What to do when you are bored in class (67 things)

In this article, we will present 67 ideas, what to do when you are bored in class.

Some of them are quite interesting and anyone can do them. But the vast majority are just hilarious!

67 funny things you can do when you are bored in class

  1. Randomly laugh hysterically
  2. Wear tissues on your head
  3. Pretend to slap a fly and then go `mmmm snack time’
  4. Try to get your class to sing “We don’t need no education”
  5. Act jittery all class, shaking and twitching. Recoil whenever someone passes or tries to touch you.
  6. Hum `If you’re happy and you know it’ loudly then randomly start to cry
  7. Raise your hand, act terrified and cry, saying `You didn’t have to be so mean ’
  8. Tell your teacher to get ready to evacuate the school, for you are going to pull a fire alarm
  9. In a creepy voice say to everyone `You will die in seven days’ Act as nothing had happened.
  10. Try to hold a swordfight with rulers.
  11. Do the chicken dance.
  12. Think of nicknames for everyone you know.
  13. Go into class, and then run to the window. Sadly proclaim that your imaginary friend just committed suicide.
  14. Tell your teacher that you’re going to be sick tomorrow.
  15. In anything but foreign language class (if you have one), speak in a foreign language.
  1. Come into class with sunglasses, and pretend to shoot at your teacher with your fingers. Then loudly whisper `Sorry, I had to get rid of the alien”
  2. Randomly get up and run a lap around the room, then sit down and act as if nothing had happened.
  3. Pass around a petition against petitions
  4. If someone speaks over the intercom, curl up in fetal position under your desk and say `It’s the voices again.’
  5. Raise your hand and wave it eagerly like you know the answer. Do this for every question. When called on, answer every question `Abraham Lincoln.’
  6. Purposely drop your pen. Ask someone to pick it up, and when they do defensively say `That’s mine ’
  7. Create a map of the classroom. Use the map whenever you need to find your seat or tissue or the pencil sharpener.
  8. Laugh hysterically and proclaim `You shall all perish Perish I say ’ Act like nothing had happened.
  9. Make up a language and when no one understands it act like they are crazy.
  10. Act like you’re in the army, saluting to teachers and calling them ma’am and sir. March everywhere.
  1. Invent an imaginary hamster. Ask everyone if they would like to hold him.
  2. Ask if you can teach the class.
  3. Bring a bottle to school. Drink out of it all day. Cry if it gets confiscated.
  4. Talk about your dream job as a janitor.
  5. Walk down the aisle and pretend someone tripped you. Glare at that person for the rest of class.
  6. Ask to go to the bathroom. Get up, run into the wall and pretend to faint. Lay there until someone runs over to help you up, then walk out the door to go to the bathroom.
  7. Read with your textbook upside-down.
  8. Speak with an accent, love.
  9. Raise your hand and wave it around like you know the answer. Then ask the teacher why they called on you.
  10. Draw caricatures of your teacher. Sign the paper with a classmate’s name/initials. Leave the pictures on the classmate’s desk.
  1. Poke the person sitting next to you repeatedly until they get angry, then blame it on your imaginary friend.
  2. Bring in a pillow and explain “The desk is too hard for sleeping.”
  3. Ask your teachers if they find sick pleasure in tormenting you.
  4. Knit.
  5. If a teacher isn’t already in the classroom, when they enter, inform them that they are late and should report to the principal.
  6. Count how many times the professor uses:  uh,? ?umm,? or? like? during an entire lecture.
  7. Put raisins over your teeth and grin widely at everyone you meet.
  8. Convince someone to pretend to be your lawyer. Bring them to school the following day.
  9. Whenever the bell rings or an ambulance/police car passes, yell about the pigs coming to get you, and run out of the classroom.
  10. Do the chicken dance.
  1. .Plug your ears and try to see if you can lip-read what the professor is saying.
  2. Try to hold your breath for as long as you can without passing out. Time yourself. Record your time. Repeat.
  3. Look at all the dots in the ceiling and try to find your favourite cartoon character.
  4. Arm wrestle/play thumb war with yourself and accuse your right arm/left thumb of cheating.
  5. Draw a flipbook at the bottom right corner of your notebook.
  6. Say a word silently to yourself (e.g. ?broccoli?) so many times that it loses meaning. Then try to remember what it meant in the first place.
  7. Keep your eyes open without blinking for as long as you can.
  8. Pretend you’re a tree.
  9. Change seats every three minutes.
  10. Think of new pick lines. See if they work.
  1. Try not to fall asleep.
  2. Switch seats in a clandestine manner every time the professor turns to face the blackboard. Count how many times you can do this without getting caught.
  3. Try to develop psychic powers, then use ’em.
  4. Plot revenge against someone.
  5. Announce to the class that you are God and that you’re angry.
  6. Run across the room, tag someone and say You’re it.
  7. Walk around the room begging for spare change.
  8.  Crawl around the room humming the music from Mission Impossible.
  9.  Think of five new ways to use your shoes.
  10. Play rock-paper-scissors with yourself. Accuse your left hand of cheating.
  11. Pretend to communicate with your home planet.
  12. Throw your backpack at someone.

PS: Make sure you don’t get in trouble!

Other things you can do when you are bored in class

And now, on a more serious note, for those who don’t want to get in trouble, here are some things you can do when you are bored in class:

  • Read a book
  • Draw your teacher
  • Draw a flipbook 
  • Write a love letter
  • Read inspirational quotes
  • Think of an imaginary world
  • Invent your own language
  • Try to relax
  • Do some breathing exercises
  • Meditate
  • Visualise a peaceful place
  • Try to sleep
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • Daydream
  • Write your college application essay
  • Do crosswords
  • Draw your favourite characters
  • Write your goals
  • Start drafting a novel
  • Write 10 things you are grateful for
  • Write 10 things that annoy you write now
  • Make a bucket list
  • Actually try to listen to your teacher.


In this article, we gave you the funniest 67 ideas, what to do when you are bored in class. 

And, we provided you with 25+ alternatives if you are not actually looking to get in trouble.

If you have better ideas on what to do when you are bored in class, do let us know!