What is Rise Above the Disorder?

In this article, it will be explained what Rise Above the Disorder is, how it works, and what are the goals of the charity.

The article will also discuss why those types of charities are so important at the moment, what is in discussion with the creation of this charity, and how society can take from this.

What is Rise Above the Disorder?

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage

Rise Above the Disorder is a nonprofit organization founded in 2013. Back then the name of the organization was Anxiety Gaming, and it was directed to help gamers deal with mental health issues. Nowadays, with the new name, the main goal of the organization is to make mental health treatment affordable and possible.

For that, the organization offers to pay for therapy sessions and all the treatment for people who have a mental illness but can’t afford it.

By entering the website a person can ask for help in their therapy process or they can be the donors who will help pay for someone’s therapy session. It can be a one-time donation or a monthly one. According to their website, at the moment more than 38.000 people have been helped in more than 133 countries.

As a person looking for psychological help, you will register and the social worker from their website will go over what you need. If you have the means to pay for your therapy sessions, they will connect you to great licensed professionals, if not, it will be discussed how the organization can cover the costs of your treatment.

If they are covering your cost, they will take over everything, therapy, medications, and what else comes with it. There is no limit of how many sessions they will cover, but through the contact with the social worker, your goals for treatment will be defined, and when the person reaches those goals and feels like they are ready, they can take over the payment of their treatment.

Rise Above the Disorder still doesn’t cover residential treatment, and when a person requires professional help because of court-mandated care, or court evaluations then they will be directed to other organizations that have more structure to deal with those matters. That is also the case if someone in a houselessness situation is looking for treatment.

Initiatives like this can make looking for help a lot easier. It can make people feel safe, cared for, and supported, which is extremely important in dealing with mental health. Let’s understand what is being said when an organization like this is created.

What is in discussion with Rise Above the Disorder?

With the creation of Rise Above the Disorder, what is in question is how accessible mental health care is.

Since its main goal is to make mental health treatment less complex, and more affordable, the creation of this charity speaks to a need for change in the healthcare system in many nations.

In recent years mental health issues have become more and more frequent. The number of people with anxiety and/or depression is constantly rising, and the health care system seems to not be able to contain or treat this situation.

In many countries, there are no awareness campaigns, no discussion on how to prevent people from getting ill, and even less structure to diagnose and treat people.

Healthcare systems worldwide should start by doing those awareness campaigns as a way to change the huge stigma that is around mental health. By doing that, it would give people a chance to talk openly about what they are feeling and if by any chance, they don’t feel well, they would know what and where to look for.

And when people finally take this step, which sometimes feels impossible, they should be received by a supportive system, that treats them with dignity, and is focused on making the person’s quality of life better.

This means that the system will not only label this person with the disorder they have, and give medication, when necessary, but will give them ways to handle it, through therapy, also through orientation groups, so people can have a sense of belonging and of being cared for.

How can society help?

Society is in constant change, if we think about how mental health issues were dealt with 20, 30 years ago, we see how much we have changed. People are not labeled as insane or cast out of society because they have a mental illness, but there is still a long way to go.

Society can demand of their politicians a better healthcare system, getting in touch with congressmen and voting in people that will be able to do that. That is a great big picture help.

In everyday life, society can help by supporting people with mental illness. They can help their co-workers that are dealing with depression, try to be understanding to family members who have anxiety, and get more educated about what are the needs of people with mental illness.

Society can also help by donating to Rise Above the Disorder, and similar organizations. It might seem like it won’t be a lot, but donating to this organization and many others that focus on improving people’s lives, it is possible to create a chain of care that will make the world better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What is Rise Above the Disorder?

If I feel depressed, do I need therapy?

It is usually recommended for people dealing with depression to be in treatment, and that includes therapy. Sometimes it might be hard to consider starting this process. Therapy can feel weird to some people.

They might not feel comfortable with opening themselves up to a stranger, another thing that can make it hard for people to go to therapy is how expensive it can be. That is why initiatives such as the one brought on by Rise Above the Disorder can be of great help.

Having this network of trusted professionals and the financial help that they offer can make this search process a lot easier. And as soon as the person feels that they are ready to start this process, being able to do that in a safe environment can make a difference.

When do I know if I need medication?

It is not everyone with mental illness that needs medication, but depending on the disorder the person has and the intensity of the symptoms, medication might be necessary.

Usually, a psychiatrist will be the one to prescribe you the medication, but since sometimes people take a while to look for those professionals, some of them might be prescribed by general practitioners. They are usually recommended when the intensity of a person’s symptoms impairs their ability to do the bare minimum. 

An example of that is people that have major depression, that can have trouble getting out of bed. The medication can help decrease the symptoms and improve the person’s sense of well-being. 

Another situation when medications are recommended is for people that have disorders that can fracture their sense of reality, like people with schizophrenia, that group might make more regular use of medication until they are safe and stable.

Can I trust the therapist that I found through Rise Above the Disorder?

Yes, you can trust all the professionals you find through Rise Above the Disorder, the organization makes sure they are all licensed professionals in their home country and that they are well trained and able to develop their activities.

You will also be in close contact with the social worker from their project and she can help and guide you if you have any trouble with the professionals that are taking care of you. So you can feel safe and comfortable when looking for professionals there. 

What are other ways to treat anxiety besides medication and therapy?

Before explaining other ways a person can cope with anxiety rather than therapy or medication, it is important to highlight how important those types of treatments can be. If a person suffers from severe anxiety they can feel how much that condition affects their life.

They can be constantly scared or worried, finding it difficult to even get out of the house at times. Some people might have panic attacks and in those situations being in therapy can help people understand what is triggering their attacks and how to cope with them.

Aside from that, there are other ways people can cope with anxiety. Creating a habit of meditating or doing some breathing exercises can help you to focus on your body and breathing instead of the racing thoughts that keep going through the mind of a person with anxiety.

Aside from that, doing exercise is a proven thing that will help reduce anxiety. When people work out they tend to put all their energy into making their body move, this can help a person not focus too much on their thoughts and it can also give them a great relief that comes through the endorphins that workout can give you.

Another thing that might help you cope with anxiety is by writing your thoughts. This can help you release what you are feeling, as well as give you a better perspective about it as well, making you feel a little better.

Why is it so hard to look for treatment?

Sometimes it can be hard to look for treatment, the person can be in intense suffering but may find it hard to start this process. So if you are experiencing mental illness, the first step is to accept that something is not well.

Once that is done, you can start reflecting on ways to get better. But looking for treatment may cause a person to face themselves, which is usually a big cause that makes people not look for treatment. They feel that at least the suffering is known, but what they might discover about themselves during treatment might not be so familiar or pleasant.

Looking for treatment may also be hard because of the stigma that mental health has in our society. Going to treatment is a way of affirming and recognizing your condition, and not everyone is ready to do that. So if you are feeling that something is going on with you, although it is extremely important to look for help, understand that this is a process, and open yourself slowly to treatment.


This article explained what the charity Rise Above the Disorder is. It discussed its goals, how it has been helping people to have easier access to mental health treatment.

The article also discussed how important it is that initiatives like those are being created since mental health issues are becoming more and more frequent, and how it helps to break the stigma that mental health usually has.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the section below.



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