What’s the difference between care counseling and therapy?


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Page last updated: 3/09/2022

This post will explain the difference between care counseling and therapy. We will also be discussing the benefits of therapy that any individual can enjoy. Finally, we will also be taking a look at the features of Cerebral particularly for therapy needs and requirements. Cerebral is a mental health subscription that makes mental health care accessible and affordable.

What’s the difference between care counseling and therapy?

In Cerebral, care counseling refers to the professionals who bring emotional support to the client and also train them in new coping strategies and skills. These professionals may or may not be licensed therapists. On the other hand, therapists are those mental health professionals who help clients understand themselves better and help manage their symptoms.

Benefits of therapy

Therapy in any format, can be extremely useful to an individual. It can not only help you as an individual, but can also bring many benefits to those around you. Some of the various benefits and advantages of therapy have been described in this section:


Therapy can help you during a crisis

Therapy can definitely help you during a crisis and is often recommended during these times. Therapy cannot help you always solve the problem, but can bring you necessary emotional support and also provide the right cognitive and behavioral strategies that can help you get through the situation.

It can help you in life-changes

Life is never constant and is always filled with changes. However, some changes are bigger than others and can often seem terrifying. These can be changes like marriage, gender transitions, moving to another country, etc. To cope with these changes and transitions, it is recommended that you seek a therapist who can help you face new changes as an effective challenge.

What's the difference between care counseling and therapy?

It can improve your relationships

Therapy does not only lead to the best version of the individual but can also definitely improve their relationships with everyone else. This does not only include romantic relationships but also friendships, bonds with siblings and other members of the family. This is the reason many couples who are planning on getting married to each other go to therapy.


It can bring a better work-life balance

Many of us struggle in setting the correct work-life balance. Work-life balance often goes for a toss since we work long hours and hardly take care of our own mental health. This can not only lead to mental health issues in the individual but can also seriously strain their relationships with others. Therapy brings a different perspective and allows the individual to bring a better balance.


It can improve your self-awareness

Therapy can also lead to an improvement in self-awareness. Self-awareness is when we are aware of our strengths and also be more accepting of our weaknesses. Self-awareness itself can lead to better self-regulation and growth. Many of us find self-awareness very difficult and therapy in this case can help by giving a varied perspective.

It can lead to growth

It is necessary to grow and develop and bring positive changes to our lives. However, this process is not always easy since there is a lot of remaking which can be uncomfortable for many. Therapy can help us set the right goals for ourselves and also help us achieve these using the correct coping strategies.

It can help with depression

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world today. This condition can be very vexing and can even limit the individual from enjoying anything they might have previously. This illness along with others like anxiety can greatly benefit from therapy as it provides a safe space for expression and can also teach the right coping skills.


It can be useful for substance abuse

Substance abuse has always been a serious problem in society. Today, addiction is not limited to substances or alcohol alone, it also deals with other issues like gambling, porn, sex and even video gaming. Therapy can help individuals manage these addictions and can even get to the root of the particular addiction.

It can be a great form of self-care

Self-care is very important for mental health itself. This can take many forms and have different meanings for different people. However, self-care is definitely a must, particularly for those who have strenuous jobs and face pressuring situations often. Therapy can be a great form of self-care for anyone.

Features of Cerebral for therapy

While Cerebral is a mental health subscription that can cater to various mental health needs and problems, it also is a great platform for online therapy, since it has features such as:

  • It has a large network of licensed and qualified therapists which can bring a better client-therapist fit
  • The plans are covered by insurance and thus the affordability of therapy increases
  • The platform also offers psychiatry features for those who require medication
  • Cerebral also provides various formats of therapy such as messaging, phone and also video sessions with the therapist
  • Clients of this platform also have access to a care counselor who can provide emotional support and also train them in various coping strategies and behaviors


This post has explained the difference between care counseling and therapy. We have also discussed the benefits of therapy that any individual can enjoy. Finally, we have also taken a look at the features of Cerebral particularly for therapy needs and requirements.

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