What is monday.com built with? (+what are monday Apps?)

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This article will shed light on what monday.com is built with. We shall also take a look at what monday Apps are and who can build these apps. In addition, we will also be mentioning who can use these apps. monday.com has been built with people in mind, and thus it grants more features that allow customization and collaboration, which are dire for a smooth work process.

What is monday.com built with?

According to the founders of monday.com, the platform was built with a technology called Backbone. As time went by, they faced issues with productivity and efficiency and thus decided to rewrite all the boards with React. It is due to React that monday.com has an easily customizable and human-centered platform.

What are monday Apps?

Monday Apps are features on monday.com that are built with the help of the monday Apps Framework. Through this framework, every user can create their own apps for either their use or someone else’s needs. On monday Apps, software developers can easily build on the already existing templates available in monday.com, thus saving a lot of time and energy.

Who can build monday Apps?

Anybody can build monday Apps. However, it is usually done by software developers. Many of them prefer to use monday Apps as it promotes ease of use and also has plenty of in-built templates. The monday Apps Framework allows developers to work with their tools efficiently while being independent of factors like languages and technologies.

Who can use these apps?

There are basically two types of apps that can be created on monday.com.. The first type is a private app that is allowed to be used only by the user for their needs and requirements. The second type is the public app which allows users to share these apps with the rest of the monday.com community.

Furthermore, monday.com allows users to sell their apps and make profits or also improve the monday.com product and thus become a partner. This helps the company collaborate closely with its users, creating strong and profitable partnerships. Users can also submit their apps on the apps marketplace for other users to review.


This article has shed light on what monday.com is built with. We have also taken a look at what monday Apps are and who can build these apps. In addition, we have also mentioned who can use these apps.

Frequently asked questions: (What is monday built with?)

Is monday.com owned by Slack?

No, monday.com is not owned by Slack. However, many organizations like to integrate monday.com and Slack to suit the needs and requirements of their team members.

How safe is monday.com?

monday.com is extremely safe to use. The project management tool uses many security features such as:

Data Encryption

Organizations work with a lot of sensitive and confidential data which need to be protected at all costs. In order to protect the information, monday.com uses data encryption through which all the transmission coming in and going out of monday.com are encrypted at 256-bit. The process follows the regulation set by the FIPS 140-2 standard.

Regular audits and tests

monday.com also has regular audits and tests of its equipment in order to ensure its safety and security. They rely on external parties to perform audits of the platform and also to conduct penetration tests. Their teams also try to foresee risks and loopholes in the mechanism which can create problems for the organization later.

Proper maintenance and support

The customer service and support at monday.com are also actively engaged in its security system. They are always available to answer queries and also guide the users in order to securely work with their data protected at all levels of the work process.

Regular backup

This project management tool also has great backup features. The critical data is backed up every 5 minutes whereas the non-critical data is backed up every 24 hours. The platform also ensures that there are strict controls in their employees accessing the user’s data, thus strengthening the stability of the security that the tool offers.

Is monday.com a project management tool?

Yes, monday.com is a project management tool. Project management tools are those which allow team members to work on tasks and assignments related to a project even if they are not present in the same physical location. This becomes particularly useful for remote teams who might be placed in different areas but still need access to work.

With the help of monday.com, team members can communicate and collaborate with each other. They can also assign tasks and responsibilities to each other. In addition, through the feature of timelines, projects can be viewed in the form of a graph similar to a Gantt chart. All this and more can be done in a safe and secure environment.

Does monday.com have time tracking?

Yes, monday.com offers time tracking in the form of an engaging widget that the users can use. With the help of this widget, team members can check the amount of time they are spending on a particular task. They can also see how the other team members are faring along and how the project is progressing so far.

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