What is a Blame Attack? (+5 Consequences of blaming)

This detailed article will be discussing what a blame attack is. We will also be explaining the various reasons why blame attacks happen. In addition to this, we will be checking out a few positive ways to cope if you have experienced a blame attack.

What is a Blame Attack?

A Blame Attack is when a person’s character and integrity is questioned and blamed by someone else for various reasons. Blame attacks often happen due to herd mentalities and can have a lot of negative consequences on the victim.

Causes of Blame Attacks

Blame Attacks can occur due to many reasons. The main reasons why a blame attack can happen have been discussed in the following section.

Due to the negative feelings of the person

Mostly, one person blames the other person for something because of the negativity that they are going through. In order to feel better about themselves a person would instead attack the other person by wrongfully blaming them.

As a means of distraction

A blame attack can also be a great means of distraction, especially in diverting attention away from the blamer. When they launch a blame attack on someone, the attention of the group is turned away from the blamer and is poured on to the victim.

In order to assume superiority

Another main reason for someone launching a blame attack on another person is to assume superiority. When a blame attack is launched on a person, the blamer is automatically seen as a source of credible power and information which can make them feel superior.

Due to low self-esteem

One more reason for blame attacks being launched on another person is due to low self-esteem on part of the blamer. When someone suffers from very poor self-esteem, they would automatically try to build their reputation up by blaming someone else for mistakes.

In order to hurt the other person

Blame attacks can also be launched to directly hurt a particular person or even a particular community. For instance, many terrorist attacks are blamed on certain groups even if there is not much credible information.

Because of bad judgment

In case a person lacks judgment skills, they might also tend to create a blame attack on someone else. For example, an association between a person and an event may be created without proper information.

Because of wrong information

In case there is wrong information about the victim, this can also lead to a blame attack. This can particularly happen if the blamer has not taken the responsibility to learn more about the situation. This often happens during her mentalities.

As a way of avoiding responsibility

Blaming someone else for your own mistakes can also be a way of avoiding your own responsibilities as a person. By throwing the blame on someone else, the spotlight is thrown off the blamer and they can enjoy being responsibility-free.

As a way of protecting ego

Launching a blame attack can also be for the reason of protecting ego. Blamers often have large egos which are fragile in nature and therefore need protecting all the time. The best way to protect an ego is by throwing the blame on someone else.

Consequences of Blame Attacks

Blame Attacks can have a large variety of consequences, both on the victim as well as the blamer. The different consequences that blame attacks can have on the victim as well as the blamer have been explained below.

  • It can destroy the esteem of the victim. The most direct consequence of a blame attack is on the victim who is being blamed. Due to the blame attack, the esteem of the person is destroyed, along with their sense of identity.
  • It can create anger in a group. Blame attacks, especially false ones, can also create a lot of anger in a group. In a workplace, blame attacks by managers and leaders can also lead to turnovers and mass resignations from the organization.
  • It can lead to attacks in public. Another major consequence that a blame attack can have is that it can cause mass attacks in the general public. For example, after the 9/11 attacks, Muslims were blamed everywhere and as a result have suffered from Islamophobia.
  • It can kill productivity. Constant blame attacks in a group can also kill productivity and the quality of work. This is the reason why emotionally intelligent managers and leaders often avoid encouraging blame attacks and put the fire out as soon as possible.
  • It can lead to a false identity. In case someone has made it a lifelong habit of instigating blame attacks as a means of getting their way, it can lead to a false identity in them. This can also lead to many personality issues and problems in mental health later in life.

How to Cope with a Blame Attack?

If you have experienced a blame attack at the hands of someone, it is no doubt that it can be pretty traumatizing for you. In this section of the post, we have given you the best coping strategies that you can use if you are the victim of a blame attack.

Understand where the blame attack is coming from

The first thing that you need to do when you are the victim of a blame attack is basically understand why a person would launch such an attack in the first place. More often than not, the blame attack comes as a result of the person’s own poor self-esteem and identity.

Stand strong in your principles

When you are the victim of a blame attack, it may be easy to let go of your principles and launch an attack of your own. But this can only lead to more problems. Instead of doing so, you can try affirming your own beliefs and values so that your identity is secure.

Create boundaries

You can also try setting and strengthening boundaries between you and your blamer. When you create healthy boundaries, you will be keeping your mind off unhealthy conversations and news. For example, you can try blocking certain social media accounts for boundaries.

Stand up for yourself

While going through a blame attack, it is also important that you stand up for yourself. However when you do so, it is essential that you stick to your principles. You also need to practice empathic confrontation where you confront the person but draw strong lines as well.

Focus on learning from mistakes

If you are a leader of a group that is pretty prone to blame attacks, you can try putting the spotlight on the learning part rather than the blame attack itself. When there is more focus on learning from mistakes, blame attacks are less likely to occur in the group.

Understand what you can change

Another thing that you can do is to simply understand what you can change and what you cannot change. Understanding that you cannot change the person who has launched the blame attack but can instead change your perspective can make you feel better about the entire thing.

Talk to a therapist

In case the blame attack is getting to you and making you feel stressed and anxious all the time, you can also consult a therapist. Therapists can help you understand your anxiety better and also train you in coping strategies.

If you are someone who has a habit of launching blame attacks all the time, therapy can also help you look at other better strategies for getting out of sticky situations. Apart from individual therapy, you can also seek group therapy for this.


This detailed article has discussed what a blame attack is. We have also explained the various reasons why blame attacks happen. In addition to this, we have checked out a few positive ways to cope if you have experienced a blame attack.

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