What your favorite color says about you? (See here)

The world around us is filled with vibrant colors in so much abundance that they are often overlooked when considering our surroundings and environment.

However, colors on their own can convey a much deeper meaning and message in the context of their use without speaking it out aloud.

Whether this is considered in product branding, fashion or art, a certain color can always radiate the feeling, emotion or energy behind it while conveying the viewers with a specific message or meaning.

Colors can also be used to express feelings in a relationship or in our daily life and are also an integral part to describe our current mood and in most cases even personalities can be depicted through it.

In this article we will discuss what your favorite color says about you. 

There might be multiple times when during your daily routine, you might find some color particularly alluring whereas normally it is not that much, it might be because of your mood at that moment or some particular event.

However, if you are addicted towards a specific color for most of the part of your life or for some time then the color reflects a part or portion of your personality.

Learn about color psychology and what your favorite color says about you.

Color Psychology

This idea to explore that some particular colors specifically our favorite colors through much part of our lives are somehow connected with our personalities and we might be exhibiting some behaviors in relation with the depiction of that color is known as Color Psychology.

This is a new field with reference to other fields of psychology and is closely related to both phototherapy and chromotherapy.

In recent times, there has been a surge towards the research in color psychology, working mostly on the effect of the choices of color on our personalities and the choices we make in our daily lives and how our perception and reaction towards these colors affect us.

For instance, some of the researchers have worked on the effectiveness of color based on the patient’s thinking considering the color of medication and seeing how effective the patients think it will be for them.

Some of the other researches have also included image distribution through social media and the colors that have a better track record. 

Learn about color psychology and what your favorite color says about you.

One of the other important aspects related to color psychology is that it must always be kept in mind that if an analysis is done for an individual of their likes or dislikes based on their favorite color, it must also be colored alongside the basic knowledge about the same individual.

Other basic factors such as gender, age, past experiences and the culture, the environment that an individual grew up in should all be taken into account before doing this kind of analysis. 

For example, there is some differences in color based on culture, like in western cultures the color white is taken as a sign of purity and innocence that brides wear on their wedding days whereas in eastern cultures white is mostly associated with mourning and death whereas the brides in those cultures will go for vibrant colors like red for their dresses which can be considered a daring choice in western cultures. 

Learning about What your favorite color says about you is very interesting.

Color psychology has also been used in marketing for a long time now, as businesses tend to keep their choice of colors in their brands logo or the colors they use in advertising based on the perception of the viewers.

They are more into research and studies that depicts how an individual perceives a color and what are his preferences and will respond better to what kind of color combination.

Our response to a certain color in some situations can also help others to predict our reactions. 

Learning about What your favorite color says about you is very interesting.

In general, our perception for the shades of green, blue and purple is that it is something inviting and cool, where these colors not only help the viewers to feel more at ease at the end product or the place, these colors also help to convey a message or sense of professionalism to them.

Similarly, on the other hand shades of warmer colors like yellow, orange and red are often associated with intense emotions and high energy as anger and love and also suggests creativity.

Whereas, the neutral shades like brown, white, gray and black each carry their own broad meaning with black giving the viewers a sense of power and white radiating the message of openness and innocence.

Brown is mostly associated with a sense of security and a down to earth behavior whereas gray tones often come across as modern and smooth.

Varying shades of the same color can also describe different meanings to the viewers so it is not necessary that every shade of the same color will portray the same meaning or message.

Learning about What your favorite color says about you is very interesting.

What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Some of the common things that a color can portray in one’s personality according to their favorite color are described here.

These are general information about the personality of an individual and might vary based on other basic factors a little but these are the most common personality traits in a person with the following favorite colors:

Black: The common attribute for the color black is with darkness so people who have black as their favorite color are most likely to express their depression or a loss.

Black can also showcase elegance, creativity, power and sexuality.

White: People who have white as their favorite color can be depicted as independent, organized and logical.

White color also portrays the significance of being innocent, purity and birth. 

Red: Red is mostly known as the color of aggression or intense emotion therefore, people who have red as their favorite colors are always too intense in their emotions and are more active, driven and adventurous. 

