When a guy tells you what he likes (meaning)

In this blog, we will try to understand what does it mean when a guy tells you what he likes. We will discuss some ways in which you can respond when a guy talks about things he likes. We will also talk about things not to do when a guy tells you what he likes. 

What does it mean when a guy tells you what he likes?

  • He wishes you would know him better and he is interested in knowing you better too
  • He would like to do the things he likes to do with you 
  • He might not mention it in his ‘What/Who I like list’ yet, but he likes you!

He wishes you would know him better and he is interested in knowing you better too 

Talking about things one likes only happens when the person feels the person they are talking to is fun to have a conversation with. When the person does not wish to continue the conversation with someone, they would just stick to pleasantries and small talk. 

If he starts talking about other things, it surely indicates that he would like to know you better and would like you to get to know him better too. 

Also, talking about likes and dislikes is a comfortable, non-threatening topic. It lets you enter the personal world of the other person without encroaching too much. Talking about family, work, social life, etc could be triggering or difficult for some people especially if you have just met this person or have just begun talking to them. Intense conversations are easier to dwell on when it is initiated by the person who wants to talk about their personal life. Talking about likes and dislikes is much easier in comparison to that. 

When he starts talking about what he likes he would, at some point, ask you about what you like too. An invitation to talk about yourself and your likes surely indicates some fondness.  

He would like to do the things he likes to do with you 

There are high chances that the guy is keen on you participating in the activities he likes doing or places he likes visiting.

If he talks about a place that he enjoys visiting he might be hinting that you join him there someday. Talking about it passionately can surely ignite curiosity and enthusiasm in you, which is what he wants.

Probably he likes visiting a point up the hill from where the sunset view is just astounding. Or he is a history buff and really loves a museum closeby. A person who is really dedicated towards one hobby that they passionately pursue, like an artist or pottery enthusiast would really like to spend time with you doing the activities just to see if you would be interested in the things he finds fascinating.  

Or, it could be something he visualizes for the future. He could have a bucket list of places he would want to visit and adventure sports he would like to try at least once in his life. This surely indicates that he really is into you and wishes you to share his goals with you. He might also surely think you are a good fit for him to join on these adventures of a lifetime.

He might not mention it in his ‘What/Who I like list’ yet, but he likes you!

As mentioned above, talks about something a person truly loves and pursues is highly likely done with someone who they find interesting. Only with someone who appreciates spending time talking to them. 

He might not directly say it, because he does not know how to or is himself not sure about what he feels for you but there is at least some amount of attraction or liking towards you. You probably have some quality that draws him to you. 

It necessarily need not be love or extreme fondness but it could be just that he likes to talk to you and would like to see if your friendship or acquaintance could blossom into something more once you know each other better. 

How to respond when a guy talks about what he likes?

If you are interested in him too then choose the following options to ideally respond. 

Body language

If you are eager to talk to him too then have a body language that is inviting. Sit with arms open and lean forward (not too much). Nod your head along to what he says and have an expressive face that indicates interest. 

Ask questions 

A simple way to show that you are interested too is by asking follow up questions. This lets the guy know that you are genuinely listening to what he is saying and also are interested in knowing more. Just pick up things from what he is saying.  


Given that you like him back and you are liking the interactions with him, the conversations seem interesting, but cannot fetch the right words to speak at the moment, simply smile. Obviously nobody will think you are interested in talking to them if you sit with a frown on grumpy face. Smiling is an important body language cue for a person to know if you are interested in them too.    

Disclaimer: Do this only if you are interested in him too. There is no need to feel obliged to do it as a polite response, nor do you have to smile in front of creeps. 

Things to not do when a guy tells you what he likes

Just like there are some things you should ideally do when a guy tells you about what he likes, there are somethings you should not do too. 

Things not to do when a guy tells you what he likes:

  • Fake interest
  • Laugh at or ridicule him
  • Make fake promises
  • Be obsessed with liking what he likes 

Fake interest

Even though there could be overlaps, being polite is one thing and faking interest is another. Faking interest in the long term can prove to be tiring for you. If you find the conversations boring, just communicate with the person that you would rather talk about something other than this. There is always a nice way to put it. For example, “You clearly love football and talking about it. What else are you so passionate about other than sports?”.   

Laugh at or ridicule him 

When someone talks about something they truly like or are passionate about, we could sometimes find it boring. Reactions like laughing at him or mocking him can make him feel like you are belittling him and his emotions. 

The courage it takes to open up to someone about personal likes and dislikes can be lots for some people. There is a lot of thinking back and forth that a person does before deciding to have conversations with someone unless the conversations and the relationship happen organically and effortlessly. 

Make fake promises

Again for the sake of being polite if you agree to participate in activities he is passionate about but really do not feel like being a part of it then the guy will get mixed signals. He will understand your unwillingness to go for the activity he planned as a sign of lack of interest in him when it could be simply a lack of interest in the activity.

Be obsessed with liking what he likes 

Very often in the enthusiasm of making someone we like, like us back, we try to fit ourselves in the moulds of what they consider as their ideal partner. They would mention something and you would go beyond your ability to please him which is very unhealthy and difficult to keep up to in the long run. 

For example, the guy could mention he would like a girl with a 24 inch waist and if you are not a person with a waistline that slim you might find it difficult to suddenly transition your life with crash diets and really intense workouts. It is unhealthy too. 

Or, when the guy says he is really passionate about online gaming and you end up learning how to play games for hours leaving behind your current schedules just to please him. All these things might be highly unhealthy for your mental health too. 

Know that it is okay to have differing interests in a relationship. You do not have to learn or know everything the guy mentions. You do not have to like everything he likes. An ideal relationship involves letting the partners have the space of their own to live life as independent individuals who come together to support each other in best possible ways.       


In this blog, we tried to understand what does it mean when a guy tells you what he likes. We discussed some ways in which you can respond when a guy talks about things he likes. We also talked about things not to do when a guy tells you what he likes. Hope this guide has been of help to you!

Frequently asked questions: When a guy tells you what he likes

What are the obvious signs a guy likes you?

Some obvious signs a guy likes you are mentioned below:
He speaks highly of you 
He appreciates you for what you do
He offers support and is there for you when you need him 
He supports you in your decisions and in front of friends/family  
He treats you as an equal
He values your opinions 
He wishes to spend time with you whenever possible 

Why would a guy reject you if he likes you?

There are multiple reasons for this. Essentially it is all about a lack of confidence in their own abilities to be in a committed relationship. Or, he might think you are much beyond his league and deserve someone much more handsome/fitter/rich/capable/etc.  It could also be a lack of confidence in you and your readiness to be in a relationship with him. They might have some doubts about your maturity and certain ways in which you react to things.

Do guys like it when you tease them?

Guys do appreciate a partner who can laugh around and joke with them. They would appreciate some casual leg-pulling and playful teasing. They wouldn’t generally mind if you are laughing at him too. But, it truly depends on what aspects about him are you laughing about. If you are pulling at some insecurity of him, that certainly will not go down well, especially if he has told you what he is insecure about. 
Nobody likes to be around with someone insensitive. Be funny without being mean. Kindness should always be of paramount importance even if you are trying to win him over by trying to be good at sarcasm and jokes.    

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