What is a group in monday.com? (+how to create a team)

In this blogpost, we shall look at what exactly is a group on monday.com. We shall also describe the various functions of a group. In addition, we will be discussing teams on monday.com and how you can create one for your project. While there are several project management or collaboration software to choose from, monday.com tops the chart in terms of user-friendliness.

What is a group in monday.com?

In relation to monday.com, a group is a section on your board that contains the items you are working on. This is visually color-coded so that you can find your groups easily. A board can also have multiple groups at one time and can have any time-frame in order to suit your needs and requirements.

Functions of groups on monday.com

You can do many things with groups on monday.com. Some of the most important functions of groups are described below:

How can you add a group?

You might want or create a group for the purpose of a new task or a project. Whatever be the purpose, monday.com allows you to easily add a group on your board. Simply go the group, even the default one will do, and hover over it. Click on the arrow at the left-hand side and choose the option of ‘Add Group’.

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How can you customize a group?

Customizing and personalizing is one of the key features of monday.com. This is one of the main reasons why it is so popular. You can customize your group by clicking on the arrow which appears on the left side of the group title. By clicking on this, you can then change the name of the group and also its color to better appease your scheme.

How can you move a group?

You might want to move your groups around the board in order to set them as priorities or simply to clear and coordinate your workspace. Moving a group is also very easy to do in monday.com. All you need to do is to collapse your entire board and drag and drop your group wherever you need it to be placed.

How can you view your groups better?

Since you may have many groups at once on your board, it might be difficult to get a clear overview of all your work processes. For this purpose, you can easily collapse all your groups so that you can see your board better. In order to do this, you can click on any one of your groups. You will get an option to ‘collapse all groups’ which immediately does the job.

How can you duplicate your groups?

monday.com also allows you to make a copy of your groups and the tasks on your board itself. To do this, click on the group you want to make a copy of or duplicate and choose the option of ‘duplicate items’. You will get an exact replica of the group on your board. Furthermore, monday.com saves you extra work by allowing you to also duplicate the updates in the group.

What are teams on monday.com?

A team, on monday.com, refers to a group of individuals who are cooperating and collaborating with each other in order to achieve a specific shared goal. The team members might show strong commitment and ownership of the shared goal, as if it were their very own. Teams can refer to any group, regardless of the department, hierarchical level or functionality in the organization.

How to create a team on monday.com?

To create a team on monday.com, you can use the following steps:

  • Click in your profile picture
  • Select the option of ‘teams’ in the menu
  • Choose the option of ‘+New’ on the left
  • This creates a new team
  • You can rename the team by typing it in the title space
  • You can also add an image as an icon for your team
  • You can now start adding team members to your group
  • To do this, click on the option of ‘add new team members’. You can find this on the bottom of the page. You can also search for a particular team member through the search option


In this blogpost, we have looked at what exactly is a group on monday.com. We have also described the various functions of a group. In addition, we have discussed teams on monday.com and how you can create one for your project.


Frequently asked questions: (What is a group in monday.com?)

How many guests can you have on monday.com?

It depends on the plan that you have opted for. If you are using the standard plan, you can have up to 3 guests for free. If you invite a 4th member, you will be charged extra for it. If you are using the basic plan, you are not allowed to share your board with anyone, while the pro plan entitles you to an unlimited number of guests on your board.

Is Monday free for personal use?

monday.com does offer a free version of its software for those who want to organize and coordinate between their tasks. According to the website, the most essential and unique features of monday.com will be included in this free version. However, it is only for personal use and thus cannot be shared with users and guests.

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