What is the Synopsis of the king of the hill high anxiety?

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What is the Synopsis of the king of the hill high anxiety?

The fourth episode of king of the hill continues with Hank waiting at Debbie’s apartment for her to return.

 When Gayle lights up a hand-rolled cigarette, Hank recovers one of his own cigarettes, endeavoring to light it with the monogrammed lighter Liz gave him after it doesn’t spark, he inquires for Gayle’s cigarette to light his own from the cherry.

Noticing the powerless fire on Gayle’s cigarette, Hank takes a puff on it, which is when he realized that Gayle’s cigarette is a cannabis joint.

Hank starts to freeze, declining when he botches his panic attack for impacts from the pot and surges to the lavatory to throw up

Finding himself too high to drive Hank chooses to walk back home, while he does so, he passes Sugarfoot’s where Peggy calls him out loudly to come over.

Heimlich County Sheriff Mumford and his men had begun investigating the shotgun in the dumpster next to Debbie’s body. Meanwhile, a Texas Ranger named Lester Payton arrived and began investigating simultaneously.

Sheriff Mumford asks Hank questions related to the investigation while Hank tries to avoid him due to the fear of being caught for smoking marijuana as a result he shows reluctance to talk about the questions posed by the sheriff and show the lack of grief over the loss of coworkers which makes the sheriff suspicious.

While at Strickland Liz gives up control of operations to Buck who then plans to plant evidence in an attempt to frame Hank for Debbie’s murder. On the same evening sheriff, Mumford arrives at Hanks’s house to declare Hank as one of the suspects in Debbie’s model.

However, Hank claimed his innocence to Peggy and reluctantly reveals that Liz had attempted to seduce him. When Hank finds out that there was evidence pointing at him he begins to believe that he had killed Debbie and that it is because of the blackout that was induced by marijuana which he doesn’t recall the series of events.

The next day sheriff Mumford returned with Hanks’s lighter from Debbie’s apartment and a tape recording that buck had made of interaction between himself and Hank.

The same interaction left Peggy to believe that Hank had slept with Debbie as well as had killed her and Hanks’s reluctance to reveal his smoking episode acts as a barrier to defend the accusations put on him.

Hank later realizes that at the time of Debbie’s murder he was at an eBay auction closure where Gayle had first lit up the pot.

Sheriff Mumford watches Hank leave the apartment and return the next morning at the Hills’ house with Gayle’s story still trying to hide his use of drugs from his family. That same night sheriff incorrectly blamed the crime on Gayle.

At a case closing dinner at Sugarfoot’s sheriff presents a speech about solving the case. As Hank was unwilling to let Gayle face punishment that he did not deserve he finally overcame his reluctance to speak about his use of marijuana.

He reveals that because the two of them had been smoking up in the apartment around the time of Debbie’s death Gayle is innocent of her murder.

Following which accusations begin to take rounds in the dining hall. Payton calls for everyone’s attention and tells the actual story but sheriff Mumford disagrees with Payton thinking that he is bluffing him.

As Payton states: Debbie had seen the Strickland’s arrive after calling Hank and, taking Buck’s shotgun in a second of envy, had covered up within the dumpster holding up for them.

She got hungry after a while and went to an adjacent comfort store to buy a few snacks and endeavored to juggle the food and the weapon while climbing back inside the dumpster within the handle, she stumbled the shotgun’s hammer with her foot, hence setting off the shot that murdered her.

After the murder was solved, Hank apologized to Bobby for letting him down. Bobby accepts his apology and suggests to Hank that if he takes drugs again, he will be punished. while Hank agrees to this positively Bobby bans him from doing an activity that he enjoys instead of the chores.

What is the Synopsis of the king of the hill high anxiety?


  • Hank says Bobby that he will never do drugs and Bobby acts as he has never done it even though he smoked in keeping up with the Joneses.
  • When Peggy tells Payton that she loves Walker and him on the show she refers to the popular television series “Walker Texas Ranger”.
  • Hank asks Peggy if she’s been reading Rabbi mysteries again. This referred to a series of popular mystery novels by author Harry Kemelman.
  • Dale revealed that two people died the year before at the Arlen gun club
  • Boomhauer is uncovered to be a Texas Officer within the Season 13 scene To Sirloin With Love. In any case, he isn’t the officer delegated to investigate the kill, although he lives within the same town
  • This is the first episode to feature a washer and dryer in the Hill’s garage.
  • The American flag was raised at half-staff due to Debbie’s death.

What is King of the Hill?

King of the hill is an American animated series created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels. The series was aired from January 12, 1997, to May 6th, 2010.

It revolves around an American family in the city of Texas. patriarch and main character Hank hill work as an assistant manager at Strickland.

The show tries to maintain a realistic approach seeking humor in the conventional and dull aspects of everyday life.

In 2007 it was named as one of the top 100 greatest television shows of all times by Time magazine.

King of the hill also won two Emmy Awards and was nominated for seven others.


High anxiety is the 74th episode of king of the hill. It was initially added on February 13th, 2000. the episode was authored by Allen R. Cohen and Alan Freedland it was directed by Adam Kuhlman.

This episode of king of the hill features the conclusion of the Debbie Grund murder case.