What is Wim Hof’s view on depression?

This article will focus on explaining what view Wim Hof has on depression. It will explain that he has developed a method to cope with depression, and what is the logic behind it.

What is Wim Hof’s view on depression?

Wil Hof has a similar view of depression as mental health professionals. He understands that it is mental health that leads people to feel intense sadness and to lose interest in things, even the ones they used to love.

According to him, feeling sadness is something that can happen to anyone. It can be caused because the person is dealing with a traumatic situation, such as grief, or even a job loss. But sometimes, this sadness can go on for longer, and it can be a sign of depression.

Which can take a toll on your whole life, and go on for a long time. Wim Hof understands that healing from depression can be difficult. But it is important that the person is active in their treatment, and is looking for ways to get healthy. 

According to him, besides submitting yourself through therapy, and taking medication, there is a lot more that can be done to care for yourself. One of them is meditation since many studies have shown that by meditating, you can improve the level of some neurotransmitters that make you feel happy, such as serotonin.

Aside from that, meditation will reduce the level of stress hormones such as cortisol. Improving your overall sense of well-being. Another form to cope with depression, according to Wim Hof,  is through exercising, since it will stimulate endorphins. 

By exercising, you may also improve your sleep quality. He says that you should exercise outside since you will catch some sunlight, which will improve your vitamin D levels.

Being around people you love, and that makes you feel supported is another important factor to help you overcome depression. And finally, having a healthy diet can help you in improving your energy levels. 

According to Wim Hof, you should avoid processed foods, and eat regularly, especially foods that are high in Omega-3, such as fatty fish, and tryptophan, like turkey meat.

But besides those already known methods of dealing with depression, Wim Hof created his all-natural method to cope with depression. So let’s discuss what Wim Hof’s method is.

What is Wim Hof’s method to cope with depression?

Wim Hof’s method to cope with depression is one that the person can practice anytime, in any place they feel comfortable. It is based on his former experiences and is made up of three pillars: breathing exercises, cold therapy, and commitment. 

To master the first pillar, he suggests that you should be in a comfortable place, and stay in a meditating position. It can be sitting or laying down. When you find your position, breathe deeply between 30 and 40 times.

During this process, make sure you are conscious of your breathing. Inhale the air from your nose, and let it out from your mouth. After you are done with the last exhalation, inhale once more the deepest you can. Let the air out, and stop breathing for as long as you can. 

And when you feel the need to breathe again, do so deeply. And when your lungs are full, hold your breath for 15 seconds. You can do this cycle 3 or 4 times at once, and it may help you feel calmer.

As for the second pillar, the cold therapy, it is something that has helped Wim Hof himself when dealing with troubling times. It is also something that has become more and more popular, being used often by athletes, and there is even scientific research proving the benefits of cold therapy.

Athletes will often put themselves in a cold tub, to experience the benefits of the cold therapy, but the Wim Hof method, suggests that you can do so from your house, by taking a cold shower.

It seems that by doing so you will not only improve your immune system, but it may help improve your focus, and your sleep, make you have more energy and feel less stressed. 

Aside from that, exposing yourself to cold therapy may help in another important factor that is often associated with depression: inflammation. 

The cold water will help suppress the inflammation, and that may be a key factor in helping people with depression since it is known that there is a high level of inflammation in the depressed person’s blood.

Aside from that, exposing yourself to cold water will help your dopamine, and noradrenaline levels, which will quickly affect your mood. There seems to also be another benefit to cold therapy. It is something that will take the person that practiced it out of their comfort zone. 

And dealing with this discomfort can help you deal with much of the emotional trauma that you have been through. Finally, the last pillar of Wim Hof’s method of dealing with depression is commitment. And that seems intimately related to willpower.

When a person is depressed, they tend to lose the willpower to do pretty much anything. They tend to just want to lay down or be in a comfortable position. But they must practice their will-power towards their healing. 

When you have better willpower, you will be able to make better decisions, and feel happier, and healthier, since you will be able to deal with difficult times and conflicts better. To do that, you can take on breathing exercises, which will help you become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and impulses.

Through that, you can begin to act differently on them. And persevere through the cold therapy, which will take patience and endurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What is Wim Hof’s view on depression? 

Can the Wim Hof method help me deal with stress?

Yes, it is possible that by practicing the Wim Hof method you will have a better ability to deal with stress. By practicing the three pillars of his technique: breathing exercises, meditation, and exposure to the cold, you will be able to deal with stress better.

But you should keep in mind that each person works differently, so what works for one, when dealing with stress, may not work for the next. So aside from the Wim Hof technique, one can also cope with stress by eating healthy, which can lower your stress levels.

And also by exercising, since that is proven to make your stress hormone levels go down. And not only that, but when you exercise, your body releases a rush of endorphins, which will ultimately make you feel good. Being careful with identifying your stress triggers can also be positive.

Try to understand what leads you to feel more stressed, and if there is a chance you can deal with those things differently. And if you feel too stressed, it may be important to listen to your body so as not to put it under even more stressful situations.

What is the 3 3 3 rule for anxiety?

The 3 3 3 rule for anxiety is a calming technique that you can use whenever you feel that anxiety is taking over you. It can be used at any moment, and how many times you need it.

So if at any moment you realize that your anxiety is taking a toll on you, you should breathe and try to name three things you see. After that, try to name three things you hear, and finally three parts of your body. By doing so you will be able to focus on something else rather than your anxious thoughts and maybe step away from them a little bit.

What are the causes of depression?

Depression can happen due to multiple factors. It can happen because a person has a genetic predisposition to it. So when you have a family member that has had depression, it can mean that you are more susceptible to it.

Aside from that, depression may be related to a chemical imbalance in the person’s brain. So high levels of some hormones and low levels of others can have such a huge impact on your mood, that it will lead you to feel depressed.

But depression can also be a reaction to external factors. For example, if a person is going through a traumatic situation, such as an illness, the loss of a loved one, or the end of a relationship, they can become depressed.

Is only medication enough to treat depression?

No, it is most likely that medication won’t be enough, although sometimes it is extremely important when treating depression. That is because the medication will most likely only deal with the biological aspect of the condition. 

It will help the chemical imbalance that may be going on in your brain and may help decrease the intensity of your depressive symptoms. But it is not something that will help you deal with the emotional aspect of depression, like therapy, breathing exercises, or even meditation would.

Because of that, you must be accompanied not only by your psychiatrist, who will prescribe you the medication but by other mental health professionals, such as a therapist,  that will help you deal, with and develop better strategies, for the emotional aspect of your depression.

How can I reset my brain so I can be happy?

If you feel that you need to reset your brain as a way to help yourself be happier, know that there are some things you can do. The first one is trying to work on your sleeping patterns. Having a healthy sleep routine will certainly make you feel happier and more energetic.

In the same way, having a healthy diet can help with all those neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, that seem to be associated with a healthy gut. So when you eat healthily, you will get more of those neurotransmitters.

Moving your body, be it by exercising, or even taking short walks can help you with the rush of endorphins, but it will also make you feel more energetic, and give you a great sense of accomplishment, which can make you feel happier.

Going out, and being surrounded by people you love can also be something that will quickly make you happier. That sense of connectedness, and feel like there are people that support you will certainly make your life more enjoyable.


This article centered on explaining Wim Hof’s view on depression is, and how the method that he created to cope with it works.

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