What is the salary at BetterHelp? (+5 BetterHelp advantages)

This article will answer what the salary at BetterHelp is. We will also be mentioning various tips that you can use to become a better therapist and thus bring more help to your clients. Additionally, we will also be looking at the various advantages that BetterHelp can bring particularly for therapists.


What is the salary at BetterHelp?

At BetterHelp, the therapists are paid up to $31 per hour for their services.  The pay of the therapists can vary depending on the number of clients in their caseload, the location of the therapist and the user and also the lengths of the therapy session. Therapists can easily make up to $30, 000 in a year while working at BetterHelp.

Tips to become a better therapist

As a therapist, you might always be looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of your sessions. Regardless of the format of therapy that you are using to deliver your interventions, you can always use these strategies and techniques discussed below to bring more quality of treatment for your clients.

Practice regular self-care

As a therapist, it is necessary and essential to practice self-care. While many therapists often prescribe regular self-care for their clients, they hardly practice it for their own mental health. However, therapy can be equally traumatizing and frustrating for the therapist and thus regular practice of quality self-care becomes essential to strengthen your mental health.

Invest in learning

It is also important for you to invest in the right learning and education in order to bring the very best to your clients. Learning itself is a constant process in every therapist’s life. This is mainly because the definition of ‘normal’ changes with time and thus therapists need to be updated on the latest norms and trends that affect mental health.


Consider peer consultation

Peer consultations can also assist in making you a better therapist. Peer consultation is not only sharing information related to cases and histories with other therapists or mental health professionals. It is also about sharing your own personal feelings, difficulties and even failures which can not only help your career but can greatly benefit your own personal life.

Practice great customer service

Customer service is another area that you might want to focus more on when you are trying to become a better therapist. Many therapists provide great mental health services but not all provide great customer service. This is the main reason why many psychotherapy practices fail. Ensure that your client is satisfied not only as a client but also as a customer of your business.

Be flexible in your work

It is also necessary for you to be flexible in your work to bring the right type of care to your clients. With the help of today’s technology, you can conduct therapy sessions from your office and even from the comfort of your home. This type of flexibility can help both you and your clients by bringing comfort and convenience.

Take regular vacations

While it is important to practice regular self-care for your mental health, taking regular vacations if you can afford to can also greatly help you. It does not exactly have to be a million-dollar cruise. A trip to the countryside or a quiet beach can also help you get away from the hustle and bustle, bring more self-awareness and also let you relax.


Use various formats

Conducting therapy sessions through various formats can also help you improve the effectiveness of your therapy. It is not compulsory that you conduct sessions only face-to-face. You can also use online therapy formats such as messaging therapy, live chat, live audio as well as live video which can bring more flexibility and thus improved efficacy of therapy.

Use the right technology

There is a lot of technology today that can be very helpful for therapists. This technology not only brings additional resources for the therapists and their clients. It can also bring many layers of safety and security for the data of the clients. The best way to access this technology and use it in the right way is by joining online therapy platforms such as BetterHelp or Talkspace.

Advantages of BetterHelp for therapists

As mentioned in the previous section, online therapy platforms like BetterHelp can provide plenty of resources and technology for therapists to improve the effectiveness of their sessions. BetterHelp can help therapists in the following manners:

  • Therapists do not have to worry about marketing themselves anymore since the platform takes care of this for them
  • They also do not have to be encumbered by tons of paperwork that normally comes with therapy. BetterHelp takes care of this as well
  • BetterHelp does not require the therapist to come to an office and work. And thus, therapists are saved from long commutes and can work from their own homes
  • The platform additionally provides several formats for the therapy sessions which the therapists and clients can use according to their needs and conveniences
  • BetterHelp also is completely HIPAA compliant which means it brings high levels of security and safety to both the user and the therapist


This article has answered what the salary at BetterHelp is. We have also mentioned various tips that you can use to become a better therapist and thus bring more help to your clients. Additionally, we have looked at the various advantages that BetterHelp can bring particularly for therapists.

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