What is a pulse in monday.com? (+5 important features)

This blogpost will be describing what pulses are in monday.com. We shall also look at some of the important features of monday.com. In addition to this, we will be examining closely at the customer service and support features of monday.com. This project management tool has been only increasing in popularity ever since its launch in 2012.

What is a pulse in monday.com?

In monday.com, a pulse refers to the rows that can be added to the boards a user is working on. These pulses are called so as a tribute to the former name of the monday.com, ‘dapulse’. These pulses can consist of either, comments, suggestions, questions, or even file attachments. New pulses are notified to the team members in both the desktop and mobile versions.

Important features of monday.com

monday.com has many salient features for which it is highly popular among large and small organizations alike. Some of these features are:

It can be easily integrated with other software

monday.com can be easily integrated with other software the team might be using. This can prove useful for organizations which already are using software for collaboration or communication. It also can be integrated with apps like Slack in order to improve the effectiveness of the project management system.

It has great customizability features

This is one of the best strengths of monday.com. Through its features for customizability and personalization, users can visually arrange their boards and pulses in any way they would like. They can also do this for their various workspaces. In this manner, the user can have easy access to his/her favorites and can also create areas for top priority.

It can perform tasks automatically

This software has a feature called automations, through which tasks can be done without the user’s effort. They might, however, need to create the right settings and set the conditions for the automated tasks. Through the feature of automations, users can easily save a lot of time and effort that goes into trivial tasks such as, reminding someone that the job is done.

It promotes stakeholder collaboration

External users or guests can also access the workspace of the user. This of course depends on the type of plan the team is using. Thus, team members can easily invite stakeholders or clients to view the progress taking place in the workspaces. Through this, there is a lot of coordination between the individuals involved in the project.

It allows view of timelines

While monday.com does not have a feature for creating and organizing Gantt charts, it has a feature called timeline which basically does the same thing. Through timelines, team members can view the progress of the project and also see who is working on what and what tasks need to be completed on priority.

Customer service and support features of monday.com

While monday.com is already quite user-friendly, it has an amazing team of customer service and support professionals who can guide team members easily in their tasks. Customer support can be contacted easily by both email and phone. However, the phone support is only available for the US customers.

In addition to this, monday.com has regular webinars which cover an extensive range of topics. For newcomers and also existing users, monday.com offers a tutorial of the software on Mondays through Thursdays. They also have Q&A sessions where they answer questions posed by users which are answered by their customer success representatives. This happens every Monday and Thursday.


This blogpost has described what pulses are in monday.com. We have also looked at some of the important features of monday.com. In addition to this, we have also examined closely at the customer service and support features of monday.com.

Frequently asked questions: (What is a pulse in monday.com?)

How do you make a pulse on monday.com?

Pulses are basically rows that users can add to their customized boards. In order to create a pulse, all a user has to do is to copy the list they need to use and paste it on the ‘create a new pulse’ option. They can also do this with spreadsheets. With the help of pulses, teams can communicate and coordinate in a smoother manner.

What can a viewer see on monday.com?

When you are a viewer, you can see the following things on monday.com:

  • You can see all the boards that are available
  • You can also open a file
  • You can use the search bar to search for team members or workspaces
  • You can also be invited to work or view other boards, both shareable and private

Why you should use monday.com?

monday.com as  a tool is simply fabulous for many reasons. The most important ones are explained below:

  • This tool is very user-friendly and very visual. Almost all users can easily get the hang of it even without a tutorial.
  • It offers great security features in order to protect your data and your information. monday.com really values its users’ privacy and secures their information through strong and stable security options.
  • monday.com can allow team members to easily communicate and coordinate with each other. Through this way, it promotes team cohesion and collaboration in the workplace.
  • This tool can be easily integrated with other apps and software, thus increasing its productivity and effectiveness.
  • It also has an automation feature that does tasks on its own. This eliminates a lot of small but important tasks so that the team members can focus on more essential ones.

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