What is the BetterHelp pay for therapists?


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Page last updated: 6/09/2022

In this blogpost, we will answer what the pay in BetterHelp for therapists. We shall also look at the different benefits that therapists can experience while working in BetterHelp. Furthermore, we will be mentioning various tips that you can use to improve the effectiveness of your online therapy sessions.

What is the BetterHelp pay for therapists?

BetterHelp pays around $31 per hour for its therapists. The platform uses an engagement model for the pay structure of its therapists. This means that the more the therapist engages or interacts with the user, the more they are paid. The pay can also vary with the number of clients in the caseload of the therapist and also the location of the therapist.

Benefits of working at BetterHelp

BetterHelp provides plenty of benefits and advantages for the therapists who work here. Thus, this platform is not only popular among users for its affordable therapy services, but also among therapists who are looking for an amazing place to work. Some of the great benefits of working in BetterHelp have been discussed in this section:

They do not have to commute

The best thing about working for BetterHelp is that the therapists are not required to commute or travel to work. This means that the therapists can work from the comfort of their own homes. This can save them a lot of time as well as money that often goes into commuting. Furthermore, the therapists can also be readily available for their clients since everything is done online.

They do not need an office space

BetterHelp operates fully online. This means that the therapist does not need to rent an expensive office space. Offices for therapists can be quite costly since they need to be located in a high-traffic area to bring in the right clientele. They also need to be fitted with the right accessories and utilities so that clients feel comfortable and relaxed during their therapy sessions.

They do not have any marketing expenses

Therapists who practice independently need to market themselves in the right manner so that they are promoted among potential clients. Marketing strategies such as radio advertisements, newspaper ads, promotional events, offers and discounts, all can be quite expensive. However, in BetterHelp the therapists need not undertake any such strategy as the platform does it for them.


They do not need to complete paperwork

There is a whole lot of paperwork that comes with therapy. Thus, therapists often find themselves completing endless filling and ticking off boxes when they could be using the same time to provide high quality therapy services for their clients. Therapists who work in BetterHelp do not have to be worried about paperwork as this is all filled out by the software itself.


They have access to great technology

Privacy and security are very important when it comes to therapy. The identity of the client as well as the information that they share with their therapists has to be protected at all costs. Thus, therapists require strong technology if they are conducting their therapy sessions online. BetterHelp is fully HIPAA compliant and thus the therapists are rest assured about the security.

They have peer consultation facilities

BetterHelp also has a peer community where its therapists can communicate and interact with each other. They can also share case files and case information with each other for feedback and criticism. Peer consultation not only serves as a learning tool. It also promotes venting and expression which can be great for the mental health of the therapists themselves.

What is the BetterHelp pay for therapists?

They have a guaranteed inflow of clients

Therapists may face a busy schedule on some days and other days may not have any clients. The client load may go higher and lower for many reasons beyond the therapist’s control. However, therapists can be assured of a steady inflow of clients in BetterHelp and thus steady income since the popularity of the platform is only increasing day by day.

Tips for your online therapy sessions

If you are a therapist who is conducting therapy sessions online, you will find this section very useful. Here, we have mentioned various strategies that you can use in order to give the very best therapy to your clients.

  • Create a particular space in your home just for your therapy sessions. This will serve as your office so that there are lesser distractions during your sessions. If you do not have an office room in your home, you can also use a corner of your bedroom which you can arrange to make it more office-like
  • It is also beneficial if you can invest in high-speed internet. This will be particularly helpful for your live sessions so that there are no glitches or hiccups in between
  • Check if your microphone works and if the sound quality is high. You can also do a test-run with a friend to see if anything needs fixing or replacement
  • Check the lighting. Fluorescent lighting may be too harsh for therapy sessions and thus you can invest in incorporating soft-lighting to mimic a natural look
  • You must also clear your background to make sure it is free of any distractions that can take the focus away from the therapy sessions


In this blogpost, we have answered what the pay in BetterHelp for therapists. We have also looked at the different benefits that therapists can experience while working in BetterHelp. Furthermore, we have mentioned various tips that you can use to improve the effectiveness of your online therapy sessions.

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