What is the pay of a BetterHelp counselor? (+7 pros)


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Page last updated: 6/09/2022

This article will answer what the pay of a BetterHelp counselor is. We will also be looking at the different advantages that BetterHelp provides for its therapists. In addition to this, we shall be discussing the benefits of using BetterHelp for the purpose of online therapy. Online therapy has found its importance particularly after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the pay of a BetterHelp counselor?

In BetterHelp, the counselors or therapists are paid up to $31 per hour. The total take home salary of the mental health professional can vary based on the number of clients in the caseload and also the location of the therapist. BetterHelp uses an engagement model for the pay which means that the more the therapist interacts with the user, the more they are paid.

Advantages of BetterHelp for therapists

BetterHelp can be great not only for it’s many users but also for its large network of therapists. The many advantages of BetterHelp particularly for therapists have been discussed in this section:

Therapists do not require an office

In BetterHelp, the therapists are not required to have an office where they can see their clients. Therapist offices can cost a lot of money to rent since they need to be in the right locations in order to bring in more clients. These offices also need to be fitted with comfortable utilities and accessories. All these can end up being very expensive for the therapist.

They don’t require marketing

Therapists who are practicing independently need to market themselves in the right manner so as to attract more clients to the practice. This can be in the form of newspaper ads, radio ads, hoardings, and even promotional events. All this can take up a lot of time and money which BetterHelp therapists need not worry about since the platform takes care of this for them.

They do not have any paperwork

BetterHelp therapists also need not worry about completing any paperwork related to therapy sessions since the software does this for them. Paperwork can take up a lot of time for which therapists often hire help to do this. The amount of paperwork only increases when insurance is involved which is quite often.

They have access to great technology

In BetterHelp, therapists have access to brilliant technology that promises high levels of security and safety to the user as well as the therapist. BetterHelp is HIPAA compliant and thus has security features like firewalls, encryptions and even multi-step authentications. This brings assurance to the therapist that the information of their clients is safe and secure.

They have peer consultation facilities

The platform also has a therapist community where the mental health professionals can interact and communicate with each other. This peer consultation helps therapists learn from each other’s experiences, therefore increasing the knowledge base of the therapist. Furthermore, these interactions can bring plenty of comfort and thus can help the mental health of the therapists.

They do not have to commute

Therapists are also saved from long and tiresome commutes to their offices while they work in BetterHelp. The platform is operational fully online and thus therapists can work from the comfort of their own homes. This can save them plenty of time as well as money that goes into transport.

They have plenty of resources

There are plenty of other resources in BetterHelp that can be used to improve the quality of the therapy sessions themselves. For instance, the platform offers digital worksheets that can be used by the client to reduce anxiety levels and also for relaxation. It also has an online journal feature which can be filled and shared with the therapist.

What is the pay of a BetterHelp counselor? (+7 pros)

Advantages of BetterHelp for clients

Just as with therapists, BetterHelp brings a plethora of benefits and advantages to clients as well. Some of the best advantages are:

It provides affordable therapy

BetterHelp provides affordable therapy options for those who might find in-person therapy too expensive. This is important as many of us do not go to therapy as we simply cannot afford to, even if we need therapy the most. BetterHelp not only has affordable options but also provides financial assistance for those who are unemployed or have low incomes.

It offers multiple forms of therapy

The platform offers multiple forms of therapy that clients can choose from according to their needs and preferences. This gives online therapy a serious leg-up when compared to in-person therapy which requires most of the communication to be done through speech. In BetterHelp, the user has the option of live chats, live audio as well as live videos and thus enjoys flexibility.

It has unlimited messaging

It also offers unlimited messaging as a feature. This means that the user can send a limitless number of messages to their therapists at any time of day. This also can be done through various formats such as text messages, audio messages and video messages which the user can choose according to their conveniences.


This article has answered what the pay of a BetterHelp counselor is. We have also looked at the different advantages that BetterHelp provides for its therapists. In addition to this, we have discussed the benefits of using BetterHelp for the purpose of online therapy.

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