What is monday.com platform? (+8 best features of monday.com)


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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

In this post, we shall discuss exactly what is monday.com platform. We shall also list out some trivia about this great tool while also discussing some of its best features. Tools like monday.com are becoming increasingly popular with the advent of remote working. They can also greatly improve individual productivity and work efficiency.

What is monday.com platform?

According to monday.com itself, it is a Work Operating System. This project management tool is used by teams all around their world in order to create more efficient work processes and workflows for their organizations. It can also be easily adapted and used for a wide variety of purposes, which makes it very popular.

Trivia about monday.com

Some trivia that users might like to know about monday.com have been listed here:

  • The platform was originally called daPulse and then renamed to monday.com in 2017.
  • The founders of monday.com are Roy Mann and Eran Zinmann.
  • The creators of monday.com first built it using a tool called Backbone. Later, they created the framework as we know it using React, leading to higher customization and flexibility features.
  • The company has gone public, from June 2021, under the market name MNDY.
  • It also has a Monday Apps Framework through which teams can build their own apps and also post them up to the marketplace for other users to review them.
  • The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in several locations around the world, including New York.
  • The platform uses two data regions and uses the servers provided by the Amazon Web Services. One data region is the US and the other one is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Users can opt to use either one of these to store information while signing up for the account.
  • The company has a little more than a 1000 employees working and also has been certified as a Great Place to Work.
  • The workforce is made up of mostly millennials and uses plenty of strategies and techniques to create a more flexible and adaptable work environment for teams
  • The number of companies and organizations that use the services of monday.com is 100, 000.

Best features of monday.com

monday.com has plenty of features that make it so popular among teams and organizations. A few of these features have been explained in this section:

Easy automations

Automations are necessary as teams regularly work with projects which have many tasks and actions that need to be repeated over and over again. If these are performed manually for long periods of time, it can lead to frustration and burnouts among employees. With the help of monday.com, teams can easily set up automations for many tasks in their projects.

Seamless integrations

Integrations are important as teams frequently work with multiple project tools and apps at once. If these are not integrated or synchronized correctly, it can lead to time wastage and miscommunications between teams. The Integrations Center of monday.com has plenty of apps and tools to integrate with such as Trello, Slack, Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.


Robust security

Security features need to be really strong in project management tools as teams deal with confidential information and data. If these are not secured safely, there is always a risk of them leaked or used for wrong purposes. monday.com has several security features like end-to-end encryptions, regular audits and backups and also strong and sturdy firewalls.

Strong reporting and analytics

The dashboard in monday.com is highly intuitive and informative. The real time reporting and analytics provided by the dashboard can be useful for teams and team members who are working with a lot of data and need to be able to view this through various lenses. These analytics will be great for teams such as those in marketing and business management.

Ready to use templates

The platform also has a large number of ready to use templates that teams can use for their tasks and assignments. There are templates available for almost any type of task or assignment which can be quite useful for various business verticals. Furthermore, teams can also create their own templates and use these for their work processes.

Several communication strategies

Open and transparent communication between teams can bring wonders to the work environment in any type of organization. However, for teams to openly communicate and collaborate with each other, they need to be supplied with the right platform or tool. monday.com allows teams to communicate with each other through several ways such as board comments, tagging, etc.

Offline mode

Though a world without data or the internet might seem impossible to imagine, it is highly plausible in remote areas and situations where there are power outages. However, the absence of data should not stop teams from working. This is why monday.com offers an offline mode through which teams can easily access their work, which will be uploaded when the data is back on.

Mobile access

The tool can also be accessed through any mobile device. Firstly, it is a cloud based tool and thus can be easily utilized with the help of any web browser. It also has a desktop app and a mobile app, compatible on both iOS and Android devices. Since it is quite accessible, teams can take their work with them wherever they go, bringing more flexibility to work.


In this post, we have discussed exactly what is monday.com platform. We have also listed out some trivia about this great tool while also discussing some of its best features.

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