What is monday.com software? (+scope of monday.com)

This blogpost will focus on describing what the monday.com software is. We shall also be looking at the scope of monday.com for organizations and the salient features of this software. We shall also be mentioning the clientele who use monday.com to manage their workflows and work processes.

What is monday.com software?

monday.com is basically a Work Operating System. Through the use of monday.com, teams can easily manage their work processes and can also track the progress of their projects. It also helps teams to build new products and apps through its Apps Framework. Most importantly, monday.com has an entirely human-centered approach, making it highly popular with teams.

Scope of monday.com

While monday.com is a project management tool, it can be used for many reasons due to the wide variety of features available on the platform. Some of the important areas that can monday.com can be used for are listed as follows:

  • monday.com can be used to manage the teams in the organization. With the help of this tool, leaders and managers can easily recruit new employees and add them to teams. They can also switch team members with other groups, promoting cross-functional collaboration in the process.
  • Teams can easily manage their tasks using monday.com. This means that tasks can be assigned or delegated to the right team members. Time tracking features also help in keeping a better check on the work progress of the different team members.
  • Planning and coordination of projects and tasks related to them can also be achieved in a better manner through monday.com. With the help of this tool, leaders and managers can create charts and timelines so that the team members can visualize the project better and thus everyone stays on the same page.
  • monday.com can also be used as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Using this platform, organizations can solve customer issues better. Teams can also handle tickets in a smoother manner using integrations like Zendesk.
  • With the popularity of remote teams growing rapidly, teams in global organizations face an issue with workplace collaboration and project management. monday.com can be a great solution in bringing the team together, despite the difference of time zones.
  • It can also be used by software developers to create their own monday Apps using the monday Apps Framework. monday.com also offers a marketplace for app developers to put up their products for other users to review them.

Salient features of monday.com

monday.com is known for its features such as:

Flexibility and customization

monday.com gives a lot of emphasis to customization and flexibility of workspaces. And thus, users are to remodel their workspaces and dashboards. While the platform already has many engaging templates to work with, it allows the team members to create their own and use it as their template henceforth.

User-friendly interface

The user interface is very easy to use, designed with people in mind. And thus, team members can quickly learn the ropes and play around with the tool for their work. The platform has also smartly used bold and bright colors and color coding which brings a lively atmosphere to the workspaces.

Strong and stable security

This project management tool follows all the standards and is highly certified in terms of internet security. It also has two data regions to store its main servers which are run by the Amazon Web Services. It also conducts a backup of critical data every 5 minutes and non-critical data every 24 hours.

Communication features

monday.com also allows easy communication and collaboration between team members. Team members can use the update section to directly communicate with others. They can also communicate through board comments and suggestions, in addition to tagging features.


The platform also gives many widgets for its users. These widgets are highly user-friendly and make work more engaging. Among the favorites are the daily quote widget which gives the team members a daily motivational or inspirational quote. Another user favorite is the time tracking widget can help team members be aware of the time spent in completing tasks.

monday.com’s clientele

monday.com is the go-to project management tool for many customers worldwide. Among the clientele are the teams at:

  • Philips
  • WeWork
  • Fiverr
  • Discovery Channel


This blogpost has focused on describing what the monday.com software is. We have also looked at the scope of monday.com for organizations and the salient features of this software. We have also mentioned the clientele who use monday.com to manage their workflows and work processes.


Frequently asked questions: (What is monday software?)

What kind of software is Monday?

monday.com is a project management software which teams use to improve their work efficiency and productivity. It can also help in collaboration and communication, file-sharing services, task management, task tracking as well as product creation. Furthermore, this software can help in sales and marketing, customer relations and also maintaining services.

What did Monday used to be?

monday.com used to be called daPulse. The name of the company was formally changed to monday.com in 2017.

Why monday.com is called Monday?

The platform has been named so after the first day of the work week, implying its aim to create a better work life and work environment for everyone.

Is monday.com a project management tool?

Yes, monday.com is a project management tool. However, it can also be used for collaboration, for HR practices, for planning and coordination and even for customer service.

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