What should you do when someone doesn’t care about your feelings?

This article will discuss what you should do when someone doesn’t care about your feelings. It will also show what are some signs someone behaves dismissive of your feelings, and why that can happen.

What should you do when someone doesn’t care about your feelings? 

If you know someone who doesn’t care about your feelings, here is what you should do.

Understand if this is an emotionally safe relationship 

If you feel that this person doesn’t care about your feelings, you should try to check if this is an emotionally safe relationship for you. Understand if you feel that when you share they are mistreating you, or simply are not able to listen in a caring and supportive way.

For that, think over the moments in which you shared your feelings with that person, and how they reacted. Consider how being with them makes you feel, and if the two of you can have a relationship in which you don’t share too much with them.

Try to analyze if you feel it may be possible to have a relationship with this person in which you don’t share your emotions, but also be sure that you don’t stand there all open to listening to them, be sure there is some reciprocity in this relationship. 

Consider if there are other people you can share your feelings with

If there is someone in your life that doesn’t care about your feelings, make sure to try and consider if this is the only person you can share your feelings with. Chances are there are other friends or family members that you can speak to.

In case you feel there is no one else you feel comfortable talking to, it may be important to consider going to therapy. That may be a lot better than sharing with someone that completely disregards how you feel. 

In therapy, you will be able to talk to someone that will listen to you in a supportive and caring way. And not only that, but the therapist will also be able to raise some important points to help you see the matters at hand through a new perspective, and maybe find new strategies to cope with them.

Decide if this is a relationship you want to stay in

Once you have thought about the way this person treats you, and your feelings, you should try to discover if there is some way the two of you can change this relationship. Try to have a conversation with them, and share the view you have. 

Maybe through that, they can reflect and then share their point of view, and through that, the two of you can think about how to move forward with the relationship.

What are signs someone doesn’t care about my feelings? 

Some signs may help you learn that a person doesn’t care about your feelings. Here they are.

They never ask about your feelings 

When a person doesn’t care about your feelings, likely, they will never ask about how you feel. They will never try to make a deeper connection with you by asking about what is going on in your life or asking your opinions about any matters.

They can make a point of trying to leave you out of situations. And when the two of you are interacting, you can feel that they spend most of the time talking about themselves rather than wanting to know about you.

You feel like you are always walking on eggshells around them 

When a person doesn’t care about your feelings, it can be that you constantly feel like you are walking on eggshells around them. That is because this person can make you feel like you are not being heard or seen, and they often interrupt you whenever you are speaking.

They don’t care about reciprocity 

A person that doesn’t care about your feelings will likely not care for reciprocity and make a point of making you feel supported as much as you support them. They don’t care if you are comfortable with the situation, but they will just go on living their own life.

They don’t change their behavior even when you ask them to 

When a person doesn’t care about your feelings, it can go to the extent that even though you have shared with them that this relationship is being hurtful to you, they still don’t change their behavior.

There is always a hope that through communication the person will be able to understand what you are saying and open themselves up to understand what you are saying. But if you feel that even after that, there is no chance for change, it is a clear sign they will never care for how you feel.

They invalidate how you feel

A person that invalidates how you feel, and often minimizes it, is a person that doesn’t care about your feelings. They will show complete disregard for the situation you are in, and act as if it is not something relevant.

Why this person doesn’t care about my feelings? 

It can be that this person that doesn’t care about your feelings may lack empathy. This means that this person may have trouble putting themselves in other people’s shoes. It can be personal, but most likely, it is something that has to do with the personality of this person.

Lack of empathy is often a trait of some mental illnesses such as narcissistic personality disorder. But when it is not connected to a mental health condition, the lack of empathy can be caused by the idea the person has that caring for what others are saying can cost too much for them emotionally.

Either way, it is important to keep in mind that if the person doesn’t care about your feelings, you shouldn’t blame yourself for that. Your feelings are important, and you should work on validating them and being around people that can do the same, and listen to you in a supportive manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What should you do when someone doesn’t care about your feelings? 

What should I do to stop caring for someone that doesn’t care for me?

If you want to stop caring for someone that doesn’t care for you, the first thing you may want to do is to focus on the positive relationships in your life, instead of wasting all of your energy on someone that doesn’t care. Being in touch with someone that doesn’t care about you can bring a lot of emotions, make sure you allow them to flow through you instead of simply repressing them.

You may want to talk to people about the situation you are in. If that is the case, make sure you do it with people that can relate to what you are going through, or that a test will be able to share their ideas taking into account your particular situation.

You should also focus your energy on looking more toward the present than to what has been, and remember that you are worth it, and should only have in your life people who value and respect you. Having activities that remind you how brave and wonderful you are can be extremely positive at this moment.

So be sure to put yourself as your priority, and keep an attentive eye to not open yourself up to people that are not caring and supportive. And even though sometimes you may feel the impulse of getting in touch with them, keep in mind that it is better to simply cut ties, and take them out of your mind.

What should I do if my partner dismisses my feelings?

If you are in a relationship and at any moment you realize that your partner is dismissing your feelings, it is extremely important for you to address it. Not talking about it just raises the chance of this happening over and over again, even if it becomes a pattern in your relationship.

So whenever it happens, make sure to take time to breathe, gather your thoughts and feelings, and decide what you want to tell them. As you feel calmer, with a clearer mind, make sure you explain to them why you are feeling this way.

Expressing how it all made you feel, and naming your emotions may make it easier for them to understand what is happening, and to adjust their behavior in a way that doesn’t lead you to feel this way anymore.

But if at some point you realize that you have spoken to them about it multiple times, and they still haven’t changed their behavior, it may be time to start considering if this person cares about how you are feeling.

What does it mean when someone disregards your feelings?

There are many ways one can disregard your feelings. They can do so by invalidating how you feel, or even by denying what is happening to you. Through these behaviors, the person that disregards your feelings is showing you that your emotional response to a situation is wrong, inappropriate, or even unacceptable.

How do I make my partner worry about losing me?

If you feel your partner is taking you for granted or even feels too safe in your relationship, and you want them to feel a little insecure, there are some things you can do. First of all, you should look at the reality you are in and not expect them to, all of sudden, begin to appreciate you.

So far what you need to do is change how you move in this relationship. For that, you can start to walk less on the path they have determined, and focus more on yourself. This will demand your partner to also work for the relationship.

A good way to do that is by getting in touch with things you are passionate about and reminding yourself of who you truly are. In that, you will immediately have less free space to be able to follow your partner around, and this can lead to a shift in your relationship, which will cause your partner to feel more insecure.

How does a man feel when a woman walks away?

There are some ways a man can feel when a woman walks away. They can feel sad and rejected, or even confused as to what has just happened. They can also miss their partner, and be lonely. 

It can lead them to be possessive, feel guilty, or even angry. At some point, they may deal with their emotions and be able to move on.


This article explained what you should do when you realize that someone doesn’t care about your feelings. It also identified the signs that this may be happening, and why the person acts this way.

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