What is monday.com used for? (+4 pros)

This blogpost will discuss what monday.com is exactly used for. To explain this better, we shall be looking at the different use cases of monday.com. In addition to this, we shall also describe some of the benefits or pros of monday.com. monday.com is a very popular project management tool, used by small and large teams all over the world.

What is monday.com used for?

monday.com is a highly versatile tool which makes it useful for many business verticals. The features of the platform can be easily molded and adapted for a wide variety of tasks and assignments. Some of the best use cases of monday.com have been discussed in the following section:


Project management

With the help of monday.com, teams can easily create and also manage projects from start to finish. The various views available in monday.com also help in bringing more transparency and openness about the project among teams. In addition to this, the tool also brings real time reporting and analytics which teams can utilize in their daily tasks and assignments.

Workplace collaboration

Many organizations and teams have claimed that monday.com has significantly improved the levels of collaboration in their workplaces. Collaboration is being emphasized among teams as it brings more productivity as well as work efficiency among employees. monday.com helps in both synchronous and asynchronous types of collaboration through various means and methods.

Small businesses

Small businesses will benefit greatly from monday.com. The plans are pretty cost effective and have a wealth of features which make it a one-stop shop for small businesses and startups. Furthermore, the platform also has plenty of features and tutorials, particularly aimed at these businesses in order to help them develop and grow.

CRM purposes

The platform can also greatly help teams set up their Customer Relationship Management system. CRM is essential for sales and marketing teams to interact with more leads and convert them into sales. It also is necessary for resolving customer issues. With the CRM template available in monday.com, customers can be taken care of throughout their life cycles.

Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting is an important part of any business. It is even more important for small businesses which might not have external consultants on board. monday.com can be used to create invoices, track payments and also maintain inventories. In addition to this, it can also be integrated with other accounting apps like Quickbooks for more effectiveness.

Content management

Content management teams can also benefit from monday.com as it helps them create posts, brainstorm through various means and also schedule posts. Content as a tool, can be a very powerful marketing ploy, which is why content management teams use the services of apps like monday.com to store files, automate tasks and also manage marketing campaigns.

Database management

Many teams require centralized databases for their tasks and processes. Having a centralized database can make teams a lot more transparent and responsible in their work. monday.com can be easily used as a database management system. Furthermore, it provides plenty of file storage space for teams to use for their files and content.

HR processes

HR managers are often busy in their work processes and usually have a lot on their plate. This is even more relevant when they are dealing with a large group of people. monday.com can be used for a lot of HR processes such as onboarding and training. It can also be used for performance reviews as it has options for tracking work progress among teams.

Pros of using monday.com

Several business organizations and teams prefer monday.com over other project management tools as it brings a lot of pros and advantages to the table. Some of these advantages have been explained below:

It has strong security features

Strong security features are a priority for any type of digital project management tool as users store sensitive and confidential information which can cause serious damage if leaked. Some of the security features of monday.com are end to end encryptions, strong firewalls and multi-step authentications. The interface also undergoes regular testing and updating.

It has seamless integrations

Integrations are necessary as teams work with several tools and apps at once. If these are not integrated properly, it can lead to a lot of time wasted in just switching back and forth between tools. The Integrations Center in monday.com has more than 40 popular apps and tools that can be connected with the platform, instantly boosting efficiency and speed.

It can automate tasks

Since teams work with projects that have a large number of tasks that need to be performed repeatedly over and over again, these tasks can be easily automated with the help of a project management tool like monday.com. The platform also provides a variety of automation recipes that teams can choose from, making their work easier and lighter.

It has templates

The platform also has plenty of ready to use templates that can be used for practically any type of task or assignment. These templates cover almost any type of business vertical and can bring plenty of efficiency to team members. Teams can also create their own templates and use these in their tasks and assignments.


This blogpost has discussed what monday.com is exactly used for. To explain this better, we have looked at the different use cases of monday.com. In addition to this, we have also described some of the benefits or pros of monday.com.

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