What is the pay like at BetterHelp vs Talkspace? (+5 BetterHelp advantages)

This post will differentiate between the pay in BetterHelp and the pay in Talkspace. We will also be looking at the different benefits that online therapy can bring to therapists in particular which makes it so appealing. In addition to this, we will also be discussing some of the main advantages that BetterHelp brings to its users.

What is the pay like at BetterHelp vs Talkspace?

According to various sources, BetterHelp  pays its therapists an average of $30 per hour while Talkspace pays $20 per hour. The pay in both these platforms can differ based on the number of clients in the caseload and the lengths of the therapy sessions. The pay is much higher than the average pay of a therapist in the US and brings plenty of additional benefits.

Benefits of online therapy for therapists

While online therapy can definitely benefit users in many ways, it has also become very attractive to therapists. Many therapists are joining online therapy platforms like BetterHelp and Talkspace to use their technology to conduct their therapy sessions. The various benefits that online therapy itself can bring to therapists have been discussed in this section:

Online therapy can be quite safe

Online therapy does not require the client and the therapist to meet each other face to face. And thus, therapists have an added element of safety here. While physical safety might not be an issue with many clients, it particularly applies to those who might be violent and have a history of physical assault.

The technology is secure

Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp and Talkspace are required to be completely HIPAA compliant and thus provide high levels of safety and security in their technology. This means that the platform has incorporated security features like strong firewalls, data encryptions and multi-step authentications to safeguard the information and data of the users.

There are plenty of clients

Through online therapy, therapists are exposed to a large number of clients and thus can be ensured of continuous profit. This might not always be true for in-person or traditional therapy where some days can see the therapist very busy and other days may see them twiddling their thumbs for a lack of clients.

There is a better client-therapist fit

Client-therapist fit is highly essential for the therapy or intervention to work. This is however not guaranteed at all times. However, online therapy platforms like BetterHelp use the power of artificial intelligence and certain algorithms to bring a more suitable client for the therapist and thereby the effectiveness of the therapy itself can easily be increased.

Therapists need not market themselves

Therapists who practice independently often take part in marketing schemes and ploys to bring in more clients and practice. These tactics can take a lot of money and can be expensive for the therapist. Online therapy saves the therapists from this expense since most of the online therapy platforms do the marketing for the therapists.

They do not have any paperwork

Therapists often complain about the tons of paperwork that they usually deal with on a regular basis. This amount of paperwork can only increase in amount when insurance is involved. In traditional therapy settings, therapists often outsource this work to someone else or use a personal assistant. This is also easily nullified in online therapy.

They do not require an office

In-person therapy or traditional therapy requires the therapist to rent out an office space where they can conduct their therapy sessions. These offices often need to be in great locations and also be fitted with the right utilities and accessories to bring comfort and relaxation to the clients. Online therapy does not require an office space and thus therapists save a lot of money here.


They are not required to commute

While practicing online therapy, therapists do not need to commute long distances to an office. They thus save a lot of time, money and fuel that goes into traveling to and fro from the office. In addition to this, they also enjoy greater flexibility and convenience as they can talk to their clients from the comfort of their own homes.

Advantages of using BetterHelp

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that provides mental health care to millions of users. It is not only recommended for therapists who are seeking a great workplace but also for those individuals who are looking for high quality therapy online. Some of the best advantages of using BetterHelp are:

  • BetterHelp can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere since the platform operates completely online
  • The prices of the plans are pretty affordable and BetterHelp further helps in this by providing financial aid to any user who requires it
  • The platform offers unlimited messaging between the user and the therapist through various formats such as texting, audio messages and even video messages
  • BetterHelp also has three various formats for live sessions and thus users can have their therapy sessions through live chats, live audio as well as live video sessions
  • The platform is completely HIPAA compliant and thus users and therapists need not worry about their information or data falling into the wrong hands


This post has differentiated between the pay in BetterHelp and the pay in Talkspace. We have also looked at the different benefits that online therapy can bring to therapists in particular which makes it so appealing. In addition to this, we have discussed some of the main advantages that BetterHelp brings to its users.

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