What should I comment on wedding photos?

In this article, we will discuss what you need to comment on the wedding photos. We will also look at social networking sites that give you the option to comment on wedding photos as well as commenting on etiquette. This information will help you become an exceptional commenter.

What should I comment on wedding photos?

Captions to comment on wedding photos are:

  • Your delight in the couple’s union
  • Congratulations
  • Wishes of prosperity
  • Showing gratitude for the opportunity to grace the wedding and having access to pictures of the memorable day.

Social networking sites that give you the option to comment on photos

Tik Tok

Our first video and photo sharing platform is no other than the fast-growing TikTok also known as Douyin in China where it is based and owned by ByteDance LTD. 

TikTok markets itself as a short-form video-sharing application that allows users to post short videos (15 seconds to 10 minutes) on various genres such as dances, pranks, educative content, trick, jokes and entertaining content that you can comment on. 

According to the parent company ByteDance LTD, TikTok has a billion monthly users. To view and comment on TikTok pictures, you must have a must download the TikTok app on Google or Apple play store. You must also create an account which you can use to post, watch, like and comment on pictures. 


One of the earliest social networking platforms and parent company to other platforms that we will look at (Instagram and WhatsApp) is one of the most used social media platforms used to share information and videos.

 It is owned by Meta Platforms and claims to have at least 2.8 billion monthly users. It is also ranked fourth in global internet usage. To comment on photos on Facebook, you must create an account that you will use to share texts, photos, post, watch, like and comment on photos. 


A subsidiary of Facebook and also owned by Meta Platforms is an American photo and video sharing social networking platform founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and later acquired by Facebook Inc. (Wikipedia). 

With roughly one billion monthly users, and 40 billion photos and videos posted since its inception, Instagram is a force to reckon with in the social media networking platform industry. To comment on photos on Instagram, you must have an Instagram account which you can use to watch, like and comment on videos posted by various content creators.


Snap chat is a popular mobile app that you can download on the Google or Apple play store. The social networking platform allows you to exchange messages and post photos that disappear after 24 hours. 

As of today, Snapchat has approximately 293 million daily active users and 4 billion snaps (time-limited pictures) shared daily. To use Snapchat, you first have to download the application, create an account, link up with your friends, post, like and comment on photos.


WhatsApp messenger or simply WhatsApp is a free social media messaging platform owned by Meta Platforms. As of 2022, it is the most popular messaging platform with roughly 2 billion monthly users worldwide. 

While WhatsApp is a messenger application, it allows you to share and comment on videos and photos on messages and the status function. To comment on pictures shared on WhatsApp, you must create an account using my personal mobile number, which you will use to engage other users.


Wikipedia describes Pinterest as an image sharing and social media service designed to enable posting, saving and discovery of information on the internet using images, and on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, as pinboards.

Pinterest also allows you to discover new interests and share them with others online. To post, view and comment on pictures on Pinterest, you need to set up an account using your Google, Microsoft or other email accounts.


Tumblr is a social networking platform that allows users to post photos, GIFS, and videos. The platform allows you to follow other bloggers’ posts. To comment on pictures, create a Tumblr account.


One of the most popular social media platforms, Twitter was founded in 2006 and is based in San Francisco, California. Twitter allows users to share texts, and pictures on videos on character limited tweets. 

As of today, Twitter has over 290.5 million active monthly users and over 500 tweets shared daily. To comment on pictures on Twitter, you need to create an account using your Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo accounts. 

You can also use your personal number to create an account. Once your account is created, you can head over to your couple’s account and comment on their pictures. 

Other picture-sharing platforms include Flickr, Youpic, and Stellar stories.

