What to expect when dating an alpha male? 

This article will show you what you should expect when dating an alpha male. It will explain what it means to be an alpha male, and when a relationship with an alpha male becomes a problem.

What to expect when dating an alpha male? 

If you are dating an alpha male, know that there are some things you should expect from your partner. Here they are.

Know they will be territorial 

One of the most relevant traces of being an alpha is that they are extremely territorial. So when you are dating an alpha male, you should know that you will become part of their territory, which will make them want to protect you at all costs.

At first, this can be seen as a sweet, and romantic gesture. You may feel like he is caring and protective of you. But with the time that may become difficult to handle. You can feel like the alpha male is treating you like you are too fragile, and would break easily. He may be too focused on you, and it is smothering you. 

He may begin to try to make decisions about your life, considering he knows what is best. But while dating an alpha male you should always keep an eye for when this protective behavior turns into a controlling one. 

If you ever notice that they are trying to take you away from people in your life that they judge to not be trustworthy, it may be time to pay attention, and in some cases, even take a step back from the situation.

Know they are protective of people in their life 

The protective side of an alpha male can be extended to every single aspect of their lives. They can do it with the people they care for, their house, and even their cars. So, if you are dating an alpha male, be sure that they will be protective of you.

And this may be a good thing if you ever see yourself in a dangerous situation. They will spare no expense or energy to help you. But because they are so protective of you and eager to help, they may not always take the time to think about what is okay, or not, to do in each situation.

In that, they can even expose themselves to danger. So if you are considering dating an alpha male know that, when that situation presents itself, it may be that you will be the one that needs to protect the alpha male from themselves. 

You will have to try and bring them back, to take a look at the situation, and not act in such a reckless manner.

They can often be controlling 

The alpha male will usually be the person that will make the decisions. It can be in the smallest thing like choosing a restaurant for dinner, or the biggest things like deciding how the company they work in should behave in a determined situation.

So if you decide to keep dating an alpha male, it will be important that you are open to seeing things from their perspective. And this doesn’t mean that your thoughts won’t matter, although you need to make a point of making yourself be heard by the alpha male, but that the alpha male will often need to have certain things under their control.

And when they can’t, it can affect them deeply leading them to sulk, or even the two of you to have an argument. So before dating an alpha male take into consideration how flexible you can be with your partner, and how willing you are to let go of some control.

Know they can have trouble with other people

It is not that alpha males will pick fights with everyone, but they can have trouble dealing with people because they have high standards, and may feel that some people aren’t good enough to be around them, or even the person they are dating. 

So if you decide to date an alpha male, know it comes with the possibility of making your social circle smaller.

Aside from that, alpha males will likely never be able to be a part of a group of people in which there is another alpha male, which can make their social circle even smaller. But they need to be a part of a group in which they can be the leader, otherwise, likely, the two alphas will just start competing to see who is better.

But you should know that not all alphas will behave in that way. If the alpha you are dating feels secure with himself, and with your relationship, they will likely be able to be around people in a positive way. 

It is mostly when the alpha male hasn’t learned to deal with his insecurities, because they have them, that things can turn negative.

Know they will always look confident

As it was just said, alpha males also have their insecurities just like the rest of us. But you should know that they will try to hide it, and always look confident around people, and that is why people will often find them so attractive.

It is this confidence that will make it seem, while you are dating an alpha male, that you are the greatest person there ever was. But you mustn’t get swept up in this illusion of confidence and security. The alpha male also needs people to support them, and make them feel loved.

It is only because they know that people got their back, that they can be so self-assured. So you will need to show the alpha male you are dating that you are right by their side. 

And if at any moment in their lives they are dealing with a setback, like unemployment, you need to know they can be more susceptible to developing conditions such as anxiety, or even depression. So showing your support in those moments is extremely important.

What is an alpha male? 

An alpha male is the one that is described as the most dominant one, and because of that, they would have preference over many things, including the choice of a mate, or even food. In our everyday life, you may think of an alpha male as a man that exudes confidence, and that is seen as special by people around them.

When dating an alpha male becomes a problem? 

Alpha males are often men that will be determined, and self-assured. But what in most cases can be perceived as positive, in others can be a problem. So dating an alpha male can be detrimental to you if you realize that your boundaries are being stepped over, which they can often do without even realizing it.

If you feel that the alpha male you are dating has become controlling, or even abusive, it may be time to communicate it with them, and maybe even look for professional help, like a couple’s therapist that will allow the two of you to deal with the conflict in a more positive manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What to expect when dating an alpha male? 

What do alpha males look for in a relationship?

An alpha male will often look for someone that strives to be the best version of themselves. They will want someone capable of doing great things but also has a sense of mystery that will make the alpha male so interested in them.

They want someone that will support their dreams, and that matches their level of intelligence. So if you want to be in a relationship with an alpha male, you should be someone that can deal with perfectionism. 

And be open to letting them take charge of things. They want someone with whom they can be direct, and that is not afraid of standing up for themselves. 

What are signs an alpha male likes me?

When an alpha male likes you, they will pay attention to you, often give you compliments, and will likely treat you as if you are royalty. An alpha male likes you when they can be vulnerable around you, and when they dress in a way to impress you.

An alpha male likes you when they will give you an expensive treatment, and is often ready to help you, and show you their support. Constantly checking up on you, and letting you express your opinions are also signs that an alpha male likes you.

When they want to meet the people in your life, make you nice surprises, don’t pressure you to act in a determined way, and don’t compare you to other people will surely be signs that they like you.

How do alpha males behave in bed?

When an alpha male is having sexual intercourse with someone, it is common that they will be extremely passionate. They can often speak dirty and may like more rough sexual experiences. It can be something that will often make their partners sexually excited, and it can be a great experience for them.

How do I make an alpha male miss me?

If you want to make an alpha male miss you, you should always make yourself look good, and be the prettiest girl in the room. Waiting for them to come to you will also make them miss you. 

They can also miss you when you act as if they have impressed you, so feeding his ego will go a long way. You should know that it is important to leave them wanting more, and you can leave something behind for them to remember you by.

Do alpha males always flirt?

Yes, alpha males will often be great at flirting. They can do that for two most common reasons. They will flirt as a way to show others how dominant they are, but also to show how mainly they are. And while flirting with you they will show you how strong, capable, and powerful they are.

Making themselves look good, and seeing that you are admiring them is something that will make the alpha male keep flirting with you, so if you want it to go on, be sure to give them compliments, and show how great you think they are.


This article explained what you should expect when dating an alpha male. It also showed what it means to be an alpha, and when dating an alpha male can become a problem.

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