What is the cost of Get Cerebral? (+5 Cerebral Advantages)

This post will answer what the cost of Get Cerebral is. We will also be looking closely at why therapy is actually so expensive. In addition to this, we shall discuss the various advantages of using Get Cerebral or Cerebral for your therapy needs and requirements. While mental health care may be expensive, online therapy platforms like Cerebral are a cost-effective alternative.

What is the cost of Get Cerebral?

The cost of subscription to Get Cerebral or Cerebral can be from $85 to $325 per month. The price can vary depending on the plan that is being chosen. Cerebral offers three different plans, namely, the Therapy Only plan for $259 per month, the Medication and Care Counseling plan for $85 per month and the Medication and Care Counseling plan for $325 per month.

Why is therapy so expensive?

Mental health care has always been very expensive, especially therapy. The reasons why therapy is actually so expensive and thus quite inaccessible for many have been explored in the section below:


Therapists have student debts too

It takes a lot of studying to become a therapist and thus therapists often end up paying off their educational loans well into their careers. Therapists also mostly prefer to get their degrees or diplomas from prestigious educational institutions so that they can provide the best possible care for their clients. This can further bump the costs of education.

They have licensing fees

It is not enough that therapists are equipped with degrees and diplomas. Therapists also need to be licensed in their respective states and regions in order to practice independently. Licensing can cost a pretty penny for the therapist and these fees need to be renewed regularly. Licensing also requires the therapist to take on additional courses, thus creating more expense.

They need to pay rent

Therapists often conduct their sessions in an office. However, this is not applicable if the therapist is using an online therapy platform like Cerebral, BetterHelp or Talkspace. Therapist offices can cost a lot in rent as the location needs to be a prime setting and also needs to be fitted with the right utilities and accessories.


They have marketing expenses

Therapists also may have marketing expenses as they require bringing in more clientele for their practice. Thus, therapists often undertake promotional ads and events that can help them with their marketing. Many therapists also take out ads in newspapers, radios and through billboards to attract more clients for their practice.


They have a lot of paperwork

Therapists often find themselves immersed in mountain loads of paperwork that come with each therapy session. The paperwork only increases in amount when insurance is involved. Thus, many therapists often hire personal assistants to help them with this and also the additional responsibility of running their offices smoothly.

The emotional labor of therapy

Therapy can be quite laborious for both the client as well as the therapist. Outwardly, it may seem quite easy to sit and listen to someone else’s problems and roll out advice. However, therapy sessions can cause trauma even for the therapists and thus many therapists need a lot of time and self-care for their own mental health.

Advantages of using Cerebral for therapy

Using a platform like Cerebral or Get Cerebral can bring many advantages and benefits to the user. Some of the best advantages of using Cerebral for therapy have been explored in the section below:

It offers psychiatry services

In addition to high quality psychotherapy services, Cerebral also offers psychiatry services. And thus, if the user has mental illnesses that require medications or drugs, such as severe depression and anxiety, they can easily fulfill all their mental health care requirements in one single platform.

It is pretty affordable

The platform is pretty affordable in contrast to in-person therapy. The cost factor becomes important as the main reason why many do not go to therapy is because they simply cannot afford it in the long run. Get Cerebral or Cerebral is not only affordable but also offers insurance coverage through a variety of in-network insurance providers.

It can be used from anywhere

Cerebral can also be used from anywhere and everywhere as it operates online completely. This means that even those who cannot leave the house often can access therapy whenever they wish to. This can also be very convenient for those users who have very busy schedules and thus cannot make regular time for therapy.

There are various formats of therapy

There are also various formats of therapy that are available in this platform. Users of Cerebral can choose to communicate with their therapists through messaging or even through phone sessions or video sessions. Thus, users here have more control and ownership of their interventions than traditional therapy settings.

It is safe

The technology that Cerebral uses is HIPAA compliant and thus users can be assured that their data and information will be saved safely. There is also an added element of physical safety in Cerebral due to the digital nature of the interventions. Since the client and the therapist do not have to meet face to face, this can be great for those who otherwise might be hesitant.


This post has answered what the cost of Get Cerebral is. We have also looked closely at why therapy is actually so expensive. In addition to this, we have discussed the various advantages of using Get Cerebral or Cerebral for your therapy needs and requirements.

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