25 sweet comments for wedding photos

  • Now you can hang out forever
  • There goes my favourite couple
  • Congratulations once again
  • I am so honoured to have been a part of your celebrations
  • Truly, you were made for each other
  • May you live happily ever after
  • The fairytale begins
  • May your marriage be full of blessings
  • The day was beautifully captured
  • Couple goals
  • The first chapter of another book begins
  • Promotion to Mr and Mrs
  • The dress was outstanding
  • Your outfits were exceptional
  • Can we rewind and repeat this day?
  • It was a beautiful day indeed.
  • I can’t believe it happened. Congratulations to you two.
  • Congratulations are in order
  • He finally put a ring on it
  • This was love at first swipe.
  • Wishing all the best in the future
  • To more happy times
  • Cheers to this
  • All you need is more love
  • Thank you for letting me grace this moment

Complements for the bride

Every bride wants to be told that she is beautiful. It is also good to complement the bride and you can say the following;

  • The flowers are beautiful
  • Your dress is stunning
  • You look like a princess
  • The ceremony was perfect
  • You two are a match made from heaven
  • May your marriage be as beautiful and perfect as your dress
  • Your hair is glamorous
  • Your face is shining

Comments for your friend’s wedding photos

  • A toast to the best couple I have seen
  • Wishing you both blessings and happiness
  • I am so excited to be part of your beautiful story
  • Sending so much love on your new life
  • Congratulations on finding your life partner
  • Congratulations on becoming family

Funny wedding messages

  • Congratulations. You have now found your partner in crime
  • Always stay happy, stay positive and stay married because divorce is not cheap
  • Congratulations on finding someone who will put up with you for the rest of your life
  • Congratulations on finding someone who will understand your twisted sense of humour
  • Congratulations and remember the three words that will keep your marriage together, ‘you. Are. right.’
  • It’s your day, don’t let anyone ruin it for you. Ruin it yourself!

Inspiring wedding comments

  • There is no remedy of love, than to love more
  • Who, being loved is poor?
  • To love and to be loved is to feel the sun from both sides
  • Where there is love, there is life
  • If i want to get married, i want to be very married

Commenting etiquette (what not to comment)


Maintaining decorum on your social comments is important as insults can lead to you being blocked from the content material, receiving warnings from the social media platform or running the risk of having your account disabled meaning you cannot view, watch or comment on other photos ever again.

 If this reason is not sufficient, avoid insults, as they are a sign of disrespect and can cause unwarranted emotional harm.

Derogatory remarks concerning other people.

Do not for any reason comment with derogatory remarks concerning the appearance and bodies of other people, as this may cause significant damage not only to their emotions but also to mental health. 

Derogatory comments only ‌show a lack of respect, hostility, and disregard for others. 

Discriminating remarks on race, gender or orientation

We understand that different people have views and opinions. This being said, no one may discriminate against another according to their race, gender or orientation. It is also important to note that such comments can warrant legal action and put you in deep trouble with law enforcement organs. Respect others as you would wish to be respected.

What type of commenter are you?

The one-word commenter

The one word commenter, as the name suggests, literally comments on one word. With little effort put into commenting, you will find him or her writing one-word sentences in the comment section, such as funny, lame, cool, nice, or cringe. 

While most content creators wish they comment more, any form of engagement is good engagement. 

The article writer

The article writer has some basic or in-depth knowledge about the picture and anything concerning it. He or she takes the commenting on the picture as an opportunity to show the world what they know. Most of the time, this is usually unsolicited advice, but hey, they can also be educative, informative and interesting to read. 

To find the article writer, look out for comments with the read more button.

The antagonist

As the title says, this person actively opposes the picture content and is hostile to the content creator. In a nutshell, that is an antagonist for you. He or she has no kind words for you and your content. 

You will find comments such as “ugly photo”, “nobody even likes your picture” or “this photo was just a total waste of time.” Please do not be an antagonist in the comment section. If the content does not please you, kindly give your opinion politely.


In this article, we answered the question “what to comment on wedding photos”, delved into commenting etiquette and covered the types of comments and commenters. We hope this information was helpful in your search for the best wedding photo captions.

Frequently asked questions: What should I comment on wedding photos?

How do you comment on a wedding?

  • Wishing you all the best
  • Can we rewind and repeat this day?
  • It was a beautiful day indeed

How do you describe a nice wedding?

You can use words such as a breathtaking, exceptional, dazzling or radiant day.

What should I comment on my friend’s wedding video?

You can say;

  • Thank you for letting me grace this moment
  • I can’t believe it happened. Congratulations to you two.
  • Now you can hang out forever


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