What is the Talkspace pay for therapists? (+7 Tips For Therapists)

This article will answer what the Talkspace pay is for therapists. We will also be looking at some tips and strategies that therapists who conduct online therapy sessions can use in their work. Lastly, we will be discussing some of the benefits and advantages that therapists can enjoy while working in Talkspace.


What is the Talkspace pay for therapists?

Talkspace pays its therapists $21 in an hour. The yearly salary of the therapist can vary depending on their location and the number of clients that they have in their caseload. Talkspace uses an engagement model for the salary of the therapist. This means that the mental health professionals are paid according to the amount of interactions that they have with their clients.

Tips for therapists

Online therapy may be relatively new for many clients as well as therapists. While the effectiveness of online therapy has been found to be the same as in-person therapy, there are many challenges that are present in this mode of therapy delivery. Some tips that therapists who conduct online therapy sessions will find useful are discussed as follows:

Use the right platform

The most important thing to remember while conducting online therapy sessions is HIPAA compliance. The best way to ensure this is by using the right platform for your online therapy sessions. You can easily sign-up with an online therapy platform such as Talkspace  or even BetterHelp so that you can be assured of the best internet security for you and your clients.

Create the right space

In-person therapy is usually conducted in a therapist’s office. However, online therapy does not have such a requirement. At the same time, we need to ensure that we have the right space for therapy sessions in our homes where we will not be disturbed. To bring more effectiveness to the session, you can also show your client around the space before you start your session.

Clear your background

It is also important to clear your background of any distracting material or any artifact that discloses too much personal information that can interfere with your therapy sessions. You can additionally choose to paint your walls a soothing color such as light blue and even invest in the soft-lighting that can make your therapy sessions more relaxing.

Invest in right tech

Online therapy requires a lot of technology and good quality devices, particularly on the part of the therapist. You will need to also use a high-speed internet connection to avoid any buffering or glitches during video sessions. Your devices must also contain a good working camera, microphone and speakers to bring the best quality to your therapy sessions.

Ask your client to be more open

While online therapy certainly ticks most of the boxes that in-person therapy provides, it certainly lacks one main feature – body language. Since there is no face to face meeting between the therapist and the user, you may not be able to read your client’s body language that well. Thus, they will need to be a lot more open about their emotions and thoughts with you.

Look into the camera

Eye-contact, which is necessary for rapport and understanding, may not be easy to build in online therapy sessions. A good way to mimic natural eye-contact is to look directly into your camera. You can also improve your focus during therapy sessions by turning off your selfie-camera.

Turn off your notifications

While our devices are present to make our lives much easier, they often trouble us with numerous notifications and reminders. These can bring disturbance even during therapy sessions. Before your therapy sessions, especially live ones, make sure you turn off all your notifications and ask your client to do the same.

Benefits of working for Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy platform that brings affordable and accessible mental health care to nearly 1.5 million users. This platform is not only useful for clients, but also for the thousands of therapists who work here. Some of the benefits that therapists can enjoy while working for Talkspace have been discussed below:


Therapists do not need an office

Therapists do not require an office for their therapy sessions when they work in Talkspace. This platform operates completely remotely and thus both users and therapists do not need to meet face to face. Therapists are thus saved from a lot of expense that goes into renting out an office space just for their therapy sessions.

What is the Talkspace pay for therapists? (+7 Tips For Therapists)


They can use various formats

There are also various formats of therapy that therapists and users can choose from in Talkspace. The platform offers messaging therapy through text messages, audio messages and even video messages. It also has live sessions in the form of live chats, live audio and live video that can bring a great deal of convenience and comfort to both users and therapists at the same time.


This article has answered what the Talkspace pay is for therapists. We have also looked at some tips and strategies that therapists who conduct online therapy sessions can use in their work. Lastly, we have discussed some of the benefits and advantages that therapists can enjoy while working in Talkspace.

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