What is a copypasta about depression?

This article will center on explaining what is a copypasta about depression. It will show an example of it, and relate the content of it to the clinical view of depression. It will also discuss what may be the reason why copypasta about depression creates a lot of impact.

What is a copypasta about depression?

A copypasta about depression is a copypasta in which the person will write things that are related to how depression is making them feel. As it is known, a copypasta is a block of text that is often spreaded online. It is possible to say that it is something similar to a spam message.

There are many copypasta about depression that are circling online. In it, people will often share how alone they feel, how they perceive there is a lack of support and understanding from others. The online forum Reddit is one in which people will often find many copypasta that focus on depression. Like the one below:

“I’m deeply depressed. I don’t find anything in life worth living. I’m tired of the endless cycle of getting up in the morning to do nothing. I don’t know what to do anymore because frankly its driving me insane. I wake up, and i want to die. Nobody in my life knows anything about this and I’m afraid of telling them because i don’t want to risk getting sent back to a mental hospital. I cant tell anybody and its burning me up inside. I’m done everybody. Goodbye.” It’s meant to parody people who keep posting about theyr depression online mostly doing it for attention and “sympathy”

This copypasta makes a perfect example of a copypasta about depression. It is one in which the person wrote as if they were depressed. But in reality they seem to be invalidating how a person with depression would feel. Since they say that people with depression would only write those things as a form of getting attention and sympathy.

What is misunderstood here is that a person with depression will probably feel like that in reality. Depression doesn’t have a cure, and people may have gone through many treatments before, and even been admitted to a mental hospital, and had a little time in remission.

But it doesn’t mean they won’t ever get depressed again. And that is what some people don’t seem to understand. And as the person begins to show signs of depression again, or talk about it, it may be perceived as a complaint, or that they are looking for attention. 

Another example of copypasta that centers on depression, is the one shown below:

“I wrote this when I was depressed

If you think you have no friends you haven’t met me. I am the very definition of crippling social anxiety and major depression. I take Effexor to numb the pain, but it does little help. I’m an empty husk, rotting away as I binge watch YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu. This is by far the most effective way of eliminating the unbearable pain of existence. I can the amount of people I talk to on one hand, none of which provide the emotional and physical support that of a real friend would offer. These could have been good friends if I had not driven them away with my impulsive actions. My presence irritates the people around me, which in turn degrades my already low self esteem. I have no passions, and only wish to be blessed with the sweet release of death. I embraced the thought of death when I was 11, and am no longer afraid to die. In fact I welcome this thought, and the only thing that keeps death at bay is the effect my death would have on people. Not that the people I know would care, but my family; my mother, my father, my brother; these being the only people that care for me. Please god, if you are real, if you are truly out there and if you still care, please end the constant crushing and never ending pain that is my life.”

This copypasta also centers on the lack of support. But in this one, the person that wrote seems to convey the idea that the person with depression is to blame for all the things they are going through. Their impulsive behavior seems to be what led people to distance themselves. 

In it, the person also talks about the emptiness that depression also causes a person to feel. And how sometimes it feels like dying would be the best solution. And even though it doesn’t seem that they are planning to commite suicide, through the copypasta, it is possible to comprehend the agony someone with depression may go through.

Yet another copypasta about depression talks about the difficulty in making bonds with people. And how worthless the person with depression can feel, when they consider that they are the only ones that are responsible for their lack of support, love,  and friendship. This is the copypasta in question:

“Always ? had ❗? low esteem, always hated myself, ? always was socially inept. Found ?? the ?? girl ?⚠ of my ? life ? back ⬅ in ? april, made ?? her extremely ? angry yesterday. i improved a ?? lot ?? with ?? her, ?? became more ➕? confident, open, smarter, ? etc etc. i ? feel ? like i destroyed our ? relationship, so this ?? is ? my punishment. ? it ?? always happens because of me. ? every ?? friendship i ? had ? was ? gone at some ? point. ?? why? ?? because I’m stupid. ?? i say dumb shit, ?? i ?? care ? about ?? dumb ?? shit, i ? do ?? dumb shit ? and ? in ? the ? end everyone ? hates ? me. ♀ im ☹ tired of this ?? life ?”

It is possible to say that the copypasta show an accurate description of what depression may be like. And even though some people may have trouble understanding this, there is a real suffering, and a huge amount of self-loathing that can come with depression.

Rather than making fun of those people, or questioning the reality of their feelings, we as a society should be open to embrace them, and show that they are not alone. After all, depression could happen to anyone of us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What is a copypasta about depression? 

Does depression have a cure? 

No, depression doesn’t have a cure. That is because depression has a genetic factor to it, which can’t be changed even if you go through treatment. Aside from that, when a person has experienced a depressive episode before, they may have a higher chance of becoming depressed again.

Because of that, mental health professionals will say that the person will go into remission, and this means they will be able to regain control over their emotions, feel joy once again, and become interested in things once more.

But it also means that you should keep caring for their mental health, even when you are in remission, as a way to prevent yourself from becoming depressed once again.

What are types of depression? 

There are four types of depression. You can have a mild, moderate, major, or even persistent episode. As the first one says, the symptoms will be mild, and they will go on for a short period of time. Because of that, they may be harder to diagnose, but to treat it, the person will often just need to make adjustments in their lifestyle.

As for moderate depression, the symptoms of it can be a little more intense, affecting your life. They may also go on for a longer period. To treat it people will often need therapy, but in some cases medication will also be prescribed.

Major depression, which is also known as clinical depression, is a form of depression that has the most intense symptoms, and that can go on for long. In major depression some of the simplest activities can become impossible, such as getting out of bed. 

And aside from the common symptoms of depression, major depression can lead the person to experience hallucinations, and even become delusional.

To treat major depression it is often needed a joint treatment of medication and therapy. The same goes for persistent depression, which each episode can go on for as long as five years. During this time the person can experience swings between mild and major depressive symptoms.

What are suicidal thoughts? 

Suicidal thoughts, or suicidal ideation, are ones that a person has around thinking of ending their own lives. It can often happen in two ways: a more passive or a more active manner. In the first, the person will have fleeting thoughts about ending their lives, but no concrete plans around it.

As for the second line of thought, it is one in which the person may be thinking about how, where, and when they would do it. Which means they may act on this thought more easily.

What are the signs someone is having suicidal thoughts? 

When a person is going through suicidal thoughts they may show it on the way they behave. They can begin to be more irritable, and agitated. They may have trouble sleeping, and you may begin to realize they are saying their goodbyes to others, and giving away their belongings.

Aside from that, when a person is thinking about ending their own lives they can also develop a curiosity around violent events, and even death and suicide.

How can you cope with depression?

The first way to cope with depression is through professional treatment. Having a therapist and a psychiatrist to help you through it can be the first step out of depression. 

But there are also things you can focus on in your day to day life that may help you cope. One of them is focusing on having a healthy lifestyle. Eating and sleeping well are things that may help on your energy level. Aside from that, exercising can be a great way to help your mood.

Being around people you love, and feel supported by, and having activities that make you feel good, and give you a sense of achievement, such as volunteering, can be a great way to get out of the negative spiral that depression causes you to be in.


This article centered on discussing what are copypasta that focus around depression. It also related the message brought by the copypasta with the clinical view of depression. Aside from that, the article showed what may be some reasons why copypasta about depression tend to have such a huge impact.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the section below.



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