What medication does Cerebral prescribe?

This article will explain what medication Cerebral prescribes for its users. We will also be discussing some of the features of the psychiatry services that Cerebral provides. Lastly, we shall be checking out some of the great features of this mental health subscription. Platforms like Cerebral ensure that anyone and everyone can get access to high quality mental health care.

What medication does Cerebral prescribe?

Cerebral basically offers any type of medication to treat all types of mental illnesses and problems. While SSRI and SNRI medications can be easily prescribed for the treatment of conditions like insomnia, anxiety and depression, other controlled substances like stimulants for ADHD cannot be prescribed in all the states or regions.

Psychiatry features of Cerebral

Cerebral is one of the few online mental healthcare platforms that also offer psychiatry features. This becomes very convenient and accessible for those who require medications to manage the symptoms of their mental illnesses. The various features of the psychiatry features that Cerebral provides for its users have been discussed below:

  • Cerebral easily prescribes medications for those who suffer from illnesses such as depression and anxiety that require a combination of talking therapy and medicines
  • For conditions like ADHD and Bipolar disorder, Cerebral does not prescribe medication in all the states of the US
  • The medications are delivered right to the doorstep of the users, which makes it very easy for those who cannot leave the house to go to the pharmacy
  • The prescribers in Cerebral aim to reduce the dosage of the medications if necessary and will work collaboratively with care counselors and therapists in order to help the user through this transition
  • Users can also use insurance to pay for their prescription since the medications are billed separately
  • The clients of Cerebral have access to regular video visits with their prescribers to discuss how they are adjusting to the medications and if they need any changes in the dosage

Features of Cerebral

Cerebral offers the very best features for its clients and thus has become one of the best platforms in the market that offers affordable and accessible mental health care for everyone. The features of Cerebral that make it so great have been discussed in this section:

Cerebral can be used from anywhere

The great thing about Cerebral is that it can be used from anywhere and everywhere. This platform is fully operational online and thus users can access their therapists and other members of their care team from any location, as long as they have access to the internet. The platform can also be downloaded and installed as an app in any mobile device.

It offers insurance coverage

In-person therapy or traditional therapy can be quite expensive. And thus, many are seeking online therapy as it is a cheaper option. Cerebral goes the extra mile here by providing insurance coverage for all its plans through in-network providers. This can definitely reduce the costs of mental health care and make it more affordable for all.

It is easy to use

Cerebral is also quite easy to use and the interface is very user-friendly. The platform guides the user step by step from sign up until the subscription ends and thus even newcomers can become comfortable here very soon. The platform also has a very resourceful FAQ section which basically covers every query related to Cerebral and its services.


It has several plans

Cerebral brings several plans that users or clients can choose from according to their various needs and requirements. The Therapy Only plan offers exclusive access to licensed therapists in the platform while the Medication and Care Counseling plan can be great for those who need medication. The Medication and Therapy plan offers both therapy as well as medication.

It offers various formats of therapy

The platform also offers various formats or modes of communication through which therapy can be held. This is even for the visits or the sessions with the prescriber. The client can choose to communicate through unlimited messaging. They can also choose to have a phone session or a video session with their therapist or their prescriber.

What medication does Cerebral prescribe?

It has a collaborative care system

Cerebral has a very unique way of taking care of its clients that not many mental health platforms provide. Here, the aim is to bring various perspectives and mindsets together so that only the best treatment is provided for the client. Thus, Cerebral provides every client with access to a care counselor who supports them and also trains them in useful cognitive strategies.

It brings a better client-therapist fit

This platform also uses artificial intelligence to bring a better match for the client and the therapist. The client-therapist fit is necessary since it can positively or negatively affect the effectiveness of the therapy itself. The platform also makes it super easy to switch therapists.

Best alternative to Cerebral

If you are looking for an alternative to Cerebral that has many similar features, the best option is Betterhelp. This platform allows users to be completely anonymous and also have access to features like individual therapy, couples therapy, teens therapy and even group therapy sessions at very affordable prices.


This article has explained what medication Cerebral prescribes for its users. We have also discussed some of the features of the psychiatry services that Cerebral provides. Lastly, we have checked out some of the great features of this mental health subscription.

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