What is the pay structure in Betterhelp? (+3 advantages)

This blogpost will describe what the pay structure is in BetterHelp. We will also be discussing how you can become a better therapist. Finally, we will also be looking at the various advantages that BetterHelp can provide particularly to therapists. BetteHelp is an online therapy platform that provides mental health care at very economic rates.

What is the pay structure in BetterHelp?

In BetterHelp, the therapists who work with the users can easily make up to $30 to $70 per hour. In comparison to in-person therapy settings, BetterHelp does not only take into account the number of clients in the caseload or number or hours spent with the clients. It mainly considers the amount of engagement conducted with the client and therefore means, more work, more pay.


How can you become a better therapist?

While many therapists are qualified, licensed and experienced, only a few are highly recommended over and over again. It takes many other skills in order to become an effective therapist. These skills of course are easily learnable and transferable. The various skills and techniques that you can use in order to become a better therapist are discussed below:

Practice active listening

In order to become a great therapist, it is highly essential that you practice proper listening skills. While therapists do learn the importance of listening during their college days, it takes a lot of practice in order to make this effective. Active listening is different from passive learning. Here, the therapist acknowledges the message and tries as best to understand it before moving on.

Keep learning

You also need to keep learning so that you are continuously updated. Learning is vastly important in the field of mental health and the medical industry in general. Therapists need to brush up often since the definition of ‘normal’ and the rules applying to mental health often change with the times. And thus, therapists also need to be acclimatized to bring out the best.

Learn body language

While most of our communication is through speech, we also use plenty of body language and other non-verbal cues to express our feelings. Those who are stressed or distressed often convey more through body language than speech and therefore therapists need to be well-acquainted with the intricacies and various facets of body language to understand their clients better.

Be genuine

Therapists are also people. And while many clients do put their therapists on high pedestals, it is important that they get a reality check every once in a while. Therapists need to be genuine and authentic with their clients to improve the levels of trust and rapport. This high level of authenticity can also make the client more comfortable to share things they might be ashamed of.

Create the right office space

In order to practice the right therapy with your clients, you as a therapist can also use the power of your office space. Using the right lighting and the right accessories can create a comfortable and safe space for your clients. This in turn can make them more comfortable to open up effectively with the therapists.

Give good customer service

Above all, the therapy practice is also a business. Which means your clients are your customers who bring you profit. And thus, clients need to be provided with the right customer service which can not only ensure the business of your clients but also bring more comfort and trust between them and you as the therapist.

Regular self-care

Most importantly, all therapists need to take part in regular self-care for the sake of their own mental health. Self-care can help the therapist heal from the emotional labor of therapy. It can also strengthen and improve self-awareness which is necessary to bring effective interventions for their clients.

Advantages of BetterHelp for therapists

Therapists who work in BetterHelp can experience plenty of advantages and benefits, such as:

They do not need an office space

Therapists who work in BetterHelp do not require an office space to conduct their therapy sessions in since the platform works completely online. Thus, therapists can save a ton of money that goes into renting an office space, utilities and office accessories. However, it is recommended that the therapist create a quiet space at home to conduct therapy sessions.

They do have marketing expenses

Therapists also do not have any marketing expenses when they work in BetterHelp. When practicing independently, therapists often have a lot of marketing expenses in order to bring in more clientele for their practice. BetterHelp takes care of the marketing for the therapists, and thus therapists can save even more money while working for this platform.

They have plenty of clients

Client load may increase and decrease due to various factors. And thus, therapists who practice independently may face a boom in profit sometimes and other times may see a decrease in profit. However, in BetterHelp, therapists are guaranteed plenty of clients all the time and thus they have a steady income in hand.


This blogpost has described what the pay structure is in BetterHelp. We have also discussed how you can become a better therapist. Finally, we have also looked at the various advantages that BetterHelp can provide particularly to therapists.

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