What problem does monday.com solve? (+3 useful tips)

In this blogpost, we shall discuss what problem monday.com solves. We will be also looking at some of the limitations of this platform and discussing a few tips and tricks users can utilize in order to make their experience in monday.com much easier. Tools like monday.com are becoming increasingly sought after since they benefit both teams and management.

What problem does monday.com solve?

monday.com was originally created as a solution for the many work management problems that teams constantly face in their organizations. The platform can be used to solve many issues in the workplace and also improve the levels of productivity and work efficiency among teams and individuals. Some of the problems that monday.com aims to solve are:

Workplace collaboration issues

Effective workplace collaboration is necessary for the success of any type of organization. This is why leaders and managers take painstaking efforts to encourage this in their teams. In order to encourage constructive collaboration among teams, monday.com offers several avenues for communication through whiteboards, tagging features and through the updates section.

Transparency related problems

Teams are required to be transparent about their work processes and assignments. When there is a high level of transparency in the team, team members automatically show more responsibility and ownership of their goals and roles. monday.com aims to bring more transparency among teams so that everyone is on the same page at all times.

Security risks

When teams are working with sensitive and confidential information, there needs to be high security in place in order to ensure that no data or information is leaked. Working with hardware or personal devices in the organization can lead to careless mistakes which can jeopardize the security of the data. monday.com provides plenty of security and safety for confidential info.

Task management difficulties

Task management can be quite difficult for teams as well as managers. However, managers need to do a great job at this or else the entire project might fail. Through the various features of monday.com, teams can be delegated with the right tasks, supplied with the right information and resources and also tracked throughout their work process.

Collaboration overloads

Since teams work with multiple tools at once, there is always a chance of team members undergoing collaboration overloads. Overloads can also happen when the tools are not properly integrated which leads to team members unnecessarily switching back and forth between tools and apps. monday.com provides plenty of integrations which can mitigate this issue.


CRM issues

Customer Relationship Management is essential for the success of any sales or marketing team. Through CRM tools, fresh leads can be supplied to the teams which can be easily converted into sales. Customers can also be managed efficiently from start to end of their life cycles. monday.com can be easily used as a CRM tool due to its high versatility and flexibility.

Content management problems

Content teams know how difficult it is to come up with creative content, brainstorm ideas, schedule posts on social media and also conduct and manage campaigns. With the help of the features in monday.com, content management teams can instantly feel their loads lighten as the platform provides plenty of elements to supply this.

HR issues

HR managers who already have a lot on their plate can immediately turn to monday.com to solve a wide range of issues and problems.monday.com has plenty of templates and features that leaders and managers can use to take care of various HR processes such as onboarding, training and performance reviews.


Limitations of monday.com

monday.com can be used to solve a lot of work management and collaboration issues that teams ordinarily face. However, the platform also has a few limitations that can make it difficult for users. Some of these limitations have been described as follows:

  • The task dependencies are quite limited in nature and cannot be customized thoroughly for teams to use
  • The platform does not have a chat option that team members who are used to might find disheartening
  • monday.com also can be a bit too expensive for small businesses and startups to use. Even though there is a Free Plan, it lacks many of the essential features of monday.com and thus teams might not want to use it


Tips and tricks for monday.com

Since monday.com has a large collection of useful features and elements, it can be hard to maneuver around these. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the best out of monday.com:

  • Use the automations in the platform to reduce your workloads. According to the plan you have opted for, the number of automations per month can vary.
  • Set up integrations with other project tools and apps to increase work efficiency. The Integrations Center in monday.com has more than 40 popular apps and tools that teams can readily integrate their boards with.
  • Customize the settings so that your inbox does not get flooded with too many notifications.
  • Use the Batch Actions option to update multiple options at once which can save you a lot of time and effort.


In this blogpost, we have discussed what problem monday.com solves. We have also looked at some of the limitations of this platform and discussed a few tips and tricks users can utilize in order to make their experience in monday.com much easier.

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