What is a dark empath? (+11 Warning Signs)

This detailed article will be discussing what a dark empath is and what some of the warning signs of this personality are. Furthermore, we will also be checking out the dark triad posed by dark empaths and also certain ways through which you can deal with a dark empath.

What is a dark empath?

A dark empath is a person who knows how to empathize with someone but uses this knowledge to manipulate them for their own gains. They might also not be able to easily follow through with the empathy and thus may intentionally or unintentionally hurt others.

Warning signs of a dark empath

Dark empaths are actually hard to hate and can be pretty charming. Thus, they can be hard to spot and identify from a group. The main warning signs of a dark empath are discussed as follows,

Dark empaths can be pretty sarcastic

One of the main warning signs that you are indeed dealing with a dark empath is that they can be very sarcastic in nature. Their words might sound kind and sweet on the outside but they are actually harsh inside.

They are very charismatic in nature

Dark empaths are also very charismatic and therefore, almost everyone loves them and is attracted to them easily. Their charisma also benefits from the fact that they maintain an air of mystery around them, tickling the curious bone of others.

They can be easily manipulative of others

They can also easily manipulate others into doing what they want and desire. Their strength in emotional manipulation comes from the fact that they are able to easily understand the emotions of others, much more than the person understands themselves.

They spread false information about others

Dark empaths are also known to spread false information about others and gossip. Due to their extensive knowledge of how emotions and feelings work, they are able to make the false information sound very true and hard-hitting.

They often grow easily in the company ranks

They also tend to easily grow up in the company ranks, pulling down others from their paths just to get ahead. They may also emotionally manipulate their bosses and managers into continuously promoting them, even if they don’t deserve it.

They can very kind and empathetic outwardly

The main reason why dark empaths often get away with their harmful and hurtful behaviors is because they put up an appearance of being very kind and empathetic outwardly. Because of their outwardly kind natures, people may not believe it at first when their character is exposed.

They can make others feel guilty very easily

Dark empaths also tend to make others feel guilty very easily, even if the other person has not done anything harmful or negative. They may also use this ability to get the upper hand in relationships and get their way in every decision.

They can be very obsessed with themselves

Dark empaths can also be pretty self-obsessed, and have a way of bringing themselves in to every story. Even if they are talking about somebody else, they might slyly put it forward that they are the savior of the story.

They don’t show remorse or guilt for their behavior

Another sign that you are indeed dealing with a dark empath is that they don’t show remorse or guilt when others are suffering. But, this is cleverly clouded and masked by their high levels of emotional intelligence.

They generally don’t care about the feelings of others

Dark empaths also don’t care about the feelings of others in a genuine manner. But again, this often goes unnoticed since dark empaths put on a show of high levels of empathy and kindness and the outside.

They can be quite secretive in relationships

Even if dark empaths are involved in a relationship for a long time, they may often hoard a lot of secrets and may not divulge a lot of information. They may also always maintain a distance from others and now allow their information to leak out even by mistake.

Dark Triad of a Dark Empath

Dark empaths mostly show a dark triad of behaviors and personality traits. The dark triad of personality traits shown by dark empaths consists of:

  • Machiavellianism: Machiavellianism shows up through high levels of self-obsessiveness and cynicism towards others. Dark empaths may show their Machiavellianism by displaying vengeful behaviors and even through abuse.
  • Psychopathy: Psychopath is not exactly a diagnosable mental health condition but shows up in antisocial personality disorder which can be diagnosed. Dark empaths display their psychopathy by not caring about the feelings of someone else and by being impulsive.
  • Narcissism: Narcissism or self-obsessiveness is another common symptom that all dark empaths share. Dark empaths are in fact pretty narcissistic in nature but may hide it through their high emotional intelligence.

How to Deal with a Dark Empath?

Dark empaths are not easy to deal with, especially if you have to work with them on a daily basis. A few ways through which you can deal with a dark empath have been showcased in the section below.

Be careful of what to believe and what not to believe

When you are dealing with a dark empath, you need to be careful of what to believe and what not to believe. Dark empaths may display high levels of kindness on the outside, but this is often masking an interior of darkness.

Show yourself as extremely confident and competent

Dark empaths often prey upon the weak and people who are low in their self-esteem. If you show yourself as weak and incompetent, dark empaths may eye you as an easy person to manipulate and make you their next target.

Even if you are finding it difficult to pose as confident, one great rule to follow will be to ‘fake it until you make it’. For example, you can try showing confident body language by straightening your posture and by making strong eye-contact.

Build up your self-esteem

If you are dealing with a dark empath on a regular basis, your self-esteem and your self-confidence can be in danger of getting hurt. Thus, it is mandatory that you work on building up your self-esteem and your confidence through various strategies.

Self-esteem can be built up through many ways. For instance, learning new skills can be a great way to boost your self-esteem. Taking part in volunteering, reaffirming your principles and also seeking emotional support can be great for your self-esteem.

Distance yourself from them

The best way to deal with a dark empath is to simply never deal with them at all. Physically and emotionally distancing yourself from the dark empath in your life can be positive for your mental health in many ways.

Seek therapy

If you have indeed experienced abuse and hurt from a dark empath before, the trauma can stay with you for a long period of time. You can try therapy through a certified and licensed mental health professional who can give you various coping strategies to try.

Apart from individual therapy sessions, you can also try group therapy and even support groups where you will be able to meet others who have been through the same experience. You can also try visiting online forums for more information on the matter.


This detailed article has discussed what a dark empath is and what some of the warning signs of this personality are. Furthermore, we have also checked out the dark triad posed by dark empaths and also certain ways through which you can deal with a dark empath.

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