What is the regret timeline of the male dumper?

This article will explain what the male dumper will go through once they end a relationship, and how the timeline to their regret works, showing what goes through their minds during this period.

What is the regret timeline of the male dumper? 

When a male dumper ends a relationship, there is a moment in which they may come to regret his decision. Through this period of regret, a lot of thoughts and emotions may go through him. Here is the common timeline of the male dumper.

The cool off moment

This is the stage the male dumper will go through in which they will begin to cool off from the anger, and maybe even the resentment that led them to end the relationship. Those big emotions after the break up seem to be settling down.

This is the period in which they will begin to care for themselves, and are often neutral about the break up. And feel like they are going back to being the person they were before this relationship. It is an exciting period for them, and sometimes the word relief can come to their mind.

The memories

At this moment the male dumper may begin to have a lot of memories about the relationship that they have ended. They will often be happy and positive memories, which will often cause the male dumper to ask themselves if there are still good things to live in that relationship. 

They can begin to feel like everywhere they look, something will remind them of you. It can be a place you have gone before together, or a joke you shared on a certain topic. But it all just seems to be connected to their ex, and how good that relationship was.

The sadness take over 

After the male dumper has been thinking of their ex constantly, they may begin to feel sad about it. While the person they have dumped may have started to move on from the sadness, and are starting to regain some control over their emotions, the male dumper may begin to feel an overwhelming sense of sadness, and grieve the end of the relationship.

Clamming up

After sadness takes over, it may be that the male dumper will close themselves off. If they were still in touch with their ex, now they will likely avoid them. The male dumper will also distance themselves from their friends, and become quiet.

There will be no news about what is going on in their life through their social media, and even his friends may become concerned if they are doing well. If someone asks them what is happening, they may use excuses to avoid saying what is really in their minds. 

To not tell anyone that they are being hit with the break up at this moment, since they were the one that decided to end it, they can say they are having some trouble at work, or even that they have been having trouble sleeping.

Reaching out

But at some point the male dumper may step out of their shell, and decide that they do not want to move on. When they make that decision they will likely begin to reach out to their ex a lot. 

They discovered that even though there was a reason to end the relationship, the feelings he had are still there. So they will start to get in touch with their ex to ask how they are doing. Some may do that directly, through calls, social media, and even face to face.

But others may try to understand what is happening in their ex’s life by asking information from their mutual friends. In this moment the male dumper is often thinking they made a mistake, and that their former partner was a lot better than they ever realized.

Open to a new try

When the male dumper gets in touch with their former partner and tries to rekindle the relationship, it is up to the dumpee to decide what will happen next. If the dumpee is still open to give this relationship a new try, this is exactly what will happen. If not, then the male dumper will go on to the next stage to deal with their regret.

Having the perfect life

If the male dumper realizes that their former partner is not ready yet to discuss getting back together, they will begin to show, especially through social media, just how perfect their life is.

They will go to the greatest parties, post pictures on amazing trips. All this to show the dumpee how their life is going well. This may convince some of the people around them that they have moved on, and are doing great. But their exes will easily see that this is just a facade to hide away their pain and regret.

He becomes kind of a stalker

When the perfect life seems to not have such a huge impact on you, the male dumper may begin to make themselves present in your life. They can go to places they know they would run into you, such as to your gym.

They can begin to go to the same market, and even go to art events you never thought they would be interested in going to. They will do that to try to be close to you. And in some cases, this can become dangerous to a point that the law enforcement needs to be called. But mostly it is just their way of showing they still care.

Changing for you

When the male dumper is regretting ending the relationship, they will not show it only by making themselves present. They will do so by showing you they are changing in all the little things you may have always told them you wanted them to change.

If you had fights saying that it was important for you that they care for their physical health, you may now notice that the male dumper is going to the gym, and going through a full medical workup. Through this they want to let you know that they are worth a second chance.

Ultimately, when the male dumper is regretting their decision, it is to the dumpee to decide if they want to give this relationship another try. Opening yourself up to talk to the male dumper about what they want, and see if there is still something worth saving in this relationship, is up to you. So you can do it if you feel you are ready, and it is something you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What is the regret timeline of the male dumper? 

How long does it take for a dumper to regret the break up?

There is no timetable for the dumper to start regretting their decision. What will happen is that, once the relationship ends, the dumper will go on with his life. 

But after some time, around a few months, they can begin to see that the single life experiences are not as good as the ones they had with their former partners. And in that time, they may begin to regret ending the relationship.

What are signs my ex is missing me?

If your ex starts missing you, they may begin to show it in with some actions. First they will start to get in touch with you, especially if there are any special dates approaching. They will also ask how you have been doing, so they can get an idea of how you are dealing with the break up. 

Aside from that, they will begin to interact with you a lot through social media, and may even send you gifts. Sometimes, they can be straightforward about it, and begin to send you gifts. They may tell this to people that the two of you know, as a way to get it to reach you.

When your ex is missing you, they will try to run into you in places, and may invite you to do things so you can spend some time together. But not only that, when you are together, they may bring up conversations that involve your past, to try and see if you are also wondering what could have been.

If they are trying to get a reaction from you, it is a clear sign they are missing you. They may do that by posting things online, or even trying to make you jealous. 

What does my silence say to the dumper?

If your ex ended the relationship, and you made a point of keeping silent, there are some things this will tell them. The first one is that you will not let this break up be something that controls your life. You may be sad about it, but as you are silent, you are taking the time to heal and make yourself better.

It can be a way to also let them know that even though you are hurting, you are mature enough to deal with your feelings, and not pressure them to come back. It can be a sign of maturity, and strength to be able to keep silent once you are broken up with.

How long does a rebound relationship last?

It may be hard to determine how long a rebound relationship will last. Some people will have rebound relationships that are often just connected to casual sex. As for others, as they have become single, they may feel the need to have an emotional connection with the other person.

Depending on that, a rebound relationship can last anywhere between one month, or even one year. 

Since the rebound relationship is often based on just filling the need of the person that just got single, they may not be made of a deep emotional connection, or even similarities, so with time, as the differences appear, the rebound relationship may not look like a good one.

How long does it usually take to get over someone?

Even though this usually depends on the attachment style of the person, and so many other matters such as the reason why the relationship ended, according to The Journal of Positive Psychology, it will usually take about 11 weeks for someone to get over a former partner.

But other studies have found that it can take a lot more than that, and it says that it can take around 18 months to get over the end of a marriage. Highlighting how this is a particular matter that can change from one person to the next.


This article showed how the regret timeline of the male dumper works. It explained what goes on in the mind of the male dumper in each phase of this regret timeline.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the section below.


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