What is the root of Cerebral? (+9 advantages)

This post will discuss what the root of Cerebral is. We shall also be discussing the various features of this mental health care platform. Furthermore, we will be looking at some of the limitations of this platform. Through online platforms like Cerebral, millions have access to affordable therapy and medicines for their mental health issues.

What is the root of Cerebral?

Cerebral or Get Cerebral is aimed at bringing high quality mental health care to everyone and anyone. This startup which launched in early 2020 is already being recognized as one of the leading platforms in this field. Through Cerebral, millions of users have access to affordable therapy and medications.

Advantages of using Cerebral

Cerebral certainly brings a wide range of advantages and benefits for its users. The best advantages of this platform have been discussed in this section.

Cerebral provides insurance coverage

This mental health subscription also provides insurance coverage for its users. The platform has tied up with many insurance providers and thus those users or clients who are in-network enjoy a much more cost-effective treatment plan. This can be great for those who find affordability an issue since the general cost of mental health care itself is pretty high.


It is easy to use

The platform is also quite easy to use for anyone and everyone. Even newcomers to the platform can get the hang of it in a short span of time. Cerebral’s interface is also quite intuitive and leads the user step by step. Thus, accessing professional help for various mental health issues and problems becomes a whole lot easier.

It can be used from anywhere

Since it operates completely online, Cerebral can be accessed and used from anywhere. As long as the client has access to a stable internet, they can easily avail therapy sessions and also be prescribed the right medications. Cerebral can also be downloaded and installed as an app, and thus clients take their mental health care team with them wherever they go.

It has psychiatry features

The platform also has psychiatry features in addition to therapy. This becomes necessary for those who have illnesses like severe depression and anxiety that require a combination of therapy and medications in order to be managed. The clients have continuous access to a prescriber for their medications which are delivered to their doorsteps.

It has care counseling

Cerebral follows a collaborative style of care for all its clients in order to bring the very best results. Thus, each client also has access to a care counselor in addition to their prescriber or therapist. This care counselor becomes a solid rock of emotional support and also trains the client in various behavioral and cognitive strategies to help them manage symptoms of their illnesses.

It has several plans

The platform also offers several plans that users can choose from according to their needs and preferences. The Therapy Only plan offers therapy services exclusively while the Medication and Care Counseling plan has features for psychiatry. The Medication and Therapy plan offers the clients both therapy as well as psychiatry services.


It is completely HIPAA compliant

The platform takes the security and safety of its clients very seriously and thus is completely HIPAA compliant. The technology is also updated often in order to make it difficult for hackers to steal information or data. Cerebral has thus been incorporated with end-to-end encryption and firewalls to protect the privacy and confidentiality of its users.

It can be safe

While in-person therapy or traditional therapy requires the client and therapist to meet each other in person, platforms like Cerebral do not warrant this. Since all the therapy sessions are conducted online, this can bring a higher level of safety and security for those who might not be comfortable spending an hour in a room alone with a stranger.

It brings a better client-therapist fit

Cerebral is also the virtual workspace of many therapists and this variety can help in bringing a better client-therapist fit which is essential for the effectiveness of the intervention or treatment. The therapist bios are also mentioned in the platform making the selection process easier and more efficient for the client.

Limitations of Cerebral

While Cerebral boasts of many advantages and benefits, it also has several limitations, such as:

  • Users have experienced a delay in responses from their therapists and care teams
  • There are no couples therapy or teens therapy features available here
  • Cerebral also does not offer a feature for group therapy which can be a letdown for many
  • The therapy feature of this platform is not available in all the states of the US
  • While Cerebral offers insurance coverage, those who are uninsured might find the plans too expensive
  • The platform also seems to be having trouble in its video session and audio sessions, thus leading to glitches and interruptions

Best alternative to Cerebral

An alternative to Cerebral which readers might be interested in is Betterhelp. Betterhelp does not only offer individual therapy, but also offers couples therapy, teens therapy and even group therapy sessions. While the platform does not have insurance coverage for its plans, it offers financial assistance for those who cannot afford its plans.


This post has discussed what the root of Cerebral is. We have also discussed the various features of this mental health care platform. Furthermore, we have looked at some of the limitations of this platform.

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