What happens when a narcissist leaves you for someone else?

This article will show what happens when a narcissist leaves you with someone else. It will explain why they may leave you, and why that is not necessarily a bad thing. Aside from that, the article will give a brief explanation of what it means to be a narcissist.

What happens when a narcissist leaves you for someone else? 

When a narcissist leaves you for someone else, it means that they are discarding you. This is a common thing when talking about narcissists. Since they are people that often view others as ways to fulfill their needs, when the person is not doing that anymore, they will just discard them.

A narcissist may discard you when the narcissistic supply you are giving them loses its power. This means that the narcissist will stay with you because they are usually getting positive reinforcement from you. You may constantly compliment them, or give them power. And this is feeding their need for narcissistic supply.

But after some time in the relationship, they may feel like these supplies are not making them feel as good as they did before. And through that, they may discard you. If this discard will be definite, time will tell. Sometimes narcissists just discard you to make you desperate, and later suck you back in.

But when they leave you for someone else, it may often be an indicator that this was the last discard, and they are finally done with you. They will likely disappear, and you may discover that they are with someone new.

When this happens, there is nothing you can do to get the narcissist back. Different from other times, in which you may have found it easy to get them back, just with a few empty flattering words, this time, those words won’t have any impact on them.

They may have found someone that, in their narcissistic logic, is better. And this usually means that in their mind the person is better in futile ways. They can think that the person has a better figure, or that their sex life will be better. Or even that the person is more powerful.

But keep in mind that it is always possible that the narcissist will come back. But they won’t do so because you want them to. 

If at any moment the person that is giving them the narcissistic supply ends things, or if they notice that they are not that good, the narcissist may run back to you. Especially if they know that you are waiting for them to come back with open arms.

Seeing your relationship end is always something that can bring you pain. Even if it is with a narcissist, it is never easy to deal with a breakup. But as you are dealing with the pain, you may begin to look at the positive thing from the relationship and romanticize it. 

This is likely to make the break-up even harder, since we know that at times, as they feel the need to, narcissists can be extremely seductive, and love bomb you, making you feel great.

Having in mind the hardships of a relationship with a narcissist can help you look at things from a different perspective. So let’s discuss why it may not be such a bad idea that a narcissist decided to leave you.

Why a narcissist leaving you may not be a bad idea? 

Ending a relationship is never easy, and being broken up with by a narcissist can leave a mark. As you are dealing with the grief that will come from

ending the relationship, it is completely normal to feel sad.

But some things may help change your perspective a bit and might make you look at this breakup from another angle. Having in mind how self-absorbed your former partner was can be something that will give you a sense of relief. 

Remembering that during the relationship their needs were what keep the relationship moving, may help you feel better. The same way as keeping in mind how much they disregarded what you wanted, and what you said. Narcissists can be extremely rude, and will just pass over whatever you may be saying.

At some point in the relationship, you may have realized that your former partner was just using you. That is because narcissists tend to stay with people just while they are useful. And in that period, they will suck everything they can from you, without any regard for your autonomy, and boundaries.

Going through a breakup can be extremely hard, but not being in a relationship with a narcissist anymore may have taken you away from an overly critical person, and that kept lying, and taking advantage of you.

What does it mean to be a narcissist?

A person can have narcissistic traits or even have a narcissistic personality disorder. It is important to know that this happens in a spectrum, which means that the traces of narcissism can be more intense in one person than in another.

But a narcissistic person is usually one that will have a sense of grandiose. They will think too highly of themselves and feed on the praise, and admiration of others. Because they think they are so grand, they tend to have the idea that they deserve to be treated differently than others.

Narcissists tend to not have empathy, which makes it harder for them to understand other people’s needs. Because of that, they will see themselves as the priority, which can make it extremely hard to have a relationship with a narcissist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What happens when a narcissist leaves you for someone else?

Is there a cure to being a narcissist?

No, there is no cure to being a narcissist. What can happen, is that a narcissist, at some point, may come to terms with how their actions have been leading them to harmful situations, and they will look for professional help. In that case, what will often help them is therapy.

Through that process, they will be able to learn to change the view they have of themselves, and others, and not be guided by that perfection standard. It will also help them to set more realistic goals for themselves, so they are not so frustrated.

In some cases, narcissists can also take medication, but those will often be related to conditions that can easily happen to narcissists, such as anxiety, and depression.

What are signs a narcissist is ready to discard me?

When a narcissist is ready to discard you, they will no longer keep on love-bombing you. All those little behaviors that they often would do to show their love, will be gone. And they will begin to criticize you or devalue you constantly, as a way to make you even more dependent on them.

When they are preparing themselves to discard you, they will begin to be more and more inaccessible to you and will try to spend as little time as they can with you. But as it happens, they can begin to act more irritable and annoyed.

They will have complete disregard for what you are feeling, so even if you are crying because they are acting distant, they will not react. 

And so they don’t need to take responsibility for what they are doing, they will often manipulate you, leading you to believe that you did something wrong that is making them distant. Aside from that, they will begin to bad mouth you, to make you more and more isolated. 

Will a narcissist regret losing me?

No, a narcissist will not regret losing you. What can happen is, that if you decide to leave them, and they still long for your attention, they will try to get your attention back in any way that they can. 

They will have no regard for the boundaries you have set and will go to whatever they need to even manipulate you, to make you open yourself up to them again.

But if they feel like the narcissistic supply you were giving them wasn’t that great anymore, they will easily just let you go, and move to the next target as fast as they can, since they are not able of being alone, without anyone giving them their narcissistic supply.

What are the types of women that narcissists are attracted to?

Narcissists will often be attracted to what other people can give them. So they can often be attracted to women that will lead them to positions of power. So they can be attracted to women that are in powerful jobs, or that are self-assured.

But the problem in those relationships is that those women will not likely be open to giving them all the attention, and praise, a narcissistic man needs. And with time, this relationship can become a problem. 

When this happens, narcissists may go after women that are more fragile, and that have shaky self-esteem, since those will likely be the ones that will constantly praise them, and put them in the center of their lives, exactly where they want to be.

Why did my narcissist ex move on so quickly?

It may be extremely difficult to deal with a narcissistic ex. That is because if they are okay with the breakup, it usually means that they don’t see any need for you or that relationship anymore. When that is the case, they will move in right away.

What you need to keep in mind is that a narcissist will never be in a relationship with a person, they are in a relationship with what the person can give them. So when they are done with you, it means that whatever you had to give them, is not interesting anymore.

But a narcissist can’t ever be alone. They don’t feel like their egos, or self-esteem would survive by themselves. 

So as soon as this relationship is over, they will begin to search for other people that will be able to fill that need for them. And while that can be extremely hurtful, understanding this process can help you to keep in mind that it is not something personal, since narcissistic people are often interchangeable from one another.


This article showed what happens when a narcissist leaves you for someone else, and why they will usually do that. Aside from that, the article explained why being left by a narcissist may not be such a bad thing. Finally, the article showed what it means to be a narcissist.

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