When a guy tells you to go to sleep (5 meanings)

In this article, we will discuss what it means when a guy tells you to go to sleep. Asking someone to go to sleep may have a hidden or subtle expression of an emotion behind it. If you are confused about what it could mean or how to respond to it, you have landed up at the right place. Read on!

What does it mean when a guy tells you to go to sleep?

The context in which a guy tells you to go to sleep is very important. Below mentioned are some probable signs you need to pick when a guy tells you to go to sleep. 

  • He is interested in you. 
  • He cares about you. 
  • He respects your personal time. 
  • He thinks about you a lot. 
  • He is accommodating and adjusting as a boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. 
  • He is bored. 
  • He is pissed at you.  

He is interested in you

Asking someone to go to sleep indicates that you care about their well-being. You probably even like them or love them.  

He cares about you 

He is concerned about your daily schedule and cares about the rest time you give yourself every day. He does not wish to be the one who hogs on your sleep time and therefore tells you to go to sleep. 

He respects your personal time 

Sleep schedule can be dear to many people and messing up sleep routines can actually disrupt the daily functioning for some people. While some people are good at pulling all-nighters and not requiring more than 2-4 hours of sleep at night, there are some people who are found to be tired, irritable, or moody if they have not received a good amount of sleep at night. 

When the guy knows how precious your sleep time is for you, he will respect your boundaries and respectfully say you should go to sleep. He does not wish to broach into your personal time just because he is interested in you. He prioritizes you, your wishes, and your health above everything else.   

He thinks about you a lot

If you both have been talking regularly late at night and he tells you often that you should go to sleep, there are high chances that you are the last thing on his mind before falling asleep. If you both have been losing precious sleep time to talk to each other, it means he likes talking to you. He probably even thinks about the great conversation that you both had upon waking up, so you are the first thought in his mind in the morning too. 

In the context of a long-distance relationship… 

In a long-distance relationship where the partners are living in different time zones, it may be difficult to manage sleep schedules and talk time. Your working hours could be their sleeping hours and vice versa. In this context, when a guy tells you to go to sleep it shows that he appreciates the time you took out from your sleep time to stay awake and talk to him. But he would not want you to stay awake for too long just to talk to him. He might even reassure you that you won’t be always the one who has to sacrifice sleep time just so that you both can talk.  

He is bored 

He wishes to end the conversation or has something better to do rather than talking to you. Or it’s just that he is sleepy too. Or, there is a football match that he wishes to watch without any disruption or distraction, you never know.

Asking you to go to bed is an indication to end the conversation soon so that he can devote his time and energy elsewhere. 

He is pissed at you 

Often people use ‘Just go to sleep’ as a way to stay away from you after a heated conversation. It essentially means just take a step back to cool down. It is not the ideal way to communicate the feeling but people often use it. It is better to just simply say, ‘I think we should give ourselves some personal space to sort out our differences and talk again once we have gathered our thoughts.”. It is easy to say so just requires some practice of effective communication.   

Responses for when a guy tells you to go to sleep 

Often it becomes difficult to fetch words when an unexpected message drops your way. Probably you wish to keep the conversation going or did not realize when the conversation took an ugly turn. 

Consider the content mentioned below for appropriate responses for when a guy tells you to go to sleep. 

Use this as a guide for improved communication and modify it a little according to the comfort level in your relationship if you wish to. Remember, it is always ideal to speak using ‘I statements’, be kind, be polite, and use simple language. 

