What is monday.com good for? (+3 disadvantages)

This post shall discuss what monday.com is good for. We shall also look at what monday.com actually is. In addition, we shall also discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of monday.com. With many project management tools coming up in the market, HR managers and team leaders are still debating about the best one to use in order to make their workflows easier.

What is monday.com good for?

monday.com is great if you are looking for a simple to use tool that offers a great variety of features to make your work process simple and efficient. With its user-friendly interface, team members can find themselves coordinating with each other in a better manner, collaborating effortlessly and also being inspired and motivated to put in more effort at work.

What is monday.com?

monday.com is basically a work Operating System through which teams can manage their workflows in a smooth and efficient manner. With the help of monday.com, teams can easily delegate tasks, allocate resources, share the right information and also collaborate with the stakeholders, all through one platform.

Advantages of monday.com

monday.com offers many advantages such as:

Time tracking features

monday.com offers features for time-tracking in the form of widgets for its users. Through this feature, users can understand the time consumed for their projects and also the time taken by other team members. In this manner, team members can see the tasks that take up a lot of time and can either prioritize them or strategize their work.

Easy integrations

monday.com also allows its users to easily integrate with other platforms they might require. Users can integrate with a wide variety of platforms to improve their communication and collaboration, to improve their Customer Relationship Management and also upkeep their finances. The most popular integrations are Slack, Trello, Google Calendar and Zoom.

Templates to build on

monday.com has many templates that users can build on and create their own products. They can also create their own templates and use it as a buildable product for other members in their team. With the help of these templates, team members can save a lot of time and effort that goes into creating products for their use.

Automation settings

Through automation settings in monday.com, users can allow tasks to be conducted and completed without their intervention. All they need to do is to customize the settings, thereby allowing monday.com to do work for them. It can not only complete tasks but also notify the users when the task is completed so that they can review their work.

User-friendly interface

Users will find the interface on monday.com a joy to work on. The founders of monday.com take pride in the fact they have been able to create a work management tool that makes work fun and engaging. Not only are things easy to find in monday.com, but the platform also uses bright colors to make even the most boring tasks fun.

Disadvantages of monday.com

While monday.com boasts of many positives, it also has several areas it needs to improve on. The various disadvantages of monday.com are:

Not all the plans are great

monday.com offers many plans which its users can opt for according to their needs and requirements. However, the basic plan can simply be a waste of money as it does not offer any of the unique features of monday.com. The real show begins with the standard plan while the pro and enterprise plan offers a great variety of features to teams to play with.


Customer support can be delayed

Compared to other project management tools, monday.com does not offer a live support feature. While the customer support or service is not so bad, there might be many delayed responses. And thus, in cases of emergencies and urgent tasks, the customer support might be quite useless and this can lead teams to search for other tools which offer better customer support services.

The free-trial period is insufficient

One of the great things about monday.com is that it offers a 14 day free-trial period. When we say free, we mean absolutely free. They don’t even ask for any credit card info, normally badgered out by digital platforms. However, the period is not sufficient at all to learn all its features and thus teams can take a longer learning curve in their work process.

No Gantt chart features

Gantt charts enable teams to view the project from start to finish. With the help of a Gantt chart, the team members are all on the same page and can know what everyone’s role in the project is. It also is easy to show the project to a stakeholder or client and thus build transparency. However, monday.com instead uses timeline features, which might not be suitable for everyone.


This post has discussed what monday.com is good for. We have also looked at what monday.com actually is. In addition, we have also discussed the various advantages and disadvantages of monday.com.

Frequently asked questions: (What is monday good for?)

What are monday.com’s top competitors?

The top competitors for monday.com are Asana, JIRA, Workzone and Wrike.

Is Monday HIPPA compliant?

Yes, monday.com is HIPAA compliant. It also depends on the plan that the user has selected. HIPPA compliance is only available on the Enterprise plan which requires a lot more security features than other plans.

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