What medications does Cerebral prescribe? (+5 Features Of Cerebral)

In this blogpost, we will explain what medications Cerebral prescribes for its users. We will also be discussing a few important points you need to consider while trying to decide between therapy and medications for your mental health problems. Additionally, we will be taking a close look at the various unique features that Cerebral can provide for its users.

What medications does Cerebral prescribe?

Cerebral can prescribe almost any type of psychotropic medication that users require for their mental health needs and requirements. The medications are prescribed only after the prescriber clearly understands the user’s history and diagnosis. However, some medications like those for ADHD and PTSD cannot be prescribed in every state of the US due to federal laws.

Medications vs Therapy

While some mental health problems are recommended to be treated by therapy alone, some are pushed towards medications. Even others highly benefit from a combination of therapy and medications. Some points to remember while trying to decide between medications and therapy for your mental health problems are discussed in this section:

Understand your problem

Everyone reacts differently to the treatment. While some people may show immediate progress with medications or drugs, others may experience more benefit through therapy sessions. You need to understand your problem, your symptoms and even your trigger factors. All these points and more can affect your response to different modes of treatment.

Understand your schedule

You also need to understand your schedule and your availability for treatment. Therapy is not exactly a one-time thing and may require months or even years of sessions for great progress. However, if your schedule does not allow enough time for therapy, your doctor may advise you to go for medications or drugs to treat your mental illness.

Both take time

Not only therapy, but medications too can take time to work. Everyone’s body reacts differently to medication and thus doctors may need to readjust the dosage a few times before you can get the best effects. The dosage also needs to be adjusted according to the side-effects that you are having and the time-table that you need to follow to experience the best effects.

What medications does Cerebral prescribe? (+5 Features Of Cerebral)

Check if you are high-risk

It also depends on the intensity of the symptoms of your mental illness. If the intensity of the symptoms is too high and is endangering yourself and those around you, then medications of varying doses may be prescribed immediately. You also may be required to be admitted as an in-patient to help you manage your symptoms a little better.

Be aware of your history

Both you and your doctor also need to be aware of your history. History can give you plenty of information about the possible causes of your mental problems and also provide signs of the effectiveness of various treatments. Your history can also provide information about possible relapses and other psychotic episodes.

Be aware of your comorbidities

Other medical conditions, such as hypertension, may require you to take other medications and drugs that may affect the effectiveness of your psychiatric medications. Your doctor may thus ask you to undergo other tests to eliminate other medical conditions and comorbidities.

Unique features of Cerebral

Cerebral provides plenty of advantageously unique features that can be beneficial for users, such as:

Cerebral can be covered through insurance

While in-person therapy can definitely be expensive, online therapy is quite affordable. Cerebral is not only more affordable than in-person therapy or traditional therapy settings. It also offers insurance coverage through various in-network providers. Cerebral, is thus very appealing for those users who may find in-person therapy very expensive.


It provides psychiatry services

It also offers psychiatry services in addition to psychotherapy. These psychiatry services are very important for those users who require medications or drugs to deal with the symptoms of their mental illnesses. The medications are prescribed by licensed and certified psychiatrists and these are then shipped to the home of the user directly.

It has several formats

Cerebral also offers several formats of therapy that users can choose from. Users in this platform can choose to communicate with their therapists, care counselors and prescribers through unlimited messaging. They can also opt to have audio and video sessions and thus enjoy immense control and ownership here.

Mental health care is made easy

Mental health care itself is made much easier in Cerebral. In traditional therapy settings, the person often has to wait for long periods of time before they are assigned with a suitable therapist for their interventions. However, in Cerebral, the waiting period is much lesser and thus the user can start their treatment in a short span of time.

Cerebral can be used from anywhere

Cerebral operates fully online and thus the user can access mental health care from anywhere in the world. All the user requires is an internet connection and a compatible device. The platform can be used through a web-browser or even downloaded and installed as an app.

Best alternative to Cerebral

Readers may also be interested in BetterHelp as an alternative to Cerebral. BetterHelp offers individual therapy, couples therapy, teens therapy and even group therapy sessions at very affordable prices.


In this blogpost, we have explained what medications Cerebral prescribes for its users. We have also discussed a few important points you need to consider while trying to decide between therapy and medications for your mental health problems. Additionally, we have taken a close look at the various unique features that Cerebral can provide for its users.

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