What is monday.com written in? (+7 strengths)

This article will be focusing on what monday.com is written in. We shall also look at some of the great strengths of monday.com, the various clients it serves while also discussing some of the trivia about the company itself. With the help of monday.com, teams can create their own products, delegate tasks and also conduct communications and interactions with ease.

What is monday.com written in?

monday.com is written in JavaScript through the use of React. However, React was not the first choice. monday.com was initially built through Backbone which gave great features but productivity and customization were still an issue for many users. With the switch to React, the tool became a lot more flexible, which has become its unique selling point.

Strengths of monday.com

Some of the great strengths that make monday.com the first choice for many users are described in detail below:

It is highly visual

monday.com is very visually-pleasing in its look. The interface literally looks like lego pieces put together. With its bright color scheme, it can easily bring more engagement and fun into any workspace, no matter how tedious the task might be. It also allows team members to use more color-coding for their organization and coordination activities.

It allows easy customization

monday.com also allows easy customization. In this manner, every team member can have their own boards and workspaces the way they like it. This is also very helpful for those teams which have different working styles. The tool also offers automation features that can complete many tasks for the team members, so they need to worry about a few things lesser.

Management is a joy

With the help of monday.com, managers literally can reduce a ton of effort that they usually put into their daily schedules. The tool can help managers easily assign and delegate tasks. The progress of the tasks can also be tracked easily. Furthermore, monday.com offers timeline features that allow the team to view the completion percentage of the entire project.

Teams can collaborate easily

While many organizations use other tools for communication and collaboration, monday.com reduces the number of tools being used in the organization by having its own collaboration features. Through monday.com, team members can send messages and information to each other in a smooth and efficient manner.

It can be easily integrated

This tool can be easily integrated with other apps that the organization might be using. The most common apps that are integrated with monday.com are Slack, Google Calendar, Excel, Google Drive and Dropbox.

It is great for sales and marketing

monday.com can also be used as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in order to coordinate the sales and profit of the organization. Some of the features that help in customer relationship management are, lead captures, monthly target tracking and pipeline management.

It is not too expensive

monday.com is not too expensive as compared to many other project management tools in the market. It offers a Basic plan, Standard plan, Pro plan and an Enterprise plan at varying costs and of course different features. It also offers a discount of up to 18% if a yearly subscription is taken. Furthermore, it also offers a 14-day trial period which is absolutely free.

monday.com trivia

monday.com is a private company and is permanently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was founded in 2011 by two friends, Roy Man and Eran Zinman who wanted to create a solution for the problems they had faced firsthand at their previous workplaces. The problems motivated them to create a unique project management system.

While it was first called daPulse, the company was founded as a start-up. The name monday.com was created in 2017 when the tool had already created a large impact in the lives of organizations and people.


This article has focused on what monday.com is written in. We have also looked at some of the great strengths of monday.com, the various clients it serves while also discussing some of the trivia about the company itself.

Frequently asked questions: (What is monday written in?)

What type of software is monday.com?

monday.com is a Work Operating System type of software. With the help of monday.com, teams can work with more efficiency and productivity. Its adaptability and flexibility helps in creating agile and resilient teams. Furthermore, it promotes collaboration and cooperation between the various team members while also reducing their workloads.

Is monday a CRM?

While monday.com is mainly a project management tool, it can also be used as a CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool. Through its CRM features, monday.com allows team members to track sales and improve customer experiences. It can also be used to generate profit for the organization by finding leads in web forms and solving pipeline issues.

Is Salesforce better than Monday?

From studies of user reviews, it has been found that monday.com is more preferred than Salesforce. While Salesforce has great CRM features, it still does not beat those of monday.com which can be used for a better customer experience. monday.com is also easier to navigate than Salesforce which can make users lean more into the former project management tool.

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