What types of pictures make your ex jealous? (+7 Other ways)

The current blogpost will be discussing what types of pictures can make your ex jealous. In addition to this, we will also giving you several other ways through which you can get your ex’s attention and make them jealous.

What types of pictures make your ex jealous?

The types of pictures which make your ex jealous are:

The new haircut picture

Many people, especially women, tend to get a new haircut or a new hairdo after a breakup, in an effort to get more closure. What better opportunity for a photo post on your social media? Putting up a pic with your new haircut is sure to get the attention of your ex.

The new style picture

While some people only go for a new haircut, still many others tend to get a whole new wardrobe after a breakup. You can even scale this higher by getting something new to fit your style like a piercing or even a tattoo.

While you don’t necessarily need to change your entire outlook to make your ex jealous, the rule of thumb is to mainly do something that you normally would not have done with your ex around. This is a sure-fire way to get them questioning your choices and also curious about you.

The new activities picture

Another way to get the attention of your ex through a simple picture is to put one up of you taking part in a new and fun activity. Even here, the main idea is to do something that is totally not you and way out of your comfort zone.

You even get more points if the activity is something your ex would not have approved of or something they would have restricted you from doing while you guys were dating. You can even show other people in the picture to make it look like a day well-spent.

The picture with other attractive people

Nothing beats someone new in the picture to get the attention of your ex. Put up a picture with other attractive people, even if they are just platonic friends. Seeing another attractive person next to you is definitely going to make your ex’s head spin with questions.

The throwback picture

You can also put up a throwback picture on your social media to get the attention of your ex. This can definitely work especially if you are putting up a pic from before your relationship with them as it will give them the idea that you have wiped their memories off of your slate.

The mysterious stranger picture

You can also post a picture with another attractive stranger in it. The main point to be followed here is to show only a bit of the stranger and not their full face or anything else to fully reveal their identity.

For example, you can put up a picture of a dinner table with only the stranger’s hands or fingers shown. For an ex who is going to be scanning your picture from top to bottom, the presence of someone else is going to stoke a lot of curiosity and even jealousy in them.

The picture with the gang

Another picture that can do the trick is a picture with your group of friends. When you put up a picture with a lot of people, especially where you are all having fun outside, your ex is not going to feel very jealous but also incredibly left out which can make them pretty insecure.

The celeb picture

Putting a picture of a celebrity is going to make you look like you are ready to get back into the dating game and are eager for someone successful and attractive. This can also get your ex very jealous.

To make this more effective, you can put up a picture of celebrity who is very different when compared to your ex. This can make them feel pretty insecure about their own physique and may even leave them questioning as to if your ideals about attractiveness have changed.

Other ways of making your ex jealous

Other than putting up a picture on your social media, there are many ways of making your ex jealous. Some of the best ways to make your ex jealous have been discussed in the following section.

By making sure that they see you with someone else:

It is obvious that you are going to start dating someone else after you break up with your ex. While your next interest does not necessarily have to be serious immediately, you can make sure that you guys go to places that your ex would normally visit.

It is also great if you date outside your preferences. When you are seen with someone new and different, your ex is surely going to feel insecure as they will see that they don’t fit in with your present criteria anymore.

Try the no-contact rule:

Another proven psychological trick to make your ex jealous is to simply break off contact with them. When you ignore them for an extended period of time altogether, your ex is going to be left wondering and curious as to what you are up to.

In this time of no contact, you can practice more self-care and introspection to keep improving yourself. This will also make you stronger and ready to take on challenges in various aspects of your life.

Be as attractive as possible:

Becoming more physically attractive can also definitely make your ex jealous. While we are in a relationship we may often become comfortable with our looks since we don’t need to impress anyone else. However, this can lead to a stale style.

You can switch up your look to something new. You can also go ahead and try out a new wardrobe and wear more attractive clothes. This is definitely going to get the attention of other people including you ex.

This especially is important if you are going to an event that is sure to be visited by your ex. You can accentuate your best features and even wear outfits that show you as a strong and attractive person to leave them jealous and captivated at the same time.

Focus on your health:

A breakup with someone is not always a negative thing. It can also give more scope for self-improvement. One way to improve yourself, is to start working out at the gym or even at home. Whatever you do, make sure that you take some great pictures afterward to post on social media.

Go for a trip:

Another great thing that you can do to make your ex jealous is to simply take a trip. You can take a solo trip or even a group trip with some interesting people. You get bonus points if you take a trip to some place that you and your ex were planning to go before the breakup.

You can also try going to a place that is often unlikely of you to visit. But here too, don’t forget to post up some great pics of you and your gang having a lot of fun at said place. You can also put up a status that you are back from a great and fun trip to make your ex pretty jealous.

Spread the news:

You and your ex may share a lot of mutual friends and more than other means, your ex may use your mutual friends to get news about you. So, it is very important that you keep telling your mutual friends that you are having the best life ever, even if it may be slightly exaggerated.

Date yourself:

Finally, there is nothing like self-love to make your ex jealous. Your ex may expect you to be wallowing in pity and depression. But when they see that you are out there having fun on your own, they are left to be curious about you and jealous at the same time.

Dating yourself may not be easy at the first try, especially if you are an extrovert who always hangs out with people. But it can soon become interesting as you find yourself taking on little adventures of your own and trying out new things all by yourself.


The current blogpost has discussed what types of pictures can make your ex jealous. In addition to this, we have also given you several other ways through which you can get your ex’s attention and make them jealous.

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