What is a Cerebral therapist? (+7 features of Cerebral)


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Page last updated: 3/09/2022

This post will answer what a Cerebral therapist is. We will also be looking at the various features of Cerebral that can be certainly advantageous to anyone who is looking for mental health care online. In addition to this, we shall be explaining some of the other alternative mental health platforms that also deliver their services completely online.

What is a Cerebral therapist?

In Cerebral, the therapist is a licensed mental health professional who takes psychotherapy sessions for the client. This therapist provides emotional support for the client, teaches coping strategies and skill sets and also helps the client become more aware of their subconscious thought processes in a bid to find out the root cause of their mental issues.

The therapists on Cerebral are licensed to practice independently in their respective states or regions. They are also equipped with the right skills and techniques mainly pertaining to CBT and Behavioral therapy. These therapists may be additionally experts in their field of interest which they display in their bio for the client to choose.

Best features of Cerebral

Cerebral is a mental health subscription service that provides high quality therapy as well as psychiatry services online. Cerebral, also known as Get Cerebral, was launched in early 2020 and since then has risen to become one of the industry giants in the field of telemedicine and online therapy. Some of the best features of this amazing platform are described below:

Cerebral is completely online

The platform runs completely online, which can be great for those who are not able to leave the house often just to go to therapy or to visit their doctor. This also becomes beneficial for many since there is still a lot of stigma attached to mental illness and the topic of mental health itself. All this makes Cerebral a very convenient option.

It is quite easy to use

Users have also mentioned that the platform is quite easy and simple enough to use. This makes it great since many times the process of seeking help itself can be quite frustrating and even distressing. The platform guides the user step by step throughout the entire process from sign up to the intervention, and thus even newcomers will get the hang of it quickly.

There is insurance coverage

There is no doubt that therapy and psychiatry services are expensive. In fact, the high cost factor of mental health care is one of the main reasons why people don’t seek help at the earliest, even when they need it the most. To help in this, Cerebral has insurance coverage for all its plans through many in-network providers, thereby greatly increasing its affordability.

All the professionals are qualified

The professionals who work in Cerebral are also thoroughly qualified and pass through a strict background check before they are allowed to practice here. Not only the psychiatrists and therapists, but even the care counselors are qualified mental health professionals. Thus, the client can be assured of high-quality treatment on this platform.

What is a Cerebral therapist? (+7 features of Cerebral)


The therapist bios are described

Client-therapist is definitely necessary for effective therapy and intervention. And thus, Cerebral provides the bios of the therapists and other professionals for the client to see and choose from. The options are of course gathered through artificial intelligence. The clients can also easily switch therapists or providers if they want to in an easy and quick manner.

There are various plans

The platform also provides several plans with various features that clients can choose from based on their needs and preferences. The Therapy Only plan offers therapy services exclusively. The Medications and Care Counseling plan is great for those who only require the psychiatry services while the Medications and Therapy plan offers the best of both worlds for the clients.

There are also psychiatry services

Cerebral not only has great features for psychotherapy. It is also one of the few online mental health care platforms that provide psychiatry services for its clients. Clients can easily be prescribed medication through a prescriber. The medications and drugs are also directly shipped to the client, thus saving a trip to the pharmacy.

Alternatives to Cerebral

There are also many other platforms that offer services and features similar to Cerebral. Some of the best alternatives to Cerebral in the market today are:

  • Betterhelp: Betterhelp is great for those who are seeking therapy exclusively since it offers cost-effective plans for individual therapy, couples therapy and even group therapy services
  • Talkspace: This platform has both therapy and psychiatry services at very economic prices. Talkspace is another online therapy platform that has insurance coverage for all its plans
  • Calmerry: Calmerry is another great platform that has a large network of licensed professionals who provide round the clock access to therapy and counseling, and that too at very affordable prices
  • 7 Cups of Tea: This is a superb platform that exclusively focuses on teenagers or adolescents for their mental health needs. The platform also has a free listening service that is conducted by volunteers who listen to the problems and also provide non-therapeutic advice


This post has answered what a Cerebral therapist is. We have also looked at the various features of Cerebral that can be certainly advantageous to anyone who is looking for mental health care online. In addition to this, we have explained some of the other alternative mental health platforms that also deliver their services completely online.

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