What Tattoo Should I Get?


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Page last updated: 21/11/2022

What Tattoo Should I Get?

You might be wondering what tattoo should you get since you have the inclination to get one right now. Deciding what tattoo to get is a life-changing decision, after all, without expensive and painful removal surgery, they’re going to last forever in your life.

And while getting an important name or date etched on your skin will likely remain poignant for years to come, if you’re going to get creative there are a number of factors to consider when you do this kind of procedure. For those that already have something in mind, perhaps stolen from Pinterest, it is usually a good idea to have an artist give a second opinion and then put a unique twist on the design of the tattoo.

After all, like the once-unique infinity sign or Harry Potter symbol, tattoos are bound to become repetitive in one’s life. For those who want a tattoo but have no idea what to get, experts have spoken to tattoo artists for some advice.

Dina Dicenso who is the owner of Gristle Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York, told The Independent that you should start by finding an artist whose work you like for the tattoo. However, Dicenso does admit it is ideal to at least have a rough concept of what you want to be tattooed on your body for a long time.

Luki from Good Times Tattoo in London also advises doing some research beforehand before committing to a tattoo on your body part. Once you have decided on the type of tattoo you want, choosing an artist is the next step which requires careful consideration on your part.

While most artists are adept at tattooing the basics such as flowers, birds, and important names, some artists are more skilled than others, especially when it comes to certain techniques such as portraits or geometric work. Instagram is an excellent outlet to find a specialist artist whose work you like and most tattoo artists suggest you look at their past work before deciding on the tattoo you like.

If you are aiming for a tattoo that isn’t easily seen, the ribs, behind the ear or neck, and ankle are all well-hidden spots for the person who wants a tattoo. The rise in fine-line tattooing also means tattoos can be especially dainty with the artists from West 4 Tattoo telling us that fine-line tattoos are something the common person can take on in his or her life.

If you prefer for your tattoo to be seen, your fingers, arms, legs, chest or back are all places to consider as they provide a large canvas for bigger tattoos or more tattoos such as a sleeve on the person. For those who aren’t sure, a small tattoo is a good place to start as you can always get more or add to it in the future, for instance, to build up a sleeve tattoo on the chosen body part.

If you want a tattoo but are worried about the pain, the good news is some locations are less painful than others according to most experts. For those with a low-pain tolerance, artists from New Wave Tattoo suggest avoiding the ribs, elbow and top of the foot as well as the inner arm area such as the inner elbow of the person.

And the sternum and kneecaps are also likely out as artist Kerri said they are easily the most painful locations according to some relevant experiences. If your biggest issue is uniqueness, do your research beforehand to avoid any of the typical tattoo trends which means opting out of a lower-back tattoo on your part.

Additionally, think twice before committing to Harry Potter movie references, tourist landmarks, roses or finger tattoos as they are all unfortunately overdone for most customers.

For those equally worried about the type of ink being placed permanently into their bodies as they are about the design, vegan ink is worth looking into for customers.

Although widely available, it is important to double-check with your artist beforehand that the ink they use is vegan in the tattoo shop. According to Peta, non-vegan tattoo inks get their colour from ingredients such as bone char to insect parts as reported by a lot of artists.

If a vegan tattoo experience is essential to you, make sure to also confirm that the supplies such as the ointment, stencil paper, soap and razors used by the tattoo shop are vegan as well for your safety. Fading is also something to consider before deciding on a tattoo location, so it is worthwhile to ask your artist for advice if you don’t want to get your tattoo retouched in a moment in time.

Finger tattoos and mouth tattoos are the most prone to fading but over time most tattoos will fade at least a little, especially if they are subjected to sweat, sun, or friction in your part as someone who is receiving these tattoos. If you are worried about a tattoo fading in the future, you need to use sunscreen and try to keep your skin moisturised for the tattoo.

What Tattoo Should I Get?

What Tattoo Should I Get Test

This test will indicate what kind of tattoo would be fitting for you. The following questions will indicate what kind of tattoo will look great on you.

Instructions: The following questions will imply what kind of tattoo should you get. Please read the questions carefully and choose the choice that applies to you in each question. Please answer the questions honestly to get an accurate result.

Which part of your body would you prefer to get tattooed?

  • My upper arm – 3
  • My chest – 1
  • My finger – 4
  • My back – 2

Why do you want a tattoo on a specific part of your body?

  • To express yourself – 1
  • To show off my pretty cool body art – 2
  • To express my beliefs – 3
  • To express my love for something – 4

Which of the following piercings would you get with your tattoo?

  • Septum – 1
  • Lip – 3
  • Helix – 2
  • No piercings – 4

Which of the following is your favourite kind of music?

  • Rock – 1
  • Country – 4
  • Metal – 2
  • Jazz – 3

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

  • A selfie of me and my posse – 1
  • A picture of me and my honey – 4
  • Whatever the default image is – 3
  • A picture of my pet – 2

Which of the following TV shows appeal to you the most?

  • America’s Got Talent – 1
  • Discovery Channel – 3
  • House Hunters International – 2
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians – 4

Which of the following situations would get you in a bad mood?

  • My pet is ignoring me – 2
  • It’s been 3 hours and I forgot to save my game – 1
  • My baby plant is wilting – 4
  • My mercury is in retrograde – 3

What is the degree of your pain tolerance?

  • I can handle a lot of pain – 1
  • I can handle a little pain – 3
  • I cry getting a shot at the doctor – 4
  • I’m a masochist so bring it on – 2

Which of the following would you like a free supply for your whole life?

  • Yoga Classes – 4
  • Pizza – 3
  • Gym Membership – 1
  • Pocky – 2

If you were an alcoholic beverage, which would you be?

  • A cosmopolitan – 4
  • A glass of wine – 3
  • A Red Bull and drinks such as effen or grey goose – 1
  • A shot of whiskey – 2

Total scoring criteria:

31 – 40 – star or a small sign that you would like

21 – 30 – flower or significant names

11 – 20 – a significant other

5 – 10 – quote or a name of an important person in your life