What is Body Doubling for ADHD?(+7 Body Doubling advantages)


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Page last updated: 10/11/2022

This current blogpost will be discussing what Body Doubling for ADHD is. In addition to this, we will also be checking out the positives of body doubling for ADHD and the negative aspects of this strategy as well.

What is Body Doubling for ADHD?

Body Doubling for ADHD is a productivity strategy which can be used by those who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to improve their work performance and task management.

Body Doubling is a very simple concept. Here, instead of working alone at a task, in Body Doubling the person works with someone alongside. This has been known to improve the levels of productivity in a person with ADHD.

Body Doubling can be done in person or even through a virtual mode, such as a video call. Body Doubling can help the person focus better on their task and be motivated to complete it even if they are distracted by other things.

Advantages of Body Doubling for ADHD

While Body Doubling may not be a proven scientific method to improve the productivity levels in ADHD, many people have found this technique highly useful and have posted positive reviews about it online. Some of the advantages of Body Doubling for ADHD are:

It is very simple to follow

The beauty of Body Doubling for ADHD is that it is super simple to follow. There is literally no need for the person to follow a set of instructions or rules. This simple technique can be used anywhere at any time to increase productivity.

There is an increase in concentration

Since there is another person working next to them, those who have ADHD will be able to work with more concentration and focus. This is mostly since there is more incentive to work in the form of social support.

The task becomes interesting

Even if the activity or task is something very boring, it suddenly becomes interesting when someone else is working near the person. Therefore, Body Doubling can be superb if the person wants to complete a necessary monotonous task in a quick and easy manner.

This productivity aid can also be great in case the person is employed in a job which may require a lot of repetitive actions which can become very boring over time. When someone else works near the person, even repetitive actions may be done with more gusto.

There is always help nearby

Body Doubling is not just working in complete silence next to someone else, but can also involve a lot of interaction between the two people. The person also has help right near them in case they need it or some feedback on their work.

While the feedback offered may not be professional advice, it can still be useful especially if the person wants another perspective. In many cases, Body Doubling can also turn in to a two-person job altogether.

It can help in many other tasks

If the person originally started Body Doubling as an aid to increase productivity, they will gradually find that this aid can increase their productivity in many other areas as well. Not just tasks at work, but even home projects, filing taxes, filling forms can also use this aid.

It stops procrastination

Procrastination is a common symptom associated with ADHD and this can interfere with productivity really badly. Through Body Doubling, the levels of procrastination often drop low since the person is automatically motivated by the sight of the other person working.

This can be a great relief for many who live with ADHD, since procrastination can actually cause a lot of strength depletion in the person as they may have so many things on their mind with no will to do anything at all.

There is more accountability in work

Not just the amount of work, but even the quality of work can increase through Body Doubling. This is mainly due to the accountability of working near someone else. This works even better when the other person is someone very respected and liked.

Therefore, when someone is being chosen for the Body Doubling, their connection with the person and the respect that the person holds for them needs to be taken into consideration. At the same time, levels of comfort also need to be matched equally.

Disadvantages of Body Doubling

Just as Body Doubling has its advantages, it also has a few disadvantages or negatives. Some of the main disadvantages of Body Doubling have been discussed in the points as follows,

Distraction during work

While the main aim of Body Doubling is to help the person become more focused on work, sometimes this can prove to be a distraction. However, this is often only experienced in the initial stages and may fade away later.

At the same time, the distraction may not go away in many cases. In this situation, another body double may need to be brought in instead or some changes can be made to the workstation or a set of rules can be enforced for the productivity to be prominent.

Demotivation and discouragement

ADHD comes with its share of weaknesses for the person which can be difficult to overcome in the presence of another person. In case the person is really struggling to focus even for a bit, they may become more demotivated in the presence of the body-double.

Often, this is enhanced by the exact relationship that the person has with their body double. For instance, if the person feels very inferior to their body double due to any particular reason, they may be demotivated all the time during work.

Sensory overload

Sometimes the presence of another person in close vicinity can make the entire environment seem very suffocating. This is even truer if the body-double makes a lot of changes to the workstation or schedule. This can cause a sensory overload in the person along with stress.

Incompatibility with the other person

While there is very little interaction between the person with ADHD and the body-double, there still needs to be a lot of compatibility between the two people. In case of compatibility issues between the two persons, this can have a reverse effect on the productivity of the person.

Tussles with the body-double

Interactions with the body-double during work can sometimes lead to fights and miscommunications. In case the body double is someone who is too critical, this can further deter the person in their work.

This can especially be true if the person presents with other conditions or problems along with their ADHD which the body double may not be aware of. In case they keep pointing it out, it can lead to tussles and scuffles in the Body Doubling relationship.

Over-dependence on the body double

Another disadvantage of Body Doubling which might be pretty rare is overdependence. In case the person starts to depend on their body double too much for work, this can also be a negative sign since the relationship may come to an end at any time.

When an over-dependent relationship has been created with the body double, this can be pretty hard to break and therefore needs to be avoided carefully right from the start. Rules like meeting only for work or not talking about work at other times can be brought in.


This current blogpost has discussed what Body Doubling for ADHD is. In addition to this, we have also checked out the positives of body doubling for ADHD and the negative aspects of this strategy as well.

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