What is the salary at BetterHelp? (+9 tips)

This article will explain what the salary is at BetterHelp. We will also be mentioning several strategies that you can use in order to improve your online therapy sessions as a therapist. In addition to this, we will be looking at the various benefits of working at BetterHelp. BetterHelp and many other platforms are helping millions by providing affordable online therapy.

What is the salary at BetterHelp?

BetterHelp therapists are paid around $31 per hour. The total take home amount can vary widely depending on the caseload and also the location of the therapist. In order to incentivize the program and bring more quality to the therapy sessions, BetterHelp uses an engagement model for its pay structure, which means therapists can make more if they interact more with the user.


Strategies to improve your online therapy sessions

While in-person therapy is the traditional model, online therapy is fast gaining pace and easily on its way to becoming the future of therapy itself. However, it can pose certain challenges since therapists and clients are not in the same room anymore. In order to improve the quality of your online sessions as a therapist, you can follow the various tips given below:

Create an ‘office’

In-person therapy sessions are often conducted in a therapist’s office. This office may be fitted with the right accessories and utilities in order to bring comfort and relaxation to the user. Since online therapy does not require an office, you can create your own space in your home for your sessions. It can also greatly help your client if you show them around your ‘office’ space.

Choose the right platform

If you are planning on conducting online therapy sessions as a sole source of income, you might need to invest in the right technology since everything on the internet related to healthcare is meant to be HIPAA compliant. The best way to do so is by signing up for an online therapy platform like BetterHelp, Talkspace or even CalMerry.

Invest in stable internet

Online therapy sessions require a stable internet connection and also a smart device. While messaging therapy or asynchronous therapy can be achieved even when data connections might be slow, live therapy sessions need a high-speed internet connection. This will ensure that there are no hiccups during the therapy session.

Invest in the right devices

You also need to invest in the right devices for your therapy session. While most of the therapy can actually be done through your phone, you might also want to invest in a desktop with a high quality camera as well as microphone. This not only increases the quality of your sessions but makes it more comfortable for your clients and thus can make you more recommended.

Test the lighting

You also need to see if the lighting is natural enough for your therapy sessions. While natural lighting is the best, this might not be possible at all times. Thus, investing in soft lighting rather than fluorescent lamps, can bring a soothing atmosphere for the client. If you want, you can also go the extra mile and paint the room a light color such as dusty blue.

Clear your background

While conducting a therapy session, your client is not only going to look at your face, they will also be looking at the background. Thus, you need to clear the background to make sure it is free of distractions and other trinkets. You don’t need to necessarily leave it bare but can incorporate comforting art, while at the same time ensuring that you don’t reveal too much personal info.

Use various resources

Online therapy platforms often have plenty of resources other than therapy itself that you can find very useful. BetterHelp, for example, provides plenty of digital worksheets that clients can use to reduce anxiety and also increase focus. Incorporating these into your therapy sessions can provide you additional tools for the intervention itself.

Switch between modes

The great thing about online therapy is that it provides a great deal of convenience and flexibility to the user. There are several modes and formats available in online therapy that you can use to boost comfort for yourself as well as your client. You can opt to communicate with your client through messaging, audio as well as video sessions.

Look into the camera

Since eye-contact is necessary for the client-therapist relationship, you will need to look into the camera directly while speaking with your client. This creates the illusion that you are looking directly into the eyes of the client and thus can drive the message forward a little better. It also helps if you turn off your selfie view to bring more focus.

Benefits of working at BetterHelp

Some of the best benefits of working at BetterHelp are:

  • No need for an office space
  • No marketing expenses
  • No more paperwork
  • Plenty of convenience
  • Steady client flow
  • Lots of resources such as worksheets and online journals
  • Peer consultation features
  • Exposure to a variety of clients
  • Ability to work from anywhere
  • Several modes of therapy to choose from
  • Access to HIPAA compliant technology


This article has explained what the salary is at BetterHelp. We have also mentioned several strategies that you can use in order to improve your online therapy sessions as a therapist. In addition to this, we have looked at the various benefits of working at BetterHelp.

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