Purple: Purple color is mostly associated with spirituality, mystery and royalty.

In the old days, purple dyes used to be rare and expensive that only royals or monarchs were able to afford them.

People with purple as their favorite colors tend to reflect royalty but need emotional security but they are generally helpful towards others. 

Pink: Pink is also known as the color of romance, people who prefer pink are often the ones who are full of love and want to be loved by others and accepted by society without any conditions.

Orange: Individuals with orange as their favorite colors have a vibrant personality and are more social as this color represents warmth, enthusiasm and energy in their personality.

Blue: One of the most popular colors is blue which is mostly associated with tranquility and peace.

Individuals with blue as their favorite color are mostly trustworthy, calm and loyal and will always promote security and unity.

Green: Green is mostly associated with either greed or jealousy but it also portrays fertility, birth, nature and good luck.

Individuals who prefer green as their favorite color are usually committed to other people but can be preoccupied or conceited with your reputation.

Yellow: Yellow is often associated with optimism, friendship and joy.

People who have yellow as their favorite color are always known to enjoy sharing with others but are more than eager to emphasize on their own presence and individuality too. 

Gray: Gray color is often associated with composure, cool and reliability.

Individuals that have listed gray as their favorite color are more cautious and are more composed and peaceful at ming.

They are sophisticated and do offer mannerism and are always able to strive for a compromise in any kind of situation they encounter.

They are also taken as mature, stable, trustworthy and balanced individuals.

What your favorite color says about you: Does Everyone Have a Favorite Color?

No matter how subtle it is, each individual does have their own preferences when it comes to color as it is with everything else.

There might be some individuals who are not able to identify their favorite colors from the get go but it does not mean that they do not have one but rather you have not understood it yet.

If you are one of such people just look in your closet and you will see the most common color in your clothes is your preference, similarly the color scheme of your house is another way to know about your favorite or preferred colors as you will set these things according to your taste and preference.

It is because you set up those things around you according to your preference in colors subconsciously and you do not even know about it.

Although, there might be the case that the persons around you might be more familiar with your color choices and the colors you are drawn towards than you. 

What your favorite color says about you: Can Your Favorite Color Change?

A shift in color preferences can happen as our personalities are also dynamic in nature so it is not something that is impossible to happen.

Some of the colors might have this change in the preference of the color while they are coming out of childhood, like they had some other preference in their childhood but a completely different color is being preferred by them now in their adulthood.

There might also be the case that the color might remain the same but the shade you now prefer for the same color might be different from the previous one.

What your favorite color says about you: Is It Possible To Have Two or More Favorite Colors?

It is possible to have more than one as your favorite color and be drawn towards them.

If in such a case you are not positive between two or more colors to see which one of these colors can be termed as your favorite color than it is easier to see what each of the colors depicts in a personality and compare it with yours to see which one is nearer to yours.

What your favorite color says about you: What About The Colors You Dislike?

Disliking some colors is also natural, and also as our favorite colors are also based on our emotions, experiences and personality the colors we dislike are also based on our past experiences and emotions.

If there are some colors you dislike, examining them might help you to understand your personality a little better.

 What your favorite color says about you: How Can You Use Colors To Your Advantage?

It is highly likely that you will choose the colors that appeal to you in multiple ways.

Having these colors around you will always affect you in a good way but it is also suggested that to keep the balance correctly always incorporate small samples of other colors that you dislike or not very fond of in between the color scheme of your life.

What your favorite color says about you? (See here)

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FAQ about What your favorite color says about you 

What does your favorite color say about you?

Your favorite color is able to predict some parts of your personality if not fully, it can also show in some cases what kind of mood you are in and how you will react in certain situations.

Favorite colors can be taken as a portion of one’s personality.

Does your favorite color reflect your personality?

The personality color is often referred to as the favorite color of the person and is always influenced by one’s personality.

As people do have dynamic personality so there is a chance of change in their favorite color and it can be said that favorite color is a part of one’s personality.


Danni Peck 2020: Color Coded: What Your Favorite Color Says About You

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You? [infographic]

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