What is a counseling session? (+9 features of Cerebral)

This blogpost will explain what a counseling session is and how it differs from a therapy session. We will also be looking at the various features of Cerebral that can be simply great for therapy. While therapy and other mental health care are necessary, these can be quite expensive. And thus, online platforms like Cerebral have cost-effective plans which can be useful for many.


What is a counseling session?

In a counseling session, the person meets with a therapist or a counselor to resolve any mental issues. These can be stressors, specific problems, certain behaviors or even relationships. Counseling and therapy can be great for anyone, not just for those who are suffering from mental illnesses.

Difference between counseling and therapy

Even though these two terms are often used interchangeably, they are in fact quite different from each other. While counseling focuses on a particular problem or an issue that the person is dealing with, therapy focuses on the individual itself. Thus, therapy is a long-term process that can definitely go on for years and years.

Features of Cerebral

While in-person therapy or traditional therapy can definitely be hard to seek out due to the major stigma related to mental health itself, online therapy platforms like Cerebral can be a great space for quick and easy access to therapy and mental health care. In this section, we will be looking at the various features of Cerebral that make it a fantastic platform for therapy.


Cerebral is very affordable

Cerebral is quite affordable when compared to in-person therapy or traditional therapy. The plans are not only cost-effective but can also be easily covered by insurance since the platform has tied up with several in-network insurance providers. This can be great for anyone who is looking for an economic space for their therapy and other mental health care needs.

There are many plans

The platform additionally has many plans that it offers to the users. The Therapy Only plan of Cerebral offers exclusively therapy for the clients. The Medication and Care Counseling plan offers psychiatry services and care counseling. Combining both therapy and psychiatry, the Medication and Therapy plan can be useful for those who want both these features.


There is therapy as well as psychiatry

The great thing about Cerebral is that it offers therapy as well as psychiatry features for its clients. Thus, the platform becomes a holistic platform for any type of mental health care. The medicines are prescribed by qualified psychiatrists and they are shipped right to the homes of the clients.

It has a collaborative system

Cerebral follows a collaborative care system to take care of its clients which has been proven to be very effective. Here, the client is taken care of by several mental health professionals. Each client also has access to a care counselor who acts as an anchor for emotional support and also teaches and trains the client in various coping strategies and behavioral techniques.

It is easy to use

The platform is quite simple to use, and thus even those who are new to Cerebral can easily become comfortable in a short span of time. Therapy also becomes easy to seek and thus this factor becomes very appealing as compared to in-person therapy which can take a lot of time to start due to the challenges of finding the right professional

It can be used from anywhere

The best thing about Cerebral is that it can be used from practically anywhere and everywhere since it functions completely online. This can be great for those individuals who have busy schedules and thus cannot make time for therapy sessions. It also becomes convenient for those who cannot leave the house on a regular basis for various reasons.

Therapy can take several modes

There are also several modes of therapy and communication that are available in Cerebral. Clients can choose to communicate with their therapists through messaging, and even schedule phone or video sessions. This high level of flexibility and adaptability can bring more convenience to the client.

Bios are visible

The bios of the mental health professionals, whether it is a therapist or a prescriber, are easily visible in the platform. This gives the clients or patients of the platform more control in choosing the members of their care team. This factor can be great for improving the client-therapist relationship, which is necessary for effectiveness of the therapy or intervention.

There are various techniques

Therapy itself is actually an umbrella term, which comprises many different types of therapies and techniques originating from different schools of thought. In Cerebral, the client has access to multiple forms of therapy in one platform which means that they can access those therapies that suit their needs and preferences in a quicker manner.

Best alternative to Cerebral

If you are looking for an alternative platform like Cerebral that provides many of the similar features and advantages, you can take a look at Betterhelp. This platform does not have psychiatry features but provides excellent services for various forms of therapy at very cost-effective prices.


This blogpost has explained what a counseling session and how it differs from a therapy session. We have also looked at the various features of Cerebral that can be simply great for therapy.

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