What is Talkspace therapy? (+7 features)

In this blogpost, we will be looking closely at Talkspace therapy and discussing its attributes. We shall also look at some of the great features of Talkspace that it offers to its users. There are plenty of online mental health platforms, like Talkspace, that provide therapy and counselling at cost-effective rates in order to create more accessibility to mental health care.

What is Talkspace therapy?

Talkspace was created in 2012 in order to bring mental health to everyone at economic prices. This platform was one of the first of its kind in the market, and has been creating waves among populations since then. It primarily uses a text messaging sort of therapy and now has features for audio messaging, video messaging and even live sessions.

In order to use Talkspace, all one needs to do is to follow these steps which have mentioned as follows:

  • You will need to first sign up for the website. You can also download and install the app on your smart device.
  • The platform will be giving you a questionnaire that you will need to fill appropriately. It is important to be truthful and honest to a fault in this since your entire therapy and treatment starts from these basic steps.
  • According to the answers that you have given in the questionnaire, the platform will bring you the right therapist for you. All the therapists who are involved in Talkspace are well qualified and experts in their fields of practice.
  • Once you have chosen your therapist, you will be guided to a virtual therapy room where you can start conversations. You can also view previous conversations that you might have had with your therapist.
  • Talkspace works like this – you can start conversations whenever and wherever you want and you will be getting a response from your therapist at least 5 times in a week. You can also schedule live sessions with your therapist which is available in different capacities based on the plan that you have chosen.
  • The platform also provides many resources and tools for you to check your progress, and also become more aware of your mental health. It also offers legal advice, financial advice and even Psychiatry services.

Features of Talkspace

Talkspace offers plenty of features that users can easily and effectively utilize for their mental health needs. Some of these great features that Talkspace provides have been mentioned as follows:


It makes therapy easily accessible

Through Talkspace, anybody can have easy access to mental health care at any time from anywhere. The platform can be accessed through any type of web browser and also through an app which users can download and install on their smart devices. Thus, even those who live in remote areas can easily access a therapist and work on their mental health.


It brings the right therapist

The right fit between the therapist and the client is direly important. If the fit is not that great, it can bring a lot of distress in the therapy process and can even bring more discomfort to the client. For this, Talkspace has a questionnaire that users will have to fill out after which the right therapist will be recommended so that they have a better environment for therapy.

It makes therapy more flexible

Therapy needs to be as flexible as possible so that the clients themselves feel more comfortable and are encouraged to be themselves. This is an essential prerequisite for therapy to be effective. With the help of the features present in Talkspace, therapy becomes more flexible and convenient for users as they can use various methods and means to communicate their feelings.

It provides plenty of resources

The platform has plenty of resources and tools that users can find quite purposeful for mental health. This becomes important as mental health itself is quite intersectional and does not depend on therapy alone. Thus, Talkspace has resources for better mental health tracking and also for life advice, financial advice and career advice.

It has Psychiatry services

Another great thing about Talkspace is that it provides Psychiatry services for those who require medication or drugs. This makes the platform a literal one-stop shop for all mental health needs and requirements. However, there are strict guidelines that prohibit the prescription of certain drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall.


It has a live chat feature

While Talkspace mostly focuses on messaging in non-real time, it also offers live chat for its users. After scheduling a live chat session with their therapist, the user can chat synchronously about their mental health needs and states. This live chat feature makes the platform even more appealing to the younger generations who prefer texting over calling or video-conferencing.

It is HIPAA compliant

The platform takes the privacy and security of its users very seriously and thus complies with all the HIPAA standards for internet security. This is essential as users communicate sensitive and confidential information with their therapists which can cause a lot of damage if leaked. All the incoming as well outgoing traffic in the platform is also end-to-end encrypted for more safety.

BetterHelp: A Better Alternative

Those who are seeking therapy online may also be interested in BetterHelp. BetterHelp offers plenty of formats of therapy, ranging from live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions. In addition, unlimited messaging through texting, audio messages and even video messages are available here.

BetterHelp also offers couples therapy and therapy for teenagers in its platform. Furthermore, group sessions can also be found in this platform, covering more than twenty different topics related to mental health and mental illness. The pricing of BetterHelp is also pretty cost-effective, especially considering the fact that the platform offers financial aid to most users.



In this blogpost, we have looked closely at Talkspace therapy and discussed its attributes. We have also looked at some of the great features of Talkspace that it offers to its users.

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