What is wrong with me (A Comprehensive Guide)

There might be times when we might think that there is something wrong with your mind or body as we see things differently so you might need to get to the root of that issue and to fix the cause.

One of the ways to look for what is wrong with you is through the process of self-diagnosis, which can also result in us feeling a sense of control.

In this article, we will learn to answer the question of what is wrong with me. 

What is wrong with me?

Some people are so focused on the concept or belief that there is something wrong with them or their body that it makes its way so deep inside of them that they manifest it by showing physical symptoms that further strengthen their belief that something is wrong with their physical body. 

In this article, we will learn to answer the question of what is wrong with me. 

Hypochondriasis also knew as the somatic symptom disorder is a specific condition where a person manifests excessive worries or unrealistic problems related to his or her health which are not present but are shown due to his or her manifesting it by thinking too much about it especially in the cases where there is a life-threatening health problem or disease.

Health letter from the Harvard Mental Association from 2009 lists that there are about one-third of the patients coming in with fatigue or reporting pains in clinics that do not have any physical cause behind these complaints or symptoms. 

In this article, we will learn to answer the question of what is wrong with me. 

Most of these people coming in with the complaints have oversensitive nervous systems which make even the minute normal body functions more detectable or noticeable resulting in more complaints of fatigue and pain.

These individuals also end up making the mistake of considering these sensations which are being detected because of the oversensitive nature of their body functions as the potential symptoms of a hidden health problem.

This process is basically not in their control and in most cases even the individual exhibiting such symptoms is not even aware that his brain is doing all this and there are in reality no symptoms as such.

Because of their belief that they have something wrong with their physical body, these symptoms look too real to them resulting in them having full faith in the pain and fatigue.

Similarly, these functions can also cause the distress they are feeling to impact their daily routine lives and also have an effect on the work they are doing which can lead their daily routine towards the negative side.

While the exact cause is still unknown there have been some theories that might describe how or why this disorder can occur, some of which can be because of a history of severe illness, limited understanding of the individual’s emotions, history of physical abuse or learning about the disorder from a patient. 

In this article, we will learn to answer the question of what is wrong with me. 

You cannot predict exactly what is wrong within your physical body so do not assume anything if you think there is something wrong with you.

The best practice will be to consult a doctor or a medical professional who can diagnose the root of the problem and then can take appropriate steps in eradicating that root.

Treatment for Somatoform Disorders

With proper approach and treatment, people can overcome this experience when they think that something is wrong with their bodies whereas, in reality, they are perfectly alright.

Some of the approaches which are effective in treating such conditions are: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an effective approach in such cases that helps people in finding different ways to reframe their thoughts and regain the emotional control of their own situation, this also helps them to break the cycle which can become a self-fulfilling cycle of despair and pain. Some of the specific techniques used in cognitive behavioral therapy for this situation are problem-solving, relaxation training, breathing techniques, exercise, and visualization.
  • Anti-depressant medications are also another effective way to treat somatoform disorders, the research work done over it is limited but still a little effective. There are more researches that state that talk therapies are more effective in such cases but some people have also reported that anti-depressants also show results. 
  • Long-term person-centered therapy is another approach that shows positive results in such cases, some researchers have concluded that the individual suffering from somatoform disorders does not need to confront it as a psychological disorder to improve his conditions but sometimes these improvements can be done by encouraging, supporting the individual to develop new skills which can help him to cope with these symptoms of the disorder. 


People tend to blame themselves as the reason for their anxiety especially when they are really down or suffering heavily because of it.

They tend to keep everything to themselves and keep on wondering why they have to suffer from anxiety and this keeps on eating them from inside.

Many people cannot even figure out why they are showing such symptoms especially in the case of anxiety.

It is quite common to ask the question ‘What is wrong with me ?’.  In this article, we will learn to answer the question of what is wrong with me. 

There is basically no specific origin of anxiety in a person except for a few exceptions like the anxiety caused due to a health condition or because of the post-traumatic stress disorder, it might be difficult to find the exact origin of anxiety.

It is due to the reason that anxiety can be because of a number of reasons and it is not specifically because of only one reason.

It is something that grows with time, getting accumulated over years which can be because of a combination of experiences, reactions, genetics, feelings, and more.

