What is the review of the Cerebral app? (+7 Features Of Cerebral)

This post will discuss the reviews of the Cerebral app and the various features that it provides for its users. In addition to this, we shall be looking at the importance of online therapy, particularly in today’s world. Cerebral is a mental health subscription platform that offers both therapy and psychiatry services.

What is the review of the Cerebral app?

The Cerebral app in the Google Play store and the Apple App store is well rated and has a 4.7 star rating. This app is compatible with any smart device and makes the process of therapy and mental health care much easier and very simple. Thus, the reviews of the Cerebral app are quite positive. Some of the features that Cerebral provides for its users are:

Easy access to mental health professionals

In Cerebral, the users have easy access to licensed and certified mental health professionals. All that the user is required to do is to sign-up and provide their valid information. They will be assigned a therapist in a short span of time and can start their interventions almost soon-after. This is in heavy contrast to traditional therapy settings where the waiting period is very high.


Care counseling

There is also care counseling that is provided in Cerebral for all the users. A care counselor is a mental health professional who may or may not be a therapist. Through care counselors, the user enjoys guidance and emotional support in their mental health care journeys. Care counselors may also train the users in various coping and behavioral strategies to help them cope with symptoms.

Various formats of communication

There are several formats of communication that are available in Cerebral that users can choose according to their needs and requirements. This gives platforms a Cerebral a serious leg-up when compared to in-person therapy which relies heavily on speech as a form of communication. In Cerebral, a user can choose to communicate through messaging, audio sessions and also video.

Insurance coverage

In-person therapy or traditional therapy can be a plum for many to afford and thus a large percentage of the population does not go to therapy even if they need it the most. The subscription in Cerebral is very affordable and the platform goes the extra mile by offering insurance coverage through several in-network providers.

HIPAA compliance

The technology that Cerebral uses is also fully HIPAA compliant and thus users of this platform can be assured of the highest possible cyber security. This is necessary as clients often disclose sensitive and private information with their therapists and these need to be well-guarded for security reasons.

Psychiatry services

Cerebral not only offers psychotherapy features but also has amazing psychiatry services. The medications and drugs are prescribed by licensed and certified professionals who give prescriptions only after careful evaluation of the user’s history. The psychiatry services of Cerebral are also covered by insurance.

Multiple plans available

Cerebral provides various plans that users can choose from according to their needs and requirements. The platform offers a Therapy Only plan that provides exclusive access to psychotherapy. It also has a Medications and Care Counseling program that offers psychiatry services. Cerebral additionally has a Medications and Therapy program for its users.

Importance of online therapy

Online therapy is more important now than ever. This mode of therapy delivery brings many advantages that traditional therapy settings do not provide. Some of the benefits that online therapy can bring to its users are:

Online therapy is a lot more affordable

In-person therapy can be very costly, especially since therapy is never a one-time thing. However, many are flocking towards online therapy as this is more cost-effective than in-person therapy. Online therapy platforms like Cerebral and Talkspace are also covered by insurance, while those like BetterHelp offer financial assistance to those who require it.

It can be conducted in various modes

Online therapy can be conducted in several modes and formats in contrast to in-person therapy while mostly using speech as a means of communication. In online therapy, the user can communicate with their therapists through messaging, live chats, live audio sessions and even live video sessions.

Online therapy is COVID-19 safe

In the post-COVID world, in-person therapy seems to have lost its appeal as therapy-goers are fearful of infection. Online therapy is conducted fully remotely and thus clients and therapists do not need to meet each other face to face. Furthermore, online therapy follows all COVID-19 regulations and will not be paused even in the case of another lockdown.

It can be used from anywhere

Online therapy can be accessed and used from anywhere. And thus, even those who stay in remote areas which have no licensed and certified therapists can have easy access to mental health care. Platforms like Cerebral also deliver medications directly to the home of the user, thus bringing even more convenience to them.


This post has discussed the reviews of the Cerebral app and the various features that it provides for its users. In addition to this, we have looked at the importance of online therapy, particularly in today’s world.

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