What is the pay rate in BetterHelp? (+9 features)

In this post, we will answer what the pay rate in BetterHelp is. We will also be discussing some of the best features of this online therapy platform. Lastly, we shall take a look at the other alternatives to BetterHelp that can be great for users as well as therapists. BetterHelp and many other platforms are ensuring that everyone has access to affordable psychotherapy.

What is the pay rate in BetterHelp?

In BetterHelp, the therapists are paid about $31 per hour. The total salary of the therapist can differ based on the number of clients in the caseload and also the lengths of the sessions. The pay model of BetterHelp takes into account the level of engagement that the therapist has with their users.

Best features of BetterHelp

BetterHelp has plenty of features that can be greatly advantageous and beneficial for its users. The best of these have been elaborated in this section:

It can be accessed from anywhere

BetterHelp operates completely online and thus users can access their therapists from anywhere and also at any time. This becomes highly beneficial and convenient for those users who have busy schedules which does not let them set aside a particular time for therapy. It also helps those individuals who cannot leave the house such as the ones who have disabled.

It provides affordable therapy

In-person therapy can be quite expensive and many do not go to therapy for this particular reason. Online therapy provided by platforms like BetterHelp is certainly a lot more affordable than traditional therapy. BetterHelp also offers financial assistance or aid for those who are finding affordability an issue due to various reasons.

It has several formats of therapy

This platform also offers several formats of therapy for the users to choose from. Users can choose to have therapy sessions with their therapists through messaging, live audio and even live video sessions. This can bring plenty of flexibility and convenience to the user in comparison to in-person therapy.


It offers unlimited messaging

There is also the feature of unlimited messaging in BetterHelp. Through this feature, the user can send a limitless number of messages to their therapists through various modes, such as text messages, audio messages and even video messages. Messaging as a form of therapy itself brings various benefits such as healthy expression, venting and reflection.

It has great security features

BetterHelp complies with all the standards set down by HIPAA and thus brings high levels of security to the user. This becomes highly important in therapy settings since the information related to the user and their identity needs to be preserved at all costs. Also, clients may often disclose sensitive and confidential information to their therapist thus requiring safety.

It offers couples therapy

BetterHelp additionally offers couples therapy services. Couples therapy is highly recommended for those pairs who are going through a rough patch in their relationship. It helps them understand each other better and also provides them with the right coping strategies and techniques to resolve arguments and quarrels.

It has therapy for teens

The platform also offers therapy for adolescents between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. Adolescence can be a tricky and stress-filled period in which teenagers can definitely use extra emotional support and guidance that therapy can provide. It also is important as many mental illnesses show their initial signs in these ages.

It has group sessions

BetterHelp conducts group sessions for its users. This feature is free of cost to all the users. The sessions cover more than 20 different topics and issues related to mental health and mental illness. They are conducted at a frequency of once a week and can provide support and resources to all the participants.

It brings a great therapist match

As the client-therapist fit is highly necessary in therapy, BetterHelp provides an algorithm to bring a better match between the client and the therapist. This allows better rapport between the user and the therapist, thus increasing the effectiveness of the therapy itself. It also makes the process of switching therapists quick and easy.

Alternatives to BetterHelp

A few alternative platforms that mirror many of the features of BetterHelp have been described below:

  • Talkspace: Talkspace is by far the best alternative to BetterHelp. This platform not only offers individual therapy, couples therapy and teens therapy just like BetterHelp. It also provides insurance coverage. In this platform, therapy is also available through various formats such as messaging and live sessions.
  • Cerebral: This platform is amazing for those who require therapy as well as medications or drugs for their mental illnesses. Cerebral offers both individual therapy as well as psychiatry services. Both these facilities can be easily covered through insurance and thus brings more affordability to the users.
  • CalMerry: CalMerry is another great platform for online therapy since it has a large network of mental health professionals who are easily accessible to provide affordable online therapy services for any type of user.
  • ReGain: This platform is particularly recommended for couples therapy and family therapy and has saved many relationships from falling apart.


In this post, we have answered what the pay rate in BetterHelp is. We have also discussed some of the best features of this online therapy platform. Lastly, we have taken a look at the other alternatives to BetterHelp that can be great for users as well as therapists.

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