Whatsapp statuses that will make your ex cry (+19 Sad Whatsapp statuses)

This detailed article is going to give you Whatsapp statuses that are sure to make your ex cry. These statuses not only cover reasons of breakups like cheating or jealousy, but can even be a great mode of closure after relationships end.

Whatsapp statuses that will make your ex cry

Whatsapp statuses that will make your ex cry are listed as follows,

  • ‘Don’t be a woman that needs a man, be a woman that a man needs.’

In a status like this, you are expressing that you don’t need anyone to be happy or fulfilled. Because of your strength and your personality, others will seek you out. This is what you are communicating to the world through a Whatsapp status such as this.

  • ‘If you think I am ignoring you, you are right! I have my phone in my hand all the time!’

This status is sure to tug at the heartstrings of your ex, especially if you are ignoring them or not communicating with them at all. This is a strong statement that shows that you are in control of your feelings and will not be sucked into a whirlpool of drama anymore.

  • ‘Sorry! Heart closed until further notice.’

This is a cheeky Whatsapp status that will communicate to your ex that you are done with dating for now and you are not available for anyone including them. It also shows that you are focusing on yourself and your strengths at the moment.

  • ‘I started flying with eagles and stopped walking with chickens.’

This can make your ex sad and jealous at the same time, especially if you two have recently broken up. Through this Whatsapp status, you are telling them that you have found somebody much better who empowers you and lets you be the best version of yourself.

  • ‘Whatever I do is not to impress you, but to express myself.’

Through this status, you are saying that anything you do is to express who you are, rather than trying to impress anyone else, including your ex. Something like this is sure to get your ex enraged and even emotional seeing that you have definitely moved on.

  • ‘There is nothing better than seeing your ex with someone uglier than you!’

This is another really cheeky Whatsapp status which can do a lot of damage if your ex has recently started someone else. A status like this does not mean that you are hung up on your ex, but rather that you are sad for them.

  • ‘Being faithful to your partner is common sense!’

Putting up a status like this is not only to express your principles and morality, but even to take a dig at your ex. This is especially if they have cheated on you or simply have different perceptions on the matter of cheating.

  • ‘Difficult times reveal true friends.’

This Whatsapp status not only shows that you have been through difficult times, but even that you indeed have true friends. If your ex sees this, they are going to feel guilty that they were absent during your difficult times and even more sad if they were the cause of the hardship.

  • ‘I am in love. Is this what true love feels like?’

Knowing that your ex is dating someone else and is really passionate about the relationship can internally kill anyone, especially if they have even the slightest of feelings for you. Expect your ex to be heartbroken when they see this as your Whatsapp status.

  • ‘I still love you.’

If you have freshly broken up with your ex due to various circumstances, and want to convey how you feel about them, this is the way to go. This is especially if you two have broken up due to a simple misunderstanding or due to something else externally.

  • ‘I’ll always catch you when you are about to fall.’

Through this Whatsapp status, you are indirectly telling your ex that you will always be there for them. This is definitely going to make them tear-up and see you in a better light than before, especially if you have broken up because of something extremely trivial.

  • ‘My life! My rules!’

This is truly an empowering Whatsapp status that shows you that you are indeed the boss of your own life and that you control how it goes. If your ex was someone who held tight reins during the relationship, expect them to be seething and sad at the same time.

  • ‘Love is like heaven, but hurts like hell!’

If you have recently separated from your partner and want to tell them how you feel, you can use this as a Whatsapp status. Through this status, you are telling them that you still love them, even if you are hurt because of the whole separation aspect.

  • ‘Break-ups are not always meant for make-ups, but instead wake-ups’

This is a great Whatsapp status which can be used if you have recovered from your breakup fully. This is especially great if your relationship was a tumultuous one and you want to show your ex that you have recovered from whatever trauma they have caused you.

  • ‘I am finally done with you!’

If you have found yourself running back to your ex often, so much so that they have gotten used to the idea that you will always return, this status is for you. Put up this quote as your status to show your ex that you are done with them and are taking back your life.

  • ‘I hope you always find a reason to smile.’

A status like this on your Whatsapp will show your ex that you still care about them even though you guys are not together. A status like this is sure to get them feeling blue and thinking about you all day.

  • ‘What hurts more than losing you is that you are not fighting to keep me.’

If you have felt that your ex has immediately pushed you away and has moved on before a second’s notice of the breakup, this status is going to get them all teary-eyed. Through this status, you are conveying that you are upset that you were not worth the trouble for your ex.

  • ‘Why does fate allow two people to meet when there’s no way for them to be together.’

This is a Whatsapp status that is not only going to get your ex cry, but everyone else who reads it and knows your story too. This status is meant for those whose relationships ended because of some ill-fate or a tragic incident.

  • ‘I wish I could go back to the day I met you and walk away immediately.’

When you are putting up a status like this, it shows your ex that you are utterly disgusted by them so much so that you even regret the day you two met. This can make your ex feel guilty about the mistakes that they have made and leave them without a dry eye.


This detailed article has given you the best Whatsapp statuses that are sure to make your ex cry and feel guilty after the end of your relationship together.

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