What is a workspace in monday.com? (+5 strategies)

In this article, we shall be describing what a workspace in on monday.com. We shall also be explaining how you can create a workspace on monday.com and also how to manage team members on your workspace. In addition, we shall also be mentioning various strategies that you can use in order to organize and maintain your workspace.

What is a workspace in monday.com?

On monday.com, workspaces help teams to work together on goals and manage their tasks. It can also help in planning, coordinating and organizing your team so that the members collaborate effectively and efficiently. In simple terms, it is a virtual office, complete with hierarchical levels and departments, that you can access from anywhere at any time.

How to create a workspace on monday.com?

Workspaces allow team members to work smoothly together, so that they can give better productivity and efficiency to the organization. It helps leaders and managers have an overview the various happenings in their teams and other departments as well. Through the use of workspaces, managers can save a lot of time and effort in their daily work schedules.

In order to create a workspace on monday.com, you can go to the top left-hand corner of your screen. There, you will find a menu for Workspace. You can choose the option of ‘Add workspace’. Once you have created a workspace, you can name it and add the required team members to it.

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How to manage team members in your workspace?

Once you have created your workspace, you can add or invite new team members by clicking on ‘Members’. You can type in the name of the team member you want to invite to the workspace. When they are a part of the workspace, the team members can easily access all the boards, with the exception of private and shareable boards for which they require special access.

If you are team members and need to join a particular workspace, you can click on the name of the workspace which will give you an option of ‘Join workspace’. Joining workspaces is quite easy for all the team members. However, access is restricted for guests. In the case of closed workspaces, you can ‘request to join’ and once approved you can access the boards.

Leaders and managers who will most likely be the admins of these workspaces can also remove team members if they wish to. To do this, you need to go to the ‘members’ tab which will show you all the team members who are a part of the workspace. By clicking on the team members names, you can remove them from the list, so that they no longer have access to the workspace.

Strategies to organize and maintain your workspace

With the continuous use, your workspace might get cluttered and disorganized. In order to organize it so that you can clearly see your tasks and team members, you can:

  • Customize your workspace so that it is more personal and individual. It can also help in setting the theme of the workspace. In addition, you can also give a description of the workspace which will be quite helpful for newcomers.
  • Switch easily between workspaces by using the menu on the left. Use the search bar or scroll down to look for the workspace you need to access.
  • Prioritize your workspaces by creating favorites in the menu. You can also see the rest of the workspaces arranged in alphabetical order below the favorites.
  • Peek at all the workspaces at once by clicking the ‘Browse all’ option. You can find this option placed at the bottom of your navigation.
  • Delete workspaces you no longer have use for by clicking on the menu bar at the top right corner. From the options presented to you, choose ‘delete workspace’. The information from this workspace will be stored in the archives for 30 days in case you want to restore it.


In this article, we have described what a workspace in on monday.com. We have also explained how you can create a workspace on monday.com and also how to manage team members on your workspace. In addition, we have also mentioned various strategies that you can use in order to organize and maintain your workspace.

Frequently asked questions: (What is a workspace in monday.com?)

How many workspaces can I have in monday.com?

The best part about monday.com is that you can create an unlimited number of workspaces for your use. Through this way, teams can work on multiple projects at once without being afraid to reach the upper limit of workspaces. Like this teams are promoted to get out of their comfort zones and take up new challenges, while being helped by the features at monday.com.

Can you duplicate a workspace in monday.com?

While you may not be able to duplicate a workspace on monday.com, you can easily create an exact copy of the boards you need replicas of. In order to create a copy of the board, click on it. In the menu that appears, choose the option ‘Duplicate board’. This will automatically create a copy and also gives you an option to duplicate updates as well.

How do I get the best out of monday.com?

To make the best use of monday.com, you can use the following tips and guidelines:

  • Try syncing essential dates to your calendar
  • You can use the option to update many items in one go
  • You can customize your boards that you find your items easily
  • Lessen the number of notifications popping up on your screen

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