What is a board in monday.com? (+3 types of boards)

In this post, we shall be describing what a board is in monday.com. We will also be discussing how users can manage boards in their workspaces. In addition, we shall also be looking at the various types of boards and board customization in monday.com. monday.com is simple to use and at the same has many versatile features that can make working fun and engaging.

What is a board in monday.com?

Simply put, a board in monday.com is the area where the various items a user is working with are kept. Through the use of boards, many projects can be pinned where the user can easily see them and work with them. Since boards can also be easily customized in monday.com, users can find their work processes becoming more coordinated and organized.

How can users manage their boards in monday.com?

Users can use the many features of monday.com in order to manage their boards for various tasks. Some of these are discussed below:

Adding a new board

To add a new board, a user can simply go to the left hand side where they can find a panel of options. Among these, they can choose the ‘+new’ option through which a new board can be created. In order to make things simpler for employees, monday.com offers great templates which their patrons can use. They can also opt to create entirely ones for their needs.

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Deleting an unwanted board

Sometimes, a board simply might not have any more use. In this case, a user can delete the board by accessing the board they want deleted. They can then go to the three dots menu that is present on the top right hand corner of the board. From this menu, they can choose the ‘Delete’ option between ‘Delete’ and ‘Archive’.

Changing from one type to another

monday.com offers three different type of boards based on the needs and requirements of its customers. Some users may want to switch to another board type while retaining all their information. In order to do this, the owner of the board needs to click on the three dots menu and go to the settings where they can choose the type of board they want to change to.

Types of boards in monday.com

monday.com offers three different types of boards which users can choose from according to their requirements. These different types are:

Main boards for everyone

Main boards are created for everyone to use and access. monday.com offers the feature of main boards among all its plans, including the basic and the free plan as well. All the team members can access the main boards, which means anything that is created is easily visible or transparent. monday.com also allows users to create an unlimited number of boards.

Shareable boards for external collaboration

Shareable boards, as their name suggests, allow them to be shared with those who are external to the team. They can also be shared with those who are from outside the company, for example clients. To share these boards, these individuals can be invited as guests to view the boards and view the information or the products that have been created there.

Private boards for a specific group

Private boards allow only one person, who has created the board, to view it. The person who has created the board can invite another user in order to view the work. However, there is a limitation on this feature. Private boards can only invite internal users of monday.com to view it. Hence, guests or external users cannot access these boards.

How to customize your board?

Since boards are the very essence of all the work that takes place on monday.com, users can customize or individualize them in order to suit their needs and preferences better. In order to customize boards, users first need to know the different components of boards on monday.com. The different components of boards are:

  • The groups that help in organizing the information and data that is there on the board
  • The columns which help in storing the information in the right priorities for easy access and reference
  • The items that are the tasks and projects the team members are working on

In order to customize these different components in the boards, users need to go to the top right hand corner where they can find a menu for board settings. Once they click on that, they will be directed to the customization settings through which they can personalize their board for speed and efficiency.


In this post, we have described what a board is in monday.com. We have also discussed how users can manage boards in their workspaces. In addition, we have also looked at the various types of boards and board customization in monday.com.

Frequently asked questions: (What is a board in monday.com?)

What is the difference between a board and dashboard in Monday?

While a board is simply the building block of the tool, in which the various work items are held, a dashboard is the area where reports are collected for the team members to use.

Can I have a private board on monday.com?

Absolutely yes! You can do this by going to the three dots menu and clicking on board settings. This will direct you to the board type through which you can change the setting to make the board private.

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