  • After a regular conversation: Good night, rest well, sleep tight are all good responses. Try not to be too curt. A good goodnight-message can help people sleep with a smile on their faces.
  • If you wish to keep the conversation going: “Am I hogging a lot of your time?”, “I might just stay awake for a little longer, are you sleepy yet?”  
  • When he says it because it’s late: “Yes, it’s quite late, I guess we should go to sleep. Good night.”, “It’s been a long day. Hope you get a good night’s rest too.”  
  • When he says it as a response to your ‘I am tired’ text: “Thank you for understanding. Good night!”, “You are kind.”.   
  • When he says so in the middle of an important on-going conversation: “You seem disturbed, is everything okay?”, “Did I say something to upset you?”
  • In a long-distance relationship: “I wish our time zones were the same so that I could get to talk to you for longer.”, “Thank you for being considerate, I will talk to you first thing in the morning.”, “Probably, I will try to sneak in some power-naps during the day so that I can stay awake and talk to you before your bedtime.” “Thank you for adjusting and understanding so much.”
  • When he understands how precious your sleep time is for you: “Thank you for valuing my routine, it shows you care about me.” 
  • When he is clearly angry at you: “I do not wish to go to bed angry. Can we please talk it out and then sleep?”, “I did not mean to make you upset. But probably we can sleep over it, cool down, and then talk about it tomorrow/ later in the day?”
  • When he says so because he has other tasks to cater to or wishes some space for his recreation time: “Hope you enjoy your match. Will you call/text me once it is done? I wish to talk to you.”, “I hope I did not keep you away from something important.”


In this article, we discussed what it means when a guy tells you to go to sleep. Asking someone to go to sleep may have a hidden or subtle expression of an emotion behind it. We also looked at some ideal responses to a guy’s ‘go to sleep’ message. If you were confused about what it could mean, hope you could find a good explanation for it through this blog.

Frequently asked questions: When a guy tells you to go to sleep

What does it mean when a guy calls you before he goes to sleep?

Nobody wishes the last conversation of their day to be draining and negativity-filled. People avoid it as much as possible. 
When a guy calls you before he goes to sleep it surely means that he is emotionally attracted to you. He finds your voice comforting and talks with you as something peaceful. He wishes to know more about your day and wants to share the details and challenges of his day with you. He also thinks it is a good way to unwind after a long day. If it is a daily ritual, know that he likes you.   

How can you tell if a man is serious about you?

Here are 5 clear signs that a man is serious about you:
He has explicitly told you that he is serious about you. 
He has introduced you to his family and friends. 
He thinks about his future and sees you as a part of it.  
He has honest conversations with you about anything and everything. 
He wishes to spend time with you as frequently as possible and seeks excuses just to be with you. 

What are the signs that the guy just wants to sleep with you?

There are some clear signs that the guy is with you just to cater to his sexual needs and nothing more.   
His mood and behavior change for the bitter when you turn down a sexual offer.  
He does not like to talk about personal things or anything to do with his whereabouts.
He does not like conversations just for the sake of it. 
All your meetings have ended in sex.
You feel the emotional detachment very evidently.
He does not meet you when you want him to. All your meetings are as per his schedules and whims. 
You feel lonely and empty after sex.  
His compliments about you are always about your physical beauty or your body. 
He talks about other people he might be interested in or hangs out with. Chances are that he is seeing some of them and keeping it no-strings-attached with multiple people at once. 

What makes a man be deeply in love with a man?

Both men and women, essentially, want similar things from a relationship. They want the other person to be happy and rub off their happiness onto them too. They want the partner to be as raw, honest, and unadulterated with them as possible, showing their true selves at all times. 
Everybody wishes to feel like an equal to their partner. An egalitarian relationship with mutual love and respect certainly draws two people closer. 
They want companionship so strong enough that their partner is the first person they turn to with a piece of good news or bad news or even frivolous details about one’s day. 
Physical attraction is also important and should not be considered as a superficial trait. They want to feel physically attracted to their partner and also feel desired by them. They may be more specifically drawn to certain features like their smile, their laugh, their height, their hair, their face, or any particular body feature. 
They want their to progress in life and follow their dreams. They would not want to be in the way of the partner’s individual life goals and paths. They also wish to offer support and comfort. They wish for reciprocated kindness and compassion at all times and patience when things are difficult. Every person has periods of testing challenges and immense joy. A supportive partner celebrates and also mourns with you.    

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