Some of the reasons because of which you can get anxiety are : 

  • Some people are born with anxiety or a predisposition to anxiety because of their genes
  • You parents can also end up in teaching your anxiety or accidentally can encourage such behaviors which can lead to anxiety
  • The friends you are hanging out with like unsupportive ones can lead you to anxiety
  • Your habits or behaviors that might engage in certain behaviors which are more prone to anxiety or which might lead the person towards anxiety
  • Your health conditions may end up in making you experience anxiety.

How You Got Anxiety

There might be a chance that you might be wondering why you cannot stop even if you have anxiety or if something is really wrong with you or not as a person.

Here, we are going to describe why and how a person can suffer from anxiety and why it cannot be described fully by logic.  

In this article, we will learn to answer the question of what is wrong with me. 

Getting an Outside Perspective ( what is wrong with me) 

Our nervous system can cover up both reacting and experience to sensory stimuli specifically the ones that are involved in taking the information from around us and then processing it to convert it into meaningful information.

Connecting and knowing your inner self and realizing and understanding what is best for you and what are the things that are normal for your body can help you achieve self-actualization and will enable you to live to your best.

Some of the people also tend to move towards therapy to help them go through this process of self-growth which can further help them in getting an outside perspective to their nature and personality and to advance towards self-actualization with a better approach.  

In this article, we will learn to answer the question of what is wrong with me. 

Talking with a licensed psychiatrist or a therapist can also help you realize and recognize such behaviors which are not good for you or are maladaptive, harmful in nature to you that you might be looking to end or change and to look as a third person over other behaviors in your life too.

Behaviors are technically not the indicators that can define if something is wrong with you or not but therapists can help you in identifying the behaviors which are not helping you in any way.

Each person is born with their own unique personality and while they are surrounded with different other unique personalities which might differ from them and make you feel that there is something wrong with you but in fact there is nothing there, so gaining knowledge about your personality can help you empower yourself to bring about more positive changes in your life.

Therapy can also help you to embrace your unique personality and the differences that bring out the best in you, it can also help you to appreciate your uniqueness and also the different personalities of other people around you. 

In this article, we will learn to answer the question of what is wrong with me. 

There might be times when you can not pinpoint the issue what is bothering you, but as soon as you see a therapist you can discuss the issues in your mind openly with them which might help you in getting an outside perspective on your problems as they are not gonna assume anything related to you or the source of your problems.

They are there to help you figure out the root cause of the problem and to help you get your feelings and emotions all sorted out.

Mistakes/Lifestyle Choices ( what is wrong with me). 

Even if people know they are suffering from anxiety, there are very few people that can come up with the right way to deal with it and overcome it fully.

According to a survey done by the National Institute of Health, the ratio of people seeking effective treatment in the case of anxiety is even fewer than 20%.

Most of the people suffering from anxiety go for placebo treatments or they do not seek any treatment at all and just get along with their life.

Many of these people drink alcohol, skip sleep, avoid exercises, spend time alone or watch horror movies, which are all activities that result in poor coping and can make it more difficult for the individual to control anxiety. 

Making these choices that have a negative impact on the general daily routine creates more problems for the individual who has anxiety because it makes their coping capability weaker.

Remember, even if there is no defined way of coping with anxiety it is still better to do any activity and do it correctly because if you are not exercising correctly, it does not matter if you do it or not. 

Anxiety is Self-Sustaining – But Treatable (what is wrong with me). 

There might be days when you will be asking ‘What is wrong with me ?’ and the answer you get in return is nothing which means that you just have anxiety and it might be hard to stop this behavior of yours and might end up putting you in more difficulties.

It might seem impossible to stop your anxiety but it is also possible to treat the conditions based on your decisions and choices that you make and follow effective treatment practices. 

FAQ about what is wrong with you?

How do you know if there’s something wrong with you?

– Changes in eating and sleeping habits.

– Excessive anxiety or worrying.

– Prolonged sadness

– Social withdrawal.

Is there something wrong with me?

Somatic symptom disorder or also known as hypochondriasis is a specific condition where the individual has so strong of a belief that something is wrong with him that it manifests excessive or unrealistic worries, especially after a life-threatening health problem or disease.


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