What is a dashboard in monday.com? (+3 helpful widgets)

In this article, we shall be describing what a dashboard is in monday.com. We shall also be mentioning the various steps involved in adding a dashboard to your workspace. In addition to this, we will also be describing how you can manage the dashboard and also the different widgets you can use for your dashboard on monday.com


What is a dashboard in monday.com?

Dashboards are monday.com’s way of making your workspace a lot more accessible and can easily give you an overview of updates and the latest happenings among your team. With the help of dashboards, users can access all their information from one spot and also can use widgets to bring more efficiency in their work.

Steps to add a dashboard

In order to add a dashboard to your workspace, you need to follow these steps:

  • On your screen, go to the workspace you would like to the dashboard to. Click on the ‘+Add’ option. From the options given, you can choose ‘Dashboard’. You can also do this by using the three dot menu on your folder. Choose the ‘create dashboard in folder’ option and the desired dashboard will be created.

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  • Once you have added the dashboard, you can then choose the type that you want to be. You can have either public dashboards which everyone can see. You can also have private dashboards which will only be accessible to you and any user you give the permission to view.
  • When the dashboard has been created and the type has been chosen, it is now time to pick your boards. For this, go to the top left-hand corner on the dashboard. Here you can select the boards you want to pin on your dashboard. You can also search for something specific using the search bar.
  • Finally, you can also add widgets as you please. The widget will be displaying information from the boards. In order to add a new widget to your dashboard, you can click on the ‘add widget’ icon. From the menu, choose the type of widget you need and click on it.

How to manage your dashboard?

  • You can edit your dashboard by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button at the top of your screen. Once you are done editing your dashboard, you can go back to your workspace by clicking on ‘view’.
  • You can also print your dashboard by going to the top right corner where you will find a menu for sharing. You can choose the ‘Print Dashboard’ option from the menu after which the dashboard will be printed for your use.
  • If you want to export information or data to your Excel, you can do this by exporting the Timeline widget and the Table widget. However, you still cannot export the entire dashboard to your Excel as it is currently not an option that is available on monday.com.

Widgets to add to your dashboard

The different widgets you can add to your dashboard to make your workflow easier and more efficient are described below:

Gantt widget

This widget will allow users to create a Gantt chart through which the project can be seen from the start to finish. The team members can also see their individual tasks and their responsibilities which they need to fulfill. This will help teams prioritize their work and bring in the right resources at the right time.


Calendar widget

With the help of this Calendar widget, users can see important dates and thus be ready for appointments, calls, meetings and other events ahead of time. The calendar can also be customized to set reminders for meetings or calls before a particular amount of time. Through this widget, team members can improve their attendance in meetings and also not miss events.

Llama farm widget

The Llama farm widget is an interesting feature that monday.com brings to the table. It allows the user to distribute their tasks properly. Each Llama represents an item on the board. The Llamas are color coded to show the status of the task. This allows proper planning and coordination in the workflow, and come on, who does not like llamas?

Quote of the Day widget

This widget gives the user a new quote every single day. The motivational or inspirational quote can be helpful in uplifting spirits and pushing team members to do their best. It can also help in creating a supportive and positive work environment.


In this article, we have described what a dashboard is in monday.com. We have also mentioned the various steps involved in adding a dashboard to your workspace. In addition to this, we have also described how you can manage the dashboard and also the different widgets you can use for your dashboard on monday.com.


Frequently asked questions: (What is a dashboard in monday.com?)

What is the purpose of a project dashboard?

The project dashboard allows the user to have an overview of the various happenings related to the project. Through these dashboards, users can easily understand the project and also see the loopholes that need to be fixed. This is highly helpful for leaders and managers who can then coordinate between team members to improve the work efficiency.

Does Monday have time tracking?

Yes, monday.com does have a time tracking widget which will allow users to keep track of the time they are spending on a task. This can also show them the tasks that are most time-consuming so they can prioritize and coordinate better.

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