is interested in pursuing you romantically. 

When he is interested in your romantically, he will try his best to have good conversations with you before you both go to sleep. 

After a tiring day, if our thoughts carry us to that one person (if you are reading this blog, surely a name must have popped up in your head!) it is because we appreciate the comfort and happiness we derive from them. His heart too must be brimming with desires to achieve a sense of meaningful closeness with yours. He would not text you if he has no business to do with you.       

He is excited to tell you all about his day 

Having someone to talk about your day is surely a good feeling. There is comfort in knowing that you can rely on someone to handle your moods and listen to your rants or talks about some incident that lead to overjoyed emotions. 

He could also consider you as his human diary, the one with whom he shares all his big and small news willingly.  

He likes to have conversations with you about anything and everything. 

As mentioned above, to him, you become almost as a diary personified. Having someone to talk to has many benefits. The more honest and unfiltered the conversations, the better it is. 

Talking to someone helps gain perspectives for decision-making and problem-solving. It helps the person feel like there is a support system to fall back on whenever things are overwhelming. The feeling that they are not alone in their struggles is a good one. 

It also means that he is excited to tell you not just all the difficult things but all the happy moments too. Having someone who cheers for you through victories and celebrates your signs of progress, however slow or quick they may be, is a huge plus for anybody. 

Also, a large number of people do believe that conversations in the wee hours of the night bring out more vulnerable states in front of the other person than during the day when there are other distractions that require your attention. So if he talks to you late at night there are chances that he is his raw and vulnerable self with you.    

He wonders if you are thinking about him too. 

When the thought on his mind before falling asleep is you, it is natural to think if you also do think about him as much as he does. 

The person you think about before falling asleep surely has prime importance in your life. Even if it is someone who you dislike or are facing a lot of friction with, for example, your boss or client, if you think about them before sleeping they are important to you. Or, their influence in your life is significant enough to stir your thoughts and emotions. Similarly, if he is interested in you romantically, he would wonder if you too have similar intentions with him. 

Why are conversations better late at night?

Very often people do comment that the intensity of the conversations they have with others late at night is much more than what they feel during the day. 

First of all, we need to understand that for people, at large, good sleep is a precious routine. If they are using their precious sleep time to talk to you, they would want you to know that you are worth that time and effort. More the importance given to the person, the better is the effort put into having good conversations with them.  

Experts say that people are more relaxed at the end of the day, during this wind-down time, they are more open to thinking more deeply about themselves and having mind-altering and soul-stirring thoughts and conversations. During the hustle and bustle of the day, these important questions about oneself might take a step back because work serves as a distraction from emotionally intense thoughts. People barely have the time to sit down and have a talk during the daytime because there is always something else they have to rush to right after they finish the current task.

The more relaxed you are, the better is the willingness to open your heart and mind to something meaningful and personal. The probability of you becoming more aware of your thoughts and emotions is more when you are in deep relaxation. The conversations you have with someone during such a state are more honest and mindful. 

However, this does not mean that the conversations you have during the daytime are any less meaningful. It truly depends on how well you channelize your energies. Being good at conversations involves two willing people who are both good listeners and responders. Though listening is tougher than talking, it is a skill that can be developed with conscious effort. Being a good listener requires the person to develop empathy and patience, primarily.       

Some things you need to keep in mind if you talk to him regularly late at night

To be clear, here we are talking about those regular conversations that happen just between the two of you. Not the group calls with friends that may happen to elude boredom.  

The things you need to remember are:

Do not give wrong or mixed signals

It is advisable to not talk late at night with people who are not close to you. You will feel a certain pattern developing in the way a guy chooses to text you. Think about these questions: Does he only text you at night? Does he not ever talk to you during the day? 

If you are not interested in him romantically, try to avoid having conversations about personal things, especially late at night. It is not uncommon for guys to misread your intentions as similar to his if you have been talking to him regularly at night. 

So, if you are not romantically inclined towards him, try to avoid getting him to have deep conversations with you and making him feel raw and vulnerable around you. 

Communicate efficiently

Now, you may say that during the day there is not enough time to have any conversation. Also, it seems rude to turn down someone if they come to you with a genuinely important conversation at night. 

It is always a good practice to communicate efficiently and tell him what your intentions with him are the moment you sense he is willing to take your relationship a step further. 

If he is hinting at developing a romantic relationship or being flirty with you, and you are not keen but wish to be a listener to his concerns for the sake of being polite, say so. You can tell him “I appreciate that you are opening up about your concerns and I wish to provide whatever help I can in the capacity of a friend.” You can also add that he should seek professional guidance for challenges that are more deeply rooted.  


In this article, we talked about what it means when a guy thinks about you before bed. After we have looked at some signs to notice, we also discussed why are conversations better late at night. We also looked at somethings to keep in mind if you are talking to him regularly before bedtime.  

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Frequently Asked Questions: When a guy thinks about you before bed

How to know if a guy has been thinking about you?

It is not very challenging to know if a guy has been thinking about you if you keenly notice his behavior towards you. You do not necessarily have to wait for him to state it directly to know if he thinks about you often if you notice some signs. 
Here are some signs to notice if a guy has been thinking about you:
He appreciates your presence in his life, physical and virtual. He does not shy away from stating it to you. 
He mentions that he looks forward to meeting you or was excited to know what you would think about something he is interested in. 
He puts efforts into planning activities that you both can enjoy together. Whenever he plans simple things like a movie to watch, he always makes sure it is something you would appreciate too. This shows he keeps your likes and interests in mind while deciding things for the both of you. 
He mentions that he thinks about you randomly during the day or how nice it would be if you were next to him during an important or difficult event.
He shares events or daily happenings in his life immediately with you. It is almost like you are the first person on his mind when he has some news to share. 
Strange but cute things like a song or a movie/show character or a painting remind him of you